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									The relationship between historical knowledge and spirit
Knowledge is the basis of ability. "Welcome to Wikipedia, tolerance is a virtue." There is no wealth of knowledge, other aspects of the quality of the training has become like trees without roots, a river without water. Knowledge, Taki more solid, broad, and Tajikistan the higher barrier. scholar Tang Yijie In an interview with an interview with the central station 10, said: I have not said the philosopher, because I find it difficult to form its own ideas of an independent system, we can not do this because we do not have the previous generation, as a profound philosopher, a good grounding. This shows the importance of abundant knowledge. Van Loon in the "tolerant" of a preface to the form of fables about the "ignorance in a quiet valley," a group of conservative ignorance The "mountain people" due to lack of knowledge of the outside world and refuse to understand the exterior world of knowledge, almost led to extinction of the story. Qing Dynasty was defeated in the Opium War, an important reason is that the knowledge of Western countries have very little understanding. only familiar with the ancient and modern in the political, economic, cultural, historical figures such as knowledge, in order to broaden their horizons so that we do not become a frog in a well ( "New Curriculum Standard" done very well in this respect, as will the political knowledge of ancient and modern together as one). For the a Chinese person speaking, if the citizens of ancient Athens did not understand the General Assembly, 500 were council, the public the composition of the members of the Tribunal and their respective functions, do not understand the ancient Athens in the election, discussion, decision-making of the specific operating conditions away empty talk of democracy , it is possible to understand the deviation of democracy, it is difficult to look too far clear of ancient Chinese anti-authoritarian regimes. For a Westerner, if you do not have a little knowledge of Chinese philosophy (particularly Taoism, Zen), he may never not read the Chinese landscape, did not understand China's "Mountain and Flowing Water." For the modern world, are not familiar with poetry, you will never understand the spirit of the ancient realm of how to achieve a high degree; do not see sukla by the end of Plato's dialogues,

you can not understand the idea of ancient Athens, the philosopher of how to achieve depth. China's current high school history teaching in grasping the basics of the master, it has already done a good job, so I would like to focus on to talk about the following question: In the rich history of knowledge, attention can not focus all efforts on a mechanical accumulation of knowledge. We must continue to command some sort of spiritual study and acquire knowledge. (so-called death of knowledge, that is, inanimate flesh, that is not absorbed in the spirit of knowledge) Suhomlinski, said: "Only when the knowledge becomes a spiritual factor, attractive idea to stimulate people's interest and enthusiasm of the time, in order to become a true knowledge; such a law began to work: a person's knowledge, the more he went to the easier access to new knowledge. " Voluminous knowledge of history, ordinary people spending a lifetime experience also hard cooked their 1/10000000. The past, people said: I do not know is a scholar regarding the shame. It now seems that this point was too much. Historical knowledge many as the stars in the universe, the earth's gravel, even if five cars of the rich learning disabilities, but also because I am afraid I do not know too much ashamed of millions of times. For "birth-ya, with knowledge knows no boundaries", so we do not allow students to 100 percent of the energy used in a wealth of knowledge on. We must be clear, knowledge is to increase the resolution and the ability to think and improve our lives realm Institute a meaningful, to have fun and valuable life. simple, mechanical accumulation of knowledge is very harmful. for example, the cultivation of creative thinking ability of the extremely unfavorable. and proper left blank, to prevent the brain filled with knowledge, some of Instead, the time may be more conducive to creativity. When we enter a room, if the room filled with disorderly things, then our range of activities will be limited. By the same token, if we just blindly go to his head and dipping full of knowledge, then knowledge but limits our imagination room to play and creativity. Bacon said that knowledge is power. That's true, but if the accumulation of knowledge and only know, then the power of knowledge will be greatly reduced. Now , our education to students filled with knowledge, but our students have lost their creativity. there are a lot of creativity to make a significant contribution to humanity, their knowledge in a certain period of time, even in a very long period of time

is the lack of , if the examination as we are now ranking method must be very poor ranking. But it is these "missing" knowledge of people because of the less subject to the constraints of knowledge, creating more space remaining, but could make a striking first. For example, Edison, Watt, Wright brothers, Newton, Einstein, etc., are within a certain period of time, lack of knowledge is recognized as people. Some less educated enough to be negligible, like Watt, Van Gogh, Stephen Sun, Rodin , Chi Pai-shih, Hu thundering, Fu Baoshi and so on. like Edison, Einstein Thus, the world's greatest scientists, was a teacher to persuade the drop-out. The face of the vast knowledge of history, in the learning process to address priorities, choose add or delete questions. (For example, an urgent need in today's China law and democracy-building in recent years, the central leadership has repeatedly emphasized the rule by law; in the vast rural areas has already begun direct elections for village officials such as the great democracy-building efforts. democracy and the legal knowledge is needed, so the "New Curriculum Standard" increase the years of high school history textbooks has not been democracy of ancient Athens, the ancient Roman law, etc. knowledge, make up a huge flaw, which would have far-reaching positive impact) To solve this problem, we will use our fine line of beautiful spiritual knowledge to put on Amanda, so that knowledge and the spirit of harmony, so that knowledge and A brick and tile to become a natural part of the exquisite architecture. Do not let knowledge of a warehouse in the mountain of waste. without knowledge of the brick, can not afford to build high-rise buildings; but only the brick but not the advanced architectural concept, there is no highly innovative The design, there is no sort of run through reinforced concrete, there will not be great art of architecture. How to understand the spirit of the line to go through with the knowledge it is a fairly modern scholar Hu Shih controversial figure. There are two things explain Hu knowledge may not be particularly rich people. There was a scholar and Hu Shih, after talking exclaimed: This a study of the philosophy of big names who actually do not know "too-class" and to "what things"; another thing that Hu had just boarded the "Peking University" forum, there are a lot of students to strike his class, a scholar to the after-school students listening to Hu, said: Hu Shih while at school not by much, but his ideas and methods are new, you have to follow

that he would learn something. a knowledge is not extensive compared with other scholars, Why has established research in the history of Chinese philosophy does not shaken the position of the root causes of his art with the spirit of the line was wearing what he has knowledge. If we simply look for the richness of knowledge, China's Ming and Qing Dynasties, some scholars may be no less than Dante, Raphael, Shakespeare, and others much worse, nor more than Voltaire, Rousseau, Montesquieu less. But, but Ding and other masters of knowledge are a result of perfusion of the human spirit or the great ideas of enlightenment, and their names has thus become the most dazzling stars in the sky, but Ming and Qing period, many of our contemporaries learned scholar has looked bleak. Many college students when they find it difficult to write articles, one important reason is that their spirit and their knowledge are separate, disjointed. Finally, a note that is sometimes important to identify what knowledge is most important or useful and which are secondary or useless, nor is it an easy task. Facing the same one historical data, because of time and angle changes, your awareness of the value it will be different.

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