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					                THE InDOnEsIA
                BusInEss FOREcAsT REpORT 2012
                with forecasts to end-2016
       Just published by award-winning forecasters Business Monitor International (BMI), an influential new
                   analysis of Indonesia’s economic, political, financial and industry prospects

The Indonesia Business Forecast Report informs senior business planners, strategists and economists at
leading national and multinational companies operating in Indonesia (see customer list below left) of the principal risks and
opportunities facing their business over a 5-year forecast horizon.

use this report to manage your
company’s risk profile:
                                                                                                    THE InDOnEsIA
„ Market Assessment: Forecast your company’s                                                        BusInEss FOREcAsT REpORT
  growth and profitability as we move into 2012
  and beyond, using BMI’s 5-year forecasts for
  Indonesia’s economy, business environment and
                                                                                puBlIsHED By BusInEss MOnITOR InTERnATIOnAl lTD
  key industries                                                                IncluDEs 5-yEAR FOREcAsTs TO EnD-2016

„ Market Development: Benchmark long-term
  growth assumptions, using BMI’s 5-year market
  forecasts for Indonesia and the global economy

„ Fine tune your business strategy using BMI’s
  Data Forecasts: Extensive forecast data across
  GDP, monetary variables, balance of payments,
  fiscal accounts and financial markets

„ Risk Mitigation: Measure political and business
  environment risks to your company, using BMI’s
  Business Environment Risk Ratings

„ Hedge: Manage currency volatility and input price                             ISSN 1748-2380

  risks, using BMI’s exchange rate and commodity
                                                                                Analyst: Jean-Paul Pigat

                                                                                Editor: David Blagden
                                                                                Sub-Editors: Delaina Haslam, Petra Kamula
                                                                                Subscriptions Manager: Iwona Hoffman

  price forecasts
                                                                                Marketing Manager: Georgia Thomas
                                                                                Production: Lisa Church, Chuoc Lam
                                                                                Publishers: Richard Londesborough, Jonathan Feroze

                                                                            15% TODAy
                                                                                Copy Deadline: XX XXXXXXXXXXX 2009

„ Business Opportunities: Target opportunities in
                                                                                         pay just
  Indonesia’s key industries                                                            €695/ $960
„ International Exposure: Evaluate your
  company’s exposure in your export markets,
  using BMI’s comparative Country Risk Ratings

                                                                                                          What our customers say...

   BMI’s customers include:
  • Chevron Pacific Indonesia PT.        • PT. Ciba Vision Batam                                                                I am interested in the Economic
  • Chubb Lips Indonesia                 • PT. Dow Chemical Indonesia
  • Coca-Cola Indonesia PT.              • PT. Ecco Indonesia
                                                                                                                                Forecast section because there is a lot
  • Excelcomindo Pratama PT.             • PT. Hisamitsu Pharma Indonesia TBk                                                   of useful insight for looking forward. It
  • Kra Indonesia PT.                    • PT. Nokia Indonesia                                                                  has become my “compass” to do some-

  • NCB Indonesia Ltd.                   • PT. Schneider Indonesia                                                              thing or in recommending something.
  • PT. Astra Honda Motor                • PT. Siemens Hearing Instruments
  • PT. Bank Resond Persania                Batam                                                                               Business Analyst,
  • PT. Boehringer Ingelheim Indonesia   • PT. Telkom                                                                           pT. sinar sosro, Indonesia
  • PT. Carrefour Indonesia              • PT. Tetra Pak Indonesia
  • PT. Chakra Jawara HO                 • PT. Unilever Indonesia

                 THE InDOnEsIA
                 BusInEss FOREcAsT REpORT 2012
                 with forecasts to end-2016

 EcOnOMIc OuTlOOK                                                    pOlITIcAl OuTlOOK
The Indonesia Business Forecast Report features BMI’s
forecasts with supporting analysis for 2012 through to
end-2016, set against government views and BMI’s evaluation
of global and regional prospects.

Key Areas Covered:
• Full 10-year forecasts with data – for key macroeconomic
  variables including GDP (real growth and per capita),
  population, inflation, current account balance and the
  exchange rate.
• BMI’s comprehensive Risk Ratings system – rates each
  country worldwide for economic and political risk, and
  rates the business environment, within a global and
  regional context.
Written Analysis:
• Economic Activity – real GDP growth, employment, inflation,
  consumption (wages, retail sales, confidence).
                                                                    BMI evaluates threats posed by government instability, adverse
• Balance of Payments – trade and investment, current and           policy-making and deterioration in the business environment for
  capital account.                                                  the next 12 months and beyond.
• Monetary Policy – interest rate trends (bank lending and
  deposit rates) and inflation (retail price and consumer price).   SWOT Analysis
• Exchange Rate Policy – currency controls, foreign investment      Details political Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and
  flows, exchange rates and foreign exchange reserves.              Threats facing Indonesia.
• Fiscal Policy – macroeconomic strategy and policies,
  government finance and tax reforms.                               Political Stability And Risk Assessment
• Foreign Direct Investment – approvals, inflows and climate.       BMI’s Risk Ratings assess short and long-term risks to political
• External Debt – debt profile (short and long-term plus public     stability. Latest ratings, rankings and trends for Indonesia’s risks
  and private sector exposure).                                     are compared with regional and global averages.
• Global Assumptions – forecasts for each year to end-2016
                                                                    Current Administration And Policy-Making
  covering: major commodities, growth in key regions, inflation,
  and interest and exchange rates, in the United States, Japan,     BMI assesses the threats to the continuity of economic policy and
  China and the eurozone.                                           likely changes to the business operating environment.

Key Benefits                                                        Long-Term Political Outlook
4Rely upon BMI’s 100%                                               BMI examines the structural risks to the stability of Indonesia’s
 independent forecast                                               political system and the dominant public policy issues likely to
 scenarios.                                                         affect decision-makers, and outlines scenarios for how the state
                                                                    could evolve in the mid to long term.
4Exploit the benefits of
 BMI’s comprehensive
 macroeconomic                                                      Key Benefits
 database on Indonesia.                                             4Benchmark Indonesia’s risk profile against its neighbours
4Gain key insights into                                              and the global and regional average, thereby allowing easy
 government economic                                                 comparison of risks between key business markets.
 policy.                                                            4Identify, evaluate and anticipate political and security risks to
                                                                     the business environment in Indonesia and to your company’s
                                                                     current operations and future plans.
                                                                    4Gain valuable insights into the Indonesian government and policy-
                                                                     making, through BMI’s team of analysts and economists and their
                                                                     network of private and public sector sources.

                                                                                                                          RI cIA

                                                                                                                            sK l
                                                                                                                            A E E

                                                                                                                               FR FF
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                                                                                                                                 E R
This report is just one of a series of 18 Asia reports from BMI
See overleaf for details

 BusInEss EnvIROnMEnT                                                    KEy sEcTOR OuTlOOK

Business Environment Risk Ratings
with SWOT Analysis
BMI’s Business Environment Risk Ratings are benchmarked
against ratings for regional neighbours.

Country Competitiveness
The competitiveness of Indonesia’s business operating
environment in supporting corporate growth and profitability is
compared with regional neighbours.

Key Areas Covered:
• Domestic Environment – Transparency, cronyism and
  corruption; labour market flexibility; corporate tax burden;
  interest rate levels; sophistication of banking sector and stock
  market; levels of business confidence; infrastructure and IT.
• Foreign Direct Investment – Analysis of foreign investment
  regime, foreign ownership laws; attractiveness of business
  environment to foreign investors and review of major foreign
  direct investments.                                                BMI’s independent 5-year forecasts and industry trend analyses
                                                                     for Indonesia’s leading industry sectors, including:
• Foreign Trade – Analysis of trading environment, government
  trade policy, liberalisation measures, tariffs and membership      -   Automotives                     -   Defence & Security
  of trade areas.                                                    -   Food & Drink                    -   Freight Transport
                                                                     -   Infrastructure                  -   Oil & Gas
Key Benefits                                                         -   Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare    -   Telecommunications & IT
4Assess your company’s evolving exposure to country-specific
                                                                     Key Areas Covered:
 operational and business risks, using BMI’s in-depth analysis of
 the legal and regulatory business environment.                      • Market Overview – Size and value of each industry with
                                                                       developments over 2007-2011, covering major industry key
4Understand your market’s comparative strengths and
                                                                       performance indicators (KPIs) that have impacted company
 weaknesses in the key areas of commercial infrastructure
 and business institutions, using BMI’s proprietary global
 Business Environment Risk Ratings.                                  • 5-year Industry Forecasts – Forecasts for each year over 2012-
                                                                       2016, using BMI’s proprietary industry modelling technique,
                                                                       which incorporates all key domestic and international indicators -
                                                                       including economic growth, interest rates, exchange rate outlook,
                                                                       commodity prices and demographic trends – to provide fully
                                                                       integrated forecasts across, and within, each industry.
                                                                     • Demand-and Supply-Side Data/Forecasts – BMI’s industry
                                                                       data covers both the output of each industry and the domestic
                                                                       demand, offering clear analysis of anticipated import/export
                                                                       trends, as well as capacity growth within each industry.

                                                                     Key Benefits
                                                                     4Target strategic opportunities in high growth industries,
                                                                      attracting public expenditure and foreign investment, and
                                                                      offering investment and business opportunities.
                                                                     4Compare the growth path of different industries to identify which
                                                                      are best placed to benefit from domestic and international
                                                                      economic prospects, and which have historically suffered from
                                                                      volatile growth trends – a key indicator of future risks.

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        will refund your money in full if the reports are returned within                                   Mail:     BMI, Senator House, 85 Queen Victoria Street, London EC4V 4AB, UK
                                                                                                          If any of our reports do not meet your high expectations, we will refund your money in
        14 days of receipt.                           THE puBlIsHER                                         Web: reports are returned within 14 days of receipt.
                                                                                                          full if the                  THE puBlIsHER

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