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                                                                                                  The Department of Defense (DoD) and military services held its first 'From
                                                                                                  Deployment to Employment ” conference in 2006 to discuss ways to better serve
                                                                                                  America’s severely injured servicemembers. The conference focused on helping
                                                                                                  severely wounded troops return to the work force. DoD’s Computer/Electronic
                                                                                                  Accommodations Program (CAP) hosted the conference. CAP provides “needs
                                                                                                  assessment and training” to wounded servicemembers during their transition
                                                                                                  back to employment, whether it is in the military, government or the private
Military Coordinates Effort to Help                                                               sector.
Wounded Troops Return to Work             All
Wounded and Injured Veterans Summit    
                                                                                               A complete report on the 2006 Wounded and Injured Veterans Summit.
200 Report                                All    070930.rpt.doc
                                                                                                 This 2 page employee guide explains the basic policies of USERRA (Uniformed
                                                                                                 Services Employement and Re-employment Rights Act).
Soldier Re-employment Rights              EE     ne/legalforum/sep04LF.pdf

                                                                                                The Army Career and Alumni Program was created to assist returning soldiers in a
                                                                                                successful transition to civilian life. A study found that people who used ACAP
                                                                                                were likely to find jobs in the civilian world two months earlier than those who
                                                                                                did not, he aid. The study also found that ACAP users made an average of $7,300
                                                                                                more per year in civilian salary than those former Soldiers who bypassed ACAP on
Easing the Transition from Military to  their way out of the service.
Civilian Life                             EE     405c.pdf

                                                                                              “Coming home” or redeployment can be just as stressful as leaving, and
                                                                                              employers and co-workers should be aware of those stresses. In this article, the
Military Deployment — Helping           U.S. Department of Defense offers advice to ease this tranisiton.
Employees Leave and Return                EE     3rd2003_121003.pdf

                                                                                                  The Return 2 Work program was created by a vietnam veteran 15 years ago and is
                                                                                                  now a nationwide resource that promotes education and employment for the
Organization helps disabled soldiers
with civilian jobs, education             EE

        Prepared by The Center For Ability - Your Information Resource                                                                                                 1
                                        This document contains tips for soldiers returning to the workplace as well as tips
Transitioning Tips for the Work Place     EE     urning_to_Work.pdf                            for the coworkers of returning soldiers.
                                                                                               Troops 2 Truckers is a unique career transition program built for the exclusive use
                                                                                               of those who serve or have served in the United States Armed Forces. The
                                                                                               program targets servicemen and women who are trained and experienced Motor
                                                                                               Transport & Logistics professionals who seek to transfer those skills to post-
Troops to Truckers                        EE   service civilian employment
                                                                                               Troops-to-Teachers provides Referral Assistance and Placement services to
                                                                                               military personnel interested in beginning a second career in public education as
                                                                                               a teacher. The DANTES Troops-to-Teachers office will help applicants identify
                                        teacher certification requirements, programs leading to certification and
Troops to Teachers                        EE     toteachers/index.asp                          employment opportunities.
                                                                                               This track is designed for those individuals separating from active duty or in the
                                                                                               National Guard or Reserves and who are now returning to work for their previous
                                                                                               employer. Features of this program include Rehabilitation Plan with the goal of
                                                                                               Reemployment may involve job accommodations, job modification, case
                                                                                               management, coordination and linkages of services with VA health care,
                                                                                               reemployment rights advice, work adjustment services and consultation with the
Vet Success - 5 Tracks to Success         EE                    employer. discusses the role of employers and their legal obligations to
                                                                                               This article
                                                                                                   employees who have been called to active military duty or who are members of
                                                                                                   the United States National Guard or Reserves. For example, what obligations, if
                                                                                                   any, does an employer have to re-employ a veteran in the position they held prior
Employer's Legal Obligations to                                                                    to being called to active duty? What if doing so displaces another employee or
Employees in the Military                 ER       results in hardship for the employer?

                                                                                                   While federal law guarantees reemployment for those serving in the Reserves and
                                                                                                   National Guard, the transition from battlefield to workplace can be fraught with
                                                                                                   difficulties not addressed in any policy manual. This article offers tips on how to
                                                                                                   help the transition back into the workforce and where to get help.

Help Soldiers Get Back To Work            ER     ers_soldiers.aspx
                                                                                               Small businesses bear the brunt of lost workers due to the war. About 70% of
                                                                                               soldiers/reservists come from companies with 99 or fewer employees. This artilce
                                                                                               discusses employers who have gone above and beyond to support active duty
                                        employees. Skyline Membership Corporation (a West Jefferson, NC telephone
When Workers Go To War                    ER     0704/?pg=21                                   company) with 133 employees surpassed USERRA requirements by contributing
                                                                                               to the retirement plans of two active duty employees, and offering them a

        Prepared by The Center For Ability - Your Information Resource                                                                                                      2
Employer Support of the Guard and                                                                   The Freedom Award is the highest recognition given to employers for their
Reservists                                ER                               support of their employees who serve in the National Guard and Reserve. This site
                                                                                                    contains is an interactive list of employers who have signed Statement of Support
                                                                                                    This guide provides information about the rights, responisbilities, and benfits of
                                        employing a member of the Reserve components.
Employer Resource Guide (from ESGR)       ER     pdf

                                                                                                    Employers active support and encouragement are key to their success. This
                                                                                                    article from ESGR lists tips to help employers and employees achieve that goal.

Tips For Employers (from ESGR)            ER
                                                                                                 Allianz Life became one of 15 recipients of the 2006 Secretary of Defense
                                                                                                 Employer Support Freedom Award. They received the award by doing such things
                                                                                                 as: sending care packages to an enlisted soldier and donating soccer balls for him
                                                                                                 to distribute to Iraqi children. Allianz initially provided supplemental pay to make
                                                                                                 up the difference between his military salary and what he would have earned as
                                                                                                 an actuary, then elevated the soldier to full salary for his last seven months of
                                                                                                 duty. The company also included his wife in company functions while he was
                                        away; replaced his laptop computer when it broke, so that he could communicate
                                                 ion=ExecutiveHighlightsNewsletter.ViewContent&I with his family back home; and gave him 90 days off with full pay and benefits
Back to Work from War                     ER     tem=BackToWork                                  when he returned.
                                                                                               In August 2005, the jobless rate for 3.4 million Gulf War era veterans (counting
                                                                                               those who served starting in August 1990) was 5.2 percent (compared with the
                                                                                               national rate of 4.6 percent in September 2006), according to the Bureau of Labor
                                                                                               Statistics. For younger veterans ages 20 to 24, the unemployment rate in 2005
                                                                                               was 15.6 percent. 5 Steps for employers to help integrate soldiers back into the
                                                                                               workforce: Know how to connect with veterans—and why you might want to, do
                                                                                               background checks as you would for any employee, Sspport is available for the
                                        transition, working with other veterans can help, Be alert to behavioral signs of
Getting Vets Back to Work                 ER     rans.html                                     trouble.

        Prepared by The Center For Ability - Your Information Resource                                                                                                       3
                                                                                                  Wisconsin Rep. Steve Wieckert has proposed an $8,000 tax credit, per job, for
                                                                                                  companies that hire veterans who have served a year or more on active duty.
                                                                                                  This year (2007), Illinois began providing a $600 annual income-tax credit to
                                                                                                  businesses for every veteran they hire. Illinios has a new state policy that
                                                                                                  requires officers attend a post-deployment training session, and is set to launch a
                                                                                                  program that will provide counseling for veterans suffering from posttraumatic
Tax credits, other strategies in works to  stress disorder.
help returning vets                           ER    ications/SLMW/2007/0307/page5.pdf

                                                                                                    Stepped-up use of the National Guard and Reserves in combat areas such as Iraq
                                                                                                    and Afghanistan has created challenges for HR since employees who are active in
                                                                                                    those units can be called to active duty at any time with little or no advance
                                                                                                    notice. When employees return from active military duty with PTSD, there are a
                                                                                                    number of issues HR may have to address, PTSD often leads to increased absences
                                                                                                    and coworker conflict HR professionals need to educate themselves to recognize
                                           the symptoms of PTSD and refer employees to their employee assistance
Coming Home                                   ER    6367238                                         programs to get the help they need.
                                                                                                    Several seemingly small factors helped a district sales manager for Pfiezer return
                                                                                                     to work after a 15 month tour of duty. Among them, a new hire training manual
                                                                                                     to bring him up to spead, a picture of his new team member with member names,
Employers Turn to Improvisation When       and a sales report to bring him up to spead on numbers and trends. The forum
Reservists Return to Work                     ER    0040727-gunn.html                                also provides a place to find colleagues who can be sounding boards. "I've had

                                                                                                        Helmets to Hardhats is a national program that connects National Guard, Reserve
                                                                                                        and transitioning active-duty military members with quality career training and
Helmets to Hardhats                         ER/EE                     employment opportunities within the construction industry.
                                                                                                  A new program from VCS (a counseling service in New City) was created to help
                                                                                                  soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan deal with the adjustment from war
                                                                                                  zone to civilian life. Vets For Vets will train veterans so that they can provide peer
Counseling service starts Vets For Vets           icle?AID=/20070828/COLUMNIST05/708280352/10
                                                                                                  counseling for troops recently returned from Iraq and Afghanistan.
to help returning soldiers                  ER/MH 07/COLUMNIST05

        Prepared by The Center For Ability - Your Information Resource                                                                                                         4
                                                                                                Civilian employers as well as the military will need to use available resources to
                                                                                                help soldiers transition back into life in the U.S., whether as a civilian or as a
Mental Health of Vets a Growing         professional member of the military. 3 tips: Communication, Welcoming the
Concern                                   MH     pageid=863                                     Soldier Home, Helping the Veteran Adjust.

                                                                                                   This article discusses the hardship of diagnosing and treating soldiers who
                                                                                                   struggle with mental health issues after combat and offers help with adjustment
The Struggle to Gauge a War's
                                                                                                   from combat to life at home, and tips on tracking symptoms of a possible mental
Psychological Cost: Coping With        
                                                                                                   health issue.
Combat                                    MH     s112605.html

                                                                                                    The Marine Corps experienced a 29 percent spike in suicides last year, reaching
                                                                                                    the highest number in at least a decade. Growing concerns over suicide have led
                                                     both the Army and Marines to dispatch more mental health professionals to Iraq
Suicides in Marine Corps Rise by 29%      MH     dyn/A51933-2005Feb24?language=printer              The Afghanistan, in an soldiers in support of immediate prevention.
                                                                                                    and suicide rate amongeffort to provide more Operation Iraqi Freedom (Iraq and
                                                                                                 Kuwait) during 2005 was 19.9 cases per 100,000 soldiers—similar to the 18.8 rate
                                                                                                 per 100,000 soldiers in 2003 and higher than 2004. The full Mental Health
Army Releases Results of Third Soldier  Advisory Team (MHAT-III) Report for 2006 can be accessed at:
Mental Health Survey                      MH     x?id=2468                             
                                                                                             Information listed here is provided by Mental Health America (formerly known as
Returning to Work: Information for                                                           the National Mental Health Association) and discusses steps for easing into the
Reservists and Members of the           workforce after a deployment mission. There are tips for both employers and
National Guard And Their Employers        MH     /returningtowork.cfm                        returning employees.

                                                                                               This pamphlet from The National Center for PTSD provides extensive information
Returning From the War Zone - A Guide   to help military personnel understand what to expect when returning from a war
for Military Personel                     MH     s/GuideforMilitary.pdf                        This portal was created to improve their America and provides education on the
                                                                                               zone, and enables themby Mental Health adaptation back to home life.
                                                                                               stigma of mental health issues among soldiers, their families, and medical staff.
                                                                                               Various tools include: Screening for Mental Health's Mental Health Self-
                                                                                               Assessment Program
                                                                                     , Depression Screening www.depression-
Operation Healthy Reunion website         MH

        Prepared by The Center For Ability - Your Information Resource                                                                                                      5
                                                                                                The mission of this organization is to prepare severely injured servicemembers to
                                        return to duty or to reintegrate successfully into their home towns. The center
Military Severely Injured Joint                  MHF/MHF_HOME_1?section_id=20.40.500.393.0.0 offers help with medical care, rehabilitation, education, employment, mental
Operations Center                         MH     .0.0.0                                         health counseling, and financial assistance and accommodation issue.

                                                                                                    This fact sheet explains the emotional and psychological issues that reservists may
Helping National Guard and Reserve            experience transitioning from active duty into their former job or workplace. It is
Reenter the Workplace                     MH     Workplace.pdf                                      written for both the military and civilian community.

                                                                                                   The State Department plans to create a new mental care office and require
                                                                                                   employees to take additional time off to deal with a surge in stress disorders
                                                                                                   among diplomats in danger posts abroad, particularly Iraq and Afghanistan,
                                                                                                   officials said Tuesday. These steps were proposed in response to the findings of a
                                                                                                   survey that found up to 17 percent of diplomats serving at such posts may suffer
U.S. to Boost Mental Health Care for    from post traumatic stress disorder or similar problems, the officials said.
Diplomats                                 MH     T/
                                                                                                   The American Psychiatric Association (APA) welcomed a first-of-its-kind study of
                                                                                                   returning soldiers' mental health. The U.S. Army-funded study, "Mental Health
                                                                                                   Problems, Use of Mental Health Services, and Attrition from Military Service after
                                                                                                   Returning from Deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan," was published in the March
                                                                                                   1 edition of Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and was led by
APA Welcomes New Study On Soldiers'     Charles W. Hoge, M.D., of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in
Mental Health                             MH     4.php                                             Washington, D.C.
                                                                                                   Research conducted after military conflicts has shown deployment stressors and
Combat Duty in Iraq and Afghanistan,                                                               exposure to combat result in considerable risks of mental health problems,
Mental Health Problems, and Barriers                                                               including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), major depression, substance
to Care                                   MH abuse, impairment in social functioning and in the ability to work, and the
                                                                                                   increased use of health care services. This study provides an initial look at the

        Prepared by The Center For Ability - Your Information Resource                                                                                                       6
                                                                                                       According to a survey of 1,114 service women conducted by researchers at the
                                                                                                       University of Michigan, about 20 percent of Air Force women who have deployed
One-fifth of female airmen in combat           since the invasion of Iraq in 2003 are experiencing at least one major symptom of
get PTSD                                    MH   orce_womenstress_070820/#Scene_1                      post-traumatic stress disorder,
                                                                                                       In May 2007, the DoD released the fourth survey in a series of mental health
                                                                                                       studies called the Mental Health Advisory Team 4 (MHAT-IV) survey. The survey,
                                                                                                       which was conduced in August and September of 2006, included 1,300 soldiers
                                                                                                       and nearly 450 Marines, and found soldiers who were deployed longer than six
Longer Deployments Impact Soldiers'          months, or had been deployed multiple times, were more likely to screen
Mental Health, DoD Survey Shows             MH   1580&issueID=100                                      positively for mental health issues.
                                                                                                       Compared with troops who did not go overseas during the same time, soldiers
                                                                                                       who served in Iraq performed worse on tests of sustained attention, verbal
                                                                                                       learning, and visual-spatial memory and recorded higher measures of confusion
                                                                                                       and tension. In contrast, deployment was associated with improved reaction
                                                                                                       time, wrote Jennifer Vasterling, Ph.D., and five colleagues in the August 2 Journal
                                                                                                       of the American Medical Association. The study is the first such evaluation of
Cognitive Sequelae Common In Iraq         troops before and shortly after war service, according to an accompanying
War Veterans                                MH   18/28                                                 editorial.
                                                                                                       A first of its kind analysis of Army suicides shows that more than half the 948
                                                                                                       soldiers who attempted suicide in 2006 had been seen by mental health providers
                                                  before the attempt - 36 percent within just 30 days of the event. Of those who
                                                 hc-                                                   committed suicide in 2006, a third had an outpatient mental health visit within
                                                 soldiertreatment1003.artoct03,0,4206183.story?co      three months of killing themselves, and 42 percent had been seen at a military
Suicides: A Treatment Issue                 MH   ll=hc_tab01_layout                                    medical facility within three months

                                                                                                  The U.S. Department of Labor rolled out a new online resource to help employers
                                        in their employment of veterans with traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic
Web Site Helps Employers with Hiring Vets        ebn-industry-inbrief-082108.html?pg=             stress disorder, two common battlefield-related conditions.
                                                                                                  Designed for employers and the workforce development system, this Web site is
                                                                                                  your link to information and tools to help returning service members affected by
                                                                                                  TBI and/or PTSD succeed in the workplace - particularly service members
America's Heroes at work Website                    returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.
                                                                                                  As thousands of military personnel return to "real life" after serving in Iraq and
                                                                                                  Afghanistan, employers should remember there are ways to help servicepeople
                                                                                                  with the transition beyond what is required of employers by federal Uniformed
                                        Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act guidelines, which govern
Coming Back from the Battlefield                 oming-back-battlefield.html?pg                   veteran job entitlements and benefits.
                                        Industry-education video on the Wounded Warrior Project. Published January
Wounded Warrior Project                          =7060511001                                      2009

        Prepared by The Center For Ability - Your Information Resource                                                                                                          7
                                                                                                 President Barack Obama signs into law a Defense Department spending bill that
Defense Bill Extends Military Families’ further expands Family and Medical Leave Act coverage for families of employees
FMLA Coverage                                    77/49.php                                       in the military. November 2, 2009 Workforce Week

        Prepared by The Center For Ability - Your Information Resource                                                                                                 8
                                                                                                                  Hitting the Wall: Extreme Productivity Demands - 2008 Think Tank
                                                                                                                                        RESOURCE LIST [Updated 11/07/08]

                    Article Title               Type                     Link                                                     Summary
                                                                                                 A 2006 Belgian study found that light affects areas of the brain also
     4 simple ways for coping with less sleep                                                    involved in attention, arousal, and emotion regulation during the day,
1    at work                                  article                                            and that sunlight curbs afternoon drowsiness.
                                                      15 Workplace Trends, HR That
                                                      Works -                                    With due credit to John Naisbett, Faith Popcorn, Peter Drucker, Tom
                                                     Peters, The Futurist magazine and countless others, here are some
2    15 Workplace Trends                      article trends.pdf                                 trends that will affect workplace management:
                                                                                                 Interventions to alleviate job stress have multiplied rapidly over the last
                                                                                                 two decades, paralleling the increasing recognition and acceptance of
                                                                                                 the adverse impacts of job stress on individuals and organizations.
                                                                                                 This development has been reflected in the
     A Systematic Review of the Job-stress                                                       rapid growth of the job-stress intervention literature, which has been
     Intervention Evaluation Literature,                                                         reviewed in various ways and from a range of perspectives over the
3    1990–2005                                                                                   last decade.
                                                                                                 The financial crisis is testing many managers' abilities to maintain
                                                                                                 productivity and morale. Employee-assistance providers say they are
                                                                                                 fielding more requests from managers seeking help with uneasy
     Allaying Workers' Fears During                                                              workers. Callers hail from companies of all sizes and sectors, though
4    Uncertain Times                            article                                          many are in financial services. Managers' concerns range from
                                                                                                 “Appreciative Inquiry is the cooperative search for the best in people,
                                                                                                 their organizations, and the world around them. It involves systematic
                                                                                                 discover of what gives a system „life‟ when it is most effective and
                                                                                                 capable in economic, ecological, and human terms. AI involves the art
                                                                                                 and practice of asking questions that strengthen a system‟s capacity to
                                                                                                 heighten positive potential. It mobilizes inquiry through crafting an
     Appreciative Inquiry Commons -               “unconditional positive question‟ often involving hundreds or sometimes
5    Definitions of Appreciative Inquiry        article ntro/definition.cfm                      thousands of people.”
                                                                                                 Stress is an essential response in highly competitive environments.
                                                                                                 Before a race, before an exam, before an important meeting, your heart
     "Are You Working Too Hard?" A                                                               rate and blood pressure rise, your focus tightens, you become more
     Conversation with Herbert Benson, M.D                                                       alert and more efficient. But beyond a certain level, stress overloads
     " Harvard Business Review, November                                                         your system, compromising your performance and, eventually, your
6    2005. Reprint R0511B                    article                                             health.
     At Your Service; Concierge benefits are          Concierge benefits are one of the most effective work-life benefits
     a low-cost way to bring high-value              rticle/554021/your-service-                 employers can provide. Catered meals, dry cleaning and babysitting
     services to SMB employees by McLean             concierge-benefits-low-cost-                services add quality of life for busy employees. 67% of people would
7    Robbins                                 article way.html?pg=                                prefer a personal assistant to a life coach.
                                                                                                 Recently health survey finds that 83% of Canadians have practiced
                                                                                                 “presenteeism” and 42% of workers went to work sick or exhausted at
                                                      least once in 2007. Reasons are cited. The main responsibility of the
                                                          s/archive/May2008/01/c3518.html        workplace is to provide healthy conditions to help workers face their
     Canadian Workers Punch in Even                                                              daily challenges. More needs to be done to create mentally healthier
8    When Sick and Exhausted CNW Group article                                                   workplaces.
                                                                                                 The Center for Positive Organizational Scholarship is a community of
                                                                                                 scholars devoted to energizing and transforming organizations through
     Center for Positive Organizational              research on the theory and practice of positive organizing and
9    Studies                                              Center-for-POS/Mission.htm             leadership.
                                                                                                 Glaxo's "team-resilience program" is an example of the innovative
     Companies Aim to Combat Job-Related            approaches some employers are using to combat work-related stress.
     Stress, Carola Mamberto (2007), Wall         695469070895390.html?mod=goo                   Experts say job stress and burnout cost businesses hundreds of billions
10   Street Journal -                     article glenews_wsj                                    of dollars annually in absenteeism, medical insurance and reduced
                                                                                                 Sleep can be considered a major life activity according the US Court of
                                                          July 14, 2008 Business Insurance
     Court: Insomnia can be a disability, by                                                     Appeals for the District of Columbia. Sleeplessness can be a disability
                                                          Page 6
11   Judy Greenwald                             article                                          under Federal law.
                                                                                                 By integrating and applying recent findings in affective neuroscience
                                                                                                 and biology with well documented research on stress research to
                                                                                                 leadership, the discussion of leadership development becomes more
                                                                                                 holistic. Leadership requires the exercise of influence or power. As a
                                                                                                 result, leaders experience a form of stress called “power stress.”
                                                   Sustained, effective leadership will be adversely affected by the effects
     Developing Sustainable Leaders                     yatzisSustainableLeaders.pdf?i=Th        of chronic power stress because of damage to neural processes and
12   Through Coaching and Compassion.           article OPFUMySlTV                               the leader‟s body and mood.
                                                                                                 Digital depression is the term given to the feeling of being overwhelmed
     Digital depression, stress, and burnout:    and overworked by technology. With fewer employees doing more work
13   same song, different verse                 article m1TOT/is_1_8/ai_n25102534                in nearly every industry, people are feeling the drain both mentally and
                                                                                                 Embrace the pressure. “At the right levels, stress is a good thing,” she
                                                       writes. It shows you care and can cause you to work harder. “It may
     Don‟t Stress over Stress by Paul B.                  9/business/19offline.html              seem obvious, but being conscious” of the symptoms of stress is the
14   Brown                                      article                                          first step, she says, in calming down.

                                                                                                                                                        9 of 11
                    Article Title          Type                    Link                                                 Summary
     Effects of Occupational Stress                chardson%202008%20Occup%20
     Management Intervention Programs: A           Stress%20Mgt%20Prog%20meta. A meta-analysis was conducted to determine the effectiveness of
15   Meta-Analysis
     Why People Stay: Using Job            article pdf?i=ezXpyQcmWwcD                   stress management interventions in occupational settings
     Embeddedness To Predict Voluntary    A new construct, entitled job embeddedness, is introduced. Assessing
16   Turnover - Terence R.                 article rez/papers/mitchell_embeddednes factors from on and off the job.
     Employee Stress Over Economy Puts             s.pdf                                A poll of 711 adults shows that half of those surveyed reported feeling
     Firms‟ Employee Communication Efforts                                              stress over financial matters, with 48 percent saying the current
17   to the Test                           article                                      economic uncertainty has caused them to be less productive at work.
                                                                                         Proactive companies do more than merely help stressed out
                                                                                         employees develop coping skills. They attack the causes of stress by
                                             simplifying people‟s lives at work and at home and taking a conscious
                                                      cgi-                               effort to help people unplug from work. PriceWaterhouseCoopers,
                                                      bin/ GlaxoSmithKline (Team Resilience), Ernst & Young (EY Assist)
                                                      &bt=mitigate                       programs are discussed. Watson Wyatt‟s Staying @ Work study
                                                                                         reveals that while 48% of employers recognize that stress caused by
     "Employers Take Steps to Relieve                                                    working long hours affects business performance, only6 5% are taking
18   Worker‟s Stress" by Karen Pallarito      article                                    steps to address it.
     “Environmental Benefits – Telework: A
     Green Solution for the 21st Century       The old stereotype of a teleworker in pajamas in front of the TV has
     Employee Crisis” by McLean Robbins                 rticle/604041/environmental-        been debunked. New studies indicate that upward of 90% of
     (July 15, 2008 Employee Benefit News,              benefits.html?pg=                   teleworking employees state that they are as productive or more
19   page 62)                                 article                                       productive when teleworking than they are in the office.
                                                                                            The global financial crisis is likely to cause increased mental health
                                               problems and even suicides as people struggle to cope with poverty
     Financial crisis may worsen mental                 8328/from/ET/                       and unemployment, the World Health Organization warned on
20   health woes                              article                                       Thursday.
                                                                                            When devotion to work becomes unhealthy side effects may include
                                               fatigue, sleep disorders, and stress-related ailments, such as heart
     “Five Signals That you May be A                    20070109-mattioli.html              attack and stroke. Article gives 5 common traits of workaholics and tips
21   Workaholic” –          article                                       for warding it off.
                                                                                            "The strength of this book is its look into alternative ways to creatively
                                                                                            pursue business. The book is a stimulating read full of retrospective
                                                                                            reflections and real stories that capture the challenges no ideological or
     Let My People Go Surfing: The                                                          philosophical system can bypass when building a business no matter
     Education of a Reluctant Businessman                                                   how enlightened they may be. Come to this book for a breath of fresh
22   by Yvon Chouinard                        Book                                          air - and then dare to find your own "business wave" and ride it the way
23   Making it Work                           article   0801/making-it-work.html            Guidelines for making ROWE (results-only work environment) work.
                                                                                            Employers in the UK are required by law to address stress in their
                                               workplace and these are suggested guidelines (much more of a social
24                                          article
     Management standards for work-related stress       ards/index.htm.                     construct/organizational approach to stress in Europe than in the US).
                                                                                            Organizations and leaders who think their actions motivate and engage
                                                                                            their people are ignoring what Vicki Hess knows – engagement is a
                                                                                            personal matter. Her proprietary, proven, yet simple SHIFT
     Move “Shift to Professional Paradise”                                                  methodology shows how anyone can create their own Professional
25   here                                     article                                       Paradise.
                                                                                            Getting some sleep, even a short afternoon nap, may seem like a good
                                               thing for people with sleep disorders. But for those with insomnia and
     Napping: Helpful or Harmful? The Pros              ion-article/0,,20189061_1,00.html an already decreased desire to sleep at night, midday shut-eye can
26   and Cons of Daytime Resting              article                                       actually be counterproductive.

                                                                                            Families and Work Institute‟s 2008 National Study of Employers (NSE)
                                                                                            is the most comprehensive and far reaching study of the practices,
                                                                                            policies, programs and benefits provided by U.S. employers to address
27   National Study of Employers              article                                       the changing needs of today's workforce and workplace.
                                             Lawyers say workers may press for more pay for after-hours BlackBerry
28   Prevent BlackBerry Problems              article siness/2008/06/20/roth.blackberry. work.
                                                      after.hours.cnn                       The greatest opportunity we have to reduce premature deaths and
                                                                                            improve health lies in our own personal behavior. To get the best
                                             possible health care, we need to spend more time, energy and money
                                                      ervoices/articles/opinion__push_pr preserving our health. Lifestyle issues should be high on the priority
     "Push Prevention, Not Pills" Joan                evention.html                         list; consider that most Europeans have twice as much paid vacation
29   Lineman-Smith                            article                                       time as Americans.
                                                                                                                 Hitting the Wall: Extreme Productivity Demands - 2008 Think Tank
                                                                                                                                       RESOURCE LIST [Updated 11/07/08]

                    Article Title               Type                     Link                                                  Summary
                                                                                                Nearly one-third of US workers say they often feel overworked or
                                                                                                overwhelmed by what they have to do, according to a recent report by
                                                                                                the Families and Work Institute (Bond, 2002). Ellen Galinsky, institute
                                                                                                president and co-author of the study says," when you feel pressured
                                                                                                and pushed, when you feel not respected, when you feel tension at
                                                                                                work, when you feel the work that you do isn‟t of real value, that leads
                                                  to overwork…Our findings strongly suggest that every employee
                                                       silience_case_study.pdf?i=WiKssL         reaches a point when increasing work demands simply become too
30   Resilience Case Study                     article KpFksA                                   much...”
                                                                                                Two-thirds of American business travelers report little difficulty in
     Road Warrior Work/Life Struggles: Myth                                                     balancing their work responsibilities and personal obligations, yet 1 in 3
31   or Reality?                            article                                             Americans leave allocated vacation time on the table.
                                                                                                Using the proven, proprietary and simple SHIFT methodology, readers
                                                                                                learn to turn workplace POWs into WOWs and walk away with the skills
                                                                                                and the tools to create a Professional Paradise they have only
                                                         http://www.cornerstoneleadership.c     imagined until now. Entertaining and fun to read, SHIFT to Professional
                                                         om/scripts/prodList.asp                Paradise emphasizes personal accountability and the value of
     Shift to Professional Paradise: 5 Steps                                                    employee engagement across all industries. Real workplace stories
     to Less Stress, More Energy &                                                              paint visual pictures, cement the concepts and promote long-term
32   Remarkable Results at Work                article                                          behavior change.
                                                                                                Some people seem to be less affected by stressful situations and more
                                                                                                resilient in adjusting to change. This quality is called stress hardiness.
33   Stress Hardiness                          article                                          Determine your stress hardiness.

                                                                                         As we've evolved, the human stress response has saved our lives.
                                                                                         Today we turn on the same life-saving physical reaction to cope with
                                                                                         intense, ongoing stressors - and we can't turn it off. "Stress: Portrait of a
34   Stress: Portrait of a Killer                                                        killer" revels just how dangerous prolonged exposure of stress can be.
                                            Supportive Solutions developed a strengths-based approach to crisis
     Supportive Solutions Approach to Crisis         959/files/SupportiveSolutionsCrisis response that recognizes the individuals natural social support system
35   Response                                article Response_TT.pdf                     in the recovery process based on eight practice assumptions.

                                                       "In this shocking and important book, Steven Greenhouse
                                                         Squeeze-American-Worker-          explains–and tells the stories–of how U.S. workers are paying the price
     The Big Squeeze, by Steven                          Borzoi/dp/1400044898              for the lower labor standards and wages that are the result of poorly-
36   Greenhouse                                article                                     managed globalization." - Joseph Stiglitz
                                                                                           The purpose of the first part of this paper is to highlight the criticisms of
                                              the individual approach to job stress and to examine the evidence for
     The Role of Workplace Health                      006StressOrgs.pdf?i=kDJmbBQYL developing strategies that combine both individual and organizational-
37   Promotion in Addressing Job Stress                hpT                                 directed interventions (referred to as the comprehensive approach).The
                                                                                           Protecting the psychological well-being of workers emphasizes the
                                                                                           need to improve working conditions, to improved education in health
                                                                                           service delivery pertinent to work-related psychological disorders and
     “Work and Well-Being: an Agenda for                                                   risk factors. Key information still applicable to the 21st century on
     the 1990s” edited by Gwendolyn                                                        Challenges of the New Information-Based Service Economy
     Puryear Keita and Steven L. Sauter,                                                   acceleration syndrome, burnout, resiliency, and cognitive ergonomics
38   American Psychological Association        Book                                        concepts. (Panel comments from Fred Schott, The Hartford)

                                                  In recent years we have seen a rise in stress across all spheres of life,
                                                         ctoria%20Workplace_stress_lit%2        particularly in the workplace. Approximately 7.7 million Australians
                                                         0rvw%202006.pdf?i=rgXSbOQnVE           spend one-quarter to one-third of their waking lives at work so it is not
     Workplace Stress in Victoria:                       yF                                     surprising that we are seeing workplace stress as a major cause of
39   Developing a systems approach             article                                          physical and mental health problems.

                                                                                              The impact that technology has had on the workplace, and society in
                                              general, is undeniable. Already, it can be seen how the nonstop,
                                                       m1272/is_2664_129/ai_65230202 technology-driven, global economy is tearing down traditional concepts
     Workplace Trends for the 21st Century                                                    of time and space. The Internet permits a person to conduct business
40   – BNET,                                   article                                        anytime day or night with a company that might be 10 time zones away.
     Work Organization & Stress: Systematic
     problem approaches for employers,          This booklet provides practical help on how to deal with work
     managers and trade union                            ka2003WHOWorkOrgStress.pdf?i stress…discussed are the nature of stress, causes and effects, as well
41   representatives                                     =kRDJnQnDUBUT                        as prevention strategies.
     Employee Motivation, A powerful New
     Model By Nitin Nohria, Boris Groysberg              Harvard Business Review, July-         What drives human beings to succeed? When we understand what
42   and Linda-Eling Lee                   article August 2008, Pg. 78            drives humans, we can make great strides in employee motivation
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