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									                            Memorandum of Agreement
              University of Missouri-Metropolitan Community College

Metropolitan Community College, in partnership with the University of Missouri-
Columbia, will participate in the Paraprofessionals Prepared to Meet the Challenge
project funded by the U. S. Department of Education, beginning Jan. 1, 2005 and
continuing for four years.

Metropolitan Community College will receive a total of $142,934 to award 11 stipends
per year over four years to paraprofessionals working in special education school settings
to enable them to complete coursework in Child Growth and Development and
Education. The college will also receive $2,300 per year from the project to aid in
recruitment efforts. Additionally, if any of these students desires to continue his/her
education to become certified as teachers, the college will work with them to transfer
credits to an appropriate institution with whom the college has an established articulation

Xxxxx will agree to be a member of the project’s Advisory Board, meeting once yearly to
provide guidance and overall direction for the project.

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