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									                                                            Agenda Item No.:__E.2.c. C________

2004 Draft Celebration Plan                                                                            E
                                                         Council directed the Committee to            c
Recommendation:                                           submit a draft Celebration Plan for
                                                          January 2002. The draft Celebration Plan
1. That City Council endorse the Edmonton
   2004 Celebration Committee’s selection                 will include a significant legacy project,
                                                          a major event, community involvement,
   of Sir Winston Churchill Square as the
                                                          and school involvement. (For a
   City of Edmonton’s 2004 Legacy Project
                                                          summary of the Committee’s activities
   (Vision Statement - Attachment 1).
                                                          see Attachment 4)
2. That City Council endorse the Edmonton
   2004 Celebration Committee’s efforts to            Report
   develop partnerships and grant                        In order to meet the 2005 Provincial
   opportunities with other orders of                     Grant deadline the proposed 2004
   government, businesses, community                      Legacy Project is being brought to City
   organizations and Edmontonians to fund                 Council prior to the completion of the
   the Legacy Project.                                    draft Celebration Plan.
3. That the Administration be directed to                The Edmonton 2004 Celebration
   commit financial resources and expertise               Committee must receive an indication of
   as outlined by the Edmonton 2004                       financial support from City Council in
   Celebration Committee (Attachment 2)                   2001 to meet the Provincial Legacy
   to support this project; and that this                 Grant deadline of March 1, 2002. For
   commitment be conditional on receipt of                this reason, the Edmonton 2004
   third party funding as detailed in                     Celebration Committee is bringing this
   Attachment 2.                                          recommendation forward separately
                                                          from the rest of the draft Celebration
Report Summary
This report from the Edmonton 2004
                                                         The Committee selected this project after
Celebration Committee recommends City
                                                          a lengthy community consultation
Council’s approval of Sir Winston Churchill
Square as the City of Edmonton’s 2004
Legacy Project.                                          A Sub-committee also examined the
                                                          results of the extensive community
Previous Council/Committee Action                         consultation undertaken during the
   The Edmonton 2004 Celebration                         City’s Millennium initiative to help
    Committee became a Committee of                       ensure previous suggestions were re-
    Council in November 2000, with Bylaw                  examined.
    12435. However, the Committee has                    Projects were then evaluated based on
    been in existence since the fall of 1999.             criteria set by the Committee. (Legacy
    (Committee Members see                                Project Criteria Attachment 5).
    Attachment 3).                                       Of all the projects brought before the
                                                          Committee, Sir Winston Churchill

Routing:               Executive Committee  City Council
Delegation:            Randy Garvey, Ralph Young, Chris McLeod
Written By:            Chris McLeod
October 23, 2001       Corporate Services Department
File: 2001COC010       (Page 1 of 2)
2004 Draft Celebration Plan

    Square stood alone as the most suitable            3. The Province of Alberta has established
    project.                                              a 2005 Legacy grant and a 2005 Event
   By making this decision, Council is                   grant. The projects identified by the
    committing to funding one-third of the                Edmonton 2004 Celebration Committee
    project over the next three years with the            are eligible to apply for these grants.
    official opening on Edmonton’s 100th
                                                       Background Information Attached
    Birthday, October 8, 2004.
   The Sir Winston Churchill Square Users             1. Vision Statement – 2004 Celebration
    Group has committed up to $35,000 to                  Committee Legacy Project
    assist in the design process.                      2. Financial and Expertise Requirements
   The Edmonton 2004 Celebration                         and Project Profile
    Committee must secure the remaining                3. Edmonton 2004 Celebration Committee
    two-thirds of the project funding.                    Members
                                                       4. Summary of Edmonton 2004
Justification of Recommendation
                                                          Celebration Committee Activities
1. Council has requested the Edmonton
                                                       5. Legacy Project Criteria
   2004 Celebration Committee to develop
   a draft Celebration Plan that contains a            6. A summary of the history of Sir Winston
   significant legacy project.                            Churchill Square
2. The completion of Sir Winston Churchill             7. Project Profile – Edmonton 2004 Legacy
   Square has been identified as an                       Project
   unfunded priority in the City’s
   Downtown Plan and is a priority within              Background Information Available on
   the Community Services Department                   Request
   budget. Its selection as a project will             1. Letters of support from Community and
   help secure additional outside funds for               Business organizations.

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                                                                                    Attachment 1

Vision Statement – 2004 Celebration Committee Legacy Project

       The gift of central meeting place for festivals, events and celebrations
       as the heart of our community. This project will be a lasting
       commemorative tribute to Edmonton’s past, present and future.

Elements of the Vision

     Flexibility will be integral to the Plaza as the spaces seamlessly transform themselves from
    a world-class festival site, to a community gathering place, to a beautiful urban park for
    solitary contemplation.

    The Plaza will celebrate Edmonton through interpretative elements highlighting our history,
    our present and contain a tribute to our exciting future.

    The Plaza will visually and functionally draw the plaza, the Arts District, surrounding
    properties, and roadways together, enhancing these partnerships.

    Envisioned and created through a unique collaboration of all three orders of government
    and actively involving businesses, festivals, major arts venues and Edmontonians.

                                      Attachment 1 - Page 1 of 1
                                                                                 Attachment 2

Financial Resources and Expertise Requirements

   The Committee requests $500,000 to fund the completion of the project design within the
    2002 budget.
   The Sir Winston Churchill Square User Group has committed up to $35,000 for design
   The following outlines the Edmonton 2004 Celebration Committee’s goals in raising the
    required Legacy project funding:

    Total project budget                     $10-14 million
    Other government and private donors      Two thirds
    City                                     One third

    *City budget timeline:

    2002                                     $500,000
    2003                                     $1.6–2.3 million
    2004                                     $1.6-2.3 million

   The Committee also requests $74,000 to begin an awareness and communications program,
    to design and mail semi-annual newsletters to community organizations and to host grant and
    fundraising workshops for community organizations, as well to gather community and
    stakeholder input on the proposed design development aspects of the Legacy Project. This
    funding will include a nine-month support staff position and associated office equipment.

(*See Project Profile – Attachment 7)

                                     Attachment 2 - Page 1 of 1
                                                                           Attachment 3

Edmonton 2004 Celebration Committee Members

   James Belovich                 Business Sector, Community
   Barry Breau                    City of Edmonton Historical Board
   Councillor Terry Cavanagh      City Council
   Harry Kemble                   Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues
   Lindsay Daniller               Economic Development Edmonton
   Lyle Donald                    Citizen at Large
   Dennis Fahlman                 Multicultural Committee
   Donna Finucane                 Citizen at Large
   Brad Hestbak                   University of Alberta
   Prem Kalia                     Edmonton Interfaith Centre
   Marilyn Kimura                 Alberta 2005
   Ted LeLacheur                  Edmonton Chamber of Commerce
   Ian MacLeod                    Downtown Advisory Committee
   John Mahon                     Edmonton Arts Council
   Councillor Stephen Mandel      City Council
   Donna Martyn                   Persons with Disabilities
   Ian McClelland                 MLA
   Arlene Meldrum                 Senior Community
   Frank Norris                   Edmonton and District Heritage Society
   Al Parsons                     Business Sector
   Andra Olsen                    City of Edmonton Youth Council
   Alva Shewchuk                  E7, Educator Leaders Team
   Cheryl Schneider               Northlands Park
   Greg Carter                    Canadian Forces
   Ken Woitt                      Alberta Capital Region Alliance Ltd.
   Ralph Young, Chairman

                               Attachment 3 - Page 1 of 1
                                                                                  Attachment 4

Summary of Edmonton 2004 Celebration Committee Activities

Major Event Highlights – Draft

Draft Event Plan (This is a starting point and will be refined)
      The Major Event will run 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
      Take place in and around Sir Winston Churchill Square and the completed plaza that will
       be the Legacy Project of Celebration 2004.
      John Mahon has approached Arts District venues to partner in celebrating the day,
       possibly with special programming or an open house.
      Event will start with a formal opening, possibly with Governor General, Premier, Mayor
       and past Mayors, Royal Family, surrounding community Mayors and Reeves, etc.
      There will be a central or main-stage with entertainment occurring throughout the day.
       Entertainment will focus on quality performances and the role that cultures played in the
       evolution of Edmonton. Performances would be 30 to 40 minutes long. Could include:
                   Shumka Dancers
                   Aboriginal Dancers
                   French Dancers
                   Cowboy and Western
                   Kikali African Drummers
                   Pop Music
      Small performance areas could be set up in and around the other venues but would be the
       responsibility of each venue.
      Space divided into themes of Past, Present and Future with interactive components to
       each and food available that mirrors each theme. Ideas for themes:
                  Past – In and around City Hall
                   Collector cars
                   All previous Flags flying
                   Old Military Equipment and Officers in Historical Dress
                   Lord Strathcona’s Horse in Historical Dress
                   A plane from the days of Bush Pilots
                   Volunteers in period dress

                  Present – City Hall Plaza and Northern Square
                   University of Alberta
                   Oil and gas industry
                   Sports teams signing autographs
                   Northlands
                   Federation of Community Leagues
                   Multicultural Associations
                   others

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                                                                                   Attachment 4

Summary of Edmonton 2004 Celebration Committee Activities

                  Future – Southern Square and Library
                   University of Alberta solar vehicles
                   Transportation plan maps
                   Expected development of City on map (topographical models)
                   Other University of Alberta projects
                   EPSB and ECS - lots of Kid stuff
                   Biotechnology
                   a gift (as part of opening or closing possibly a plaque for legacy project
                     unveiled, a wish for posterity, time capsule)

                 Closing ceremony to involve large drum bands (Japanese, Kikali, etc) on stage
                  performing, other drum bands marching through square to stage, then
                  concluding with large fireworks display.

Elements to involve

      Birthday Cake
      Making a wish
      Giving of gifts
      Recognition of 100 year olds, possibly a certificate from the Mayor
      Child and Family focus
      Seniors or invited guest reception
      Keepsake program/guidebook

Community Involvement Highlights – Draft
      Events and projects will be encouraged to take place throughout the year with themes
       relating to Edmonton’s past. present or future
      Events and projects taking place on the weekend of October 8, 2004 will be encouraged
       to become part of ―Edmonton Home-coming‖
      Host workshops on grants, volunteer recruitment, media relations, etc.
      Contact smaller community newspapers to run interesting stories on Edmonton’s past
      Identify historical milestones and ―Firsts‖ along with organizations to reenact them
       during 2004. This section of the Community involvement plan will be dedicated to Alex
      Create a Web based databank of community 2004 projects
      Work with local media to promote 2004
      Send out quarterly newsletters to organizations participating in 2004 to keep them up to
      Establish a 2004 Celebration Office to assist community organizations in applying for
       grants and private sector funding
      Publish calendar of events/historic dates

                                     Attachment 4 - Page 2 of 6
                                                                                    Attachment 4

Summary of Edmonton 2004 Celebration Committee Activities

      2004 Office acts as clearing house and facilitator for community projects and events
      Honour those born in 1904 and baby(s) born October 8, 2004
      Publish an Edmonton map, with events across the city highlighted
      Send out ―2004 kits‖ to organizations with 2004 projects and events

Education and School Involvement Highlights – Draft
The 2004 Education Sub-committee consists of members from virtually every educational
institution in Edmonton. They are currently developing projects that will involve students at both
the institution and classroom level.

History of the Edmonton 2004 Celebration Committee
The Edmonton 2004 Celebration Committee has been very busy since becoming a Committee of
Council in November of 2000. The Committee had existed as an administrative committee under
the Corporate Services Department since its initial meeting in November of 1999.
The Committee is made up of 28 members who represent the diversity of our community,
political and business sectors. Existing members actively recruited new Committee members to
complement and enhance committee representation, skills and contacts. The addition of Ian
McClelland, MLA for Edmonton Rutherford and Chair of the Edmonton Caucus, Marilyn
Kimura, Alberta 2005, Brad Hestbak, University of Alberta, Lyle Donald, Edmonton’s Metis and
Aboriginal Community, Frank Norris, Edmonton and District Historical Society, and Donna
Finucane, a local business leader, all further strengthened the Committee.
The Edmonton 2004 Celebration Committee has established six Sub-committees to manage the
mandate given by City Council. They are:
          Business and Strategic Planing;
          Business and Grant Development;
          Legacy Project;
          Major Event;
          Community Involvement; and
          Education.
The Edmonton 2004 Celebration Committee developed an Organizational Framework, outlining
their mission, vision and mandate.
       Vision statement:
               A community celebration of the City of Edmonton’s 100th Birthday.
       Mission statement:
               The Edmonton 2004 Celebration Committee is a community based volunteer
               committee planning and staging events and activities that commemorate the City
               of Edmonton’s 100th Birthday for all residents and their visitors, focusing on the
               City’s past, present and future.

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                                                                                      Attachment 4

Summary of Edmonton 2004 Celebration Committee Activities

       Mandate: (as provided by Council in Bylaw 12435)
       1. (a) develop a draft Celebration Plan for consideration and approval by Council before
              February 1, 2002;
          (b) on behalf of the City, and with the approval of the City Manager, initiate and
              oversee fundraising activities for elements of the Celebration Plan;
          (c) present to Council for consideration and approval before December, 2003:
               (i)                                                    a budget that outlines how
                      funds raised will be allocated, and
               (ii)                                                   a final Celebration Plan to
                      reflect this budget; and
          (d) on behalf of the City, and with the approval of the City Manger, oversee and
              direct the implementation of the specific commemorative projects and events.
       2. The Celebration plan will include:
               (a)                                 community events, a formal centennial event and
                      a significant legacy project;
               (b)                                 budgets;
               (c)                                 human resource requirements; and
               (d)                                in the case of the draft Celebration Plan,
                      potential sources of revenue.

In March of 2001, the Edmonton 2004 Celebration Committee hired Chris McLeod from the
City’s Communications Branch to provide much needed support as the 2004 Celebration
Coordinator. In April of 2001, the Edmonton 2004 Celebration Committee officially launched
their Committee and began the process of public input. During the launch they also unveiled
their Web site ( which was designed by a local graphic artist as a

Since the launch the Edmonton 2004 Celebration Committee has been hard at work setting
criteria and building proposals for a legacy project, a major event, community involvement, and
involving the City’s many educational institutions. They will present a draft Celebration Plan to
Council in January of 2002. The plan will include recommended Legacy project, Major Event
Plan, and all the other initiatives they have been asked to identify.

The Edmonton 2004 Celebration Committee has developed a Strategic Framework to assist Sub-
committees in completing their objectives and to clearly define our goals and timelines. The
strategic framework combines direction from the Edmonton 2004 Celebration Committee, its
Organizational Framework and the mandate given to the Committee by City Council. The

                                       Attachment 4 - Page 4 of 6
                                                                                    Attachment 4

Summary of Edmonton 2004 Celebration Committee Activities

vision, mission and organizational framework were favourably received during a Committee
presentation to City Council on August 31, 2000.

A primary theme that runs throughout this framework is the emphasis on the role of City Council
in setting the fiscal parameters for Edmonton’s 2004 Celebrations. An indication of Council’s
level of support is crucial in determining the size and scope of potential celebrations and will be
necessary prior to seeking and receiving funding from other levels of government and from the
private sector. City Council is clearly the primary stakeholder and must be seen as the most
supportive partner as it develops the Celebration Plan prior to presenting it to the community.

In preliminary discussions with the Provincial and Federal Governments, both orders of
government have expressed interest in partnering on a significant legacy project and associated
events. Ensuring the selected project’s eligibility for Federal and Provincial funding has heavily
influenced the criteria used by the Legacy Sub-committee and the final evaluation of responses.
However, both orders of government have stated that any potential funding would likely be in the
form of matching City funding.

2001 – Mid-2002 Action Plan

The fall of 2001 will be a very busy time for the Edmonton 2004 Celebration Committee and all
of its Sub-committees.

       Action – September - October
       Each Sub-committee must bring forward a draft plan to the 2004 Committee this fall.
       Rough project costs must be estimated and options made ready to present to City Council
       in November so those funds (if required) can be requested within the 2002 budget.

       Action - November
       Bring the completion of Sir Winston Churchill Square forward to City Council as the
       Celebration Committee’s Legacy Project.

       Action - November
       Take the direction from City Council back to the Committee and Sub-committees and
       initiate the design and fund-raising process and secure support from key stakeholder
       groups, who may or not be funding partners. By February 2001, the Committee intends
       to have the support and active participation of a great number of community
       organizations, businesses, and Edmontonians in both the Legacy Project and the other
       elements of the draft Celebration Plan.

       Action – January
       Begin public input process on elements of the Legacy Project design and other elements
       of the draft Celebration Plan, including meeting with Edmonton Caucus, key stakeholder

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                                                                                 Attachment 4

Summary of Edmonton 2004 Celebration Committee Activities

       groups and local media. Compile results and present draft Celebration Plan to Council by
       the end of January.

       Action - February
       Finalize grant application for 2005 Centennial Grant Program.

       Action – Spring and Summer
       Develop partnerships with the Federal government and private sector for additional
       funding and support.

On behalf of all members of the Edmonton 2004 Celebration Committee, thank you for the
opportunity to update you on our progress to date. We look forward on working with City
Council in seeing significant and exciting projects and events to commemorate Edmonton’s 100th
Birthday in 2004 come to fruition.

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                                                                                       Attachment 5

Criteria for 2004 Legacy Projects

The following is the list of criteria as accepted by the 2004 Celebration Committee for focussing
public input on types of Legacy Projects:

           1.   Focus on Edmonton’s past/ present/ future;
           2.   A legacy for Edmontonians;
           3.   A singular project as compared to a number of unrelated projects;
           4.   A physical entity;
           5.   Accessible; and
           6.   Affordable and Sustainable.

The criteria fulfill the first objective of the Legacy Sub-committee; to develop a set of criteria for
legacy projects that will focus input of the public consultation.

Following the review of the compiled list of potential projects developed through ongoing
informal consultation and through the work done by the By-Centennial Committee chaired by
James Cumming in 1994. All appropriate suggestions were evaluated as to their merits and how
they fit with the legacy criteria.

The list of potential projects compiled through the millennium public consultation process was
also discussed.

While many projects had merit, discussion focused on three main questions:

   1. Does the project already have an advocate or a group working towards its completion? If
      so, would the 2004 Celebration Committee’s involvement make a significant difference
      in ensuring the project’s completion?
   2. Is the legacy inclusive of all Edmontonians and will it be something that has the potential
      to benefit all Edmontonians into the future?
   3. Is the project realistic in its scope and timelines for completion by 2004?

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                                                                                  Attachment 6

Summarized History of Sir Winston Churchill Square Development

1905     The square site consisted of western wood frame storefronts and strolling horse and

1912     Edmonton Mayor George Armstrong directed the Minneapolis firm of Morell and
         Nichols to prepare a master plan ―to direct the character and growth of the city.‖ Part
         of the grandeur plan included a proposal for a civic square. It included sweeping
         boulevards and gardens ending at a grand palace-like building—City Hall. Either side
         of the gardens would have pavilions and fountains, with an obelisk set in the centre.
         The plan was estimated at $3 million to build and to acquire the land. This early
         concept consisted of seven blocks of parkland stretching from the riverbank across
         Jasper Avenue and beyond the location of the present City Hall.

1930s    Council had acquired more and more land, much of it because of unpaid taxes during
         the 1930s.

1950     Detweiler Plan involved the area between 99th and 100th Streets and 101A and 104th
         Avenues. An auditorium, theatre complex, children’s nursery, market, radio and
         television studios were to be built. Council approved the plan in principle, but the
         ratepayers voted against it.

1965     Eventually, the square was to be a memorial park named Sir Winston Churchill
         Square. Renaming of 101st Street to Sir Winston Churchill St. was proposed by
         Alderman Morris Weinlos. It was suggested because it connects with Kingsway
         Avenue, named after King George VI, and Princess Elizabeth Avenue named after
         Queen Elizabeth, while she was still a princess. By the end of the year, the square site
         was finally cleared.

1967     In celebration of Canada’s centennial, Sir Winston Churchill Park was officially
         introduced as the new square in front of City Hall. There was some opposition that
         the park should commemorate a Canadian name with a Canadian heritage. Names
         such as ―Pioneer Square‖, ―Explorer Square‖, ―Voyageur Square‖, ―Sir John A.
         Square‖, ―D’Arcy McGee Square‖ and ―Princess Square‖ were suggested.

1967     Underground development of Edmonton’s civic centre was to start September 1 and
         was slated as a $5 million shopping complex. The ―roof‖ on the square was to be
         landscaped at the cost of $1,500,000. Delays were attributed to difficulties in the firm
         submitting an exact plan and the negotiating of leases with major tenants. For the
         winter, Mayor Vince Dantzer proposed a skating rink with a large decorated
         Christmas tree in the square.

1968     Jan- Westbury Holdings asks the City for extension until mid-summer to bring in
         proposal, quoting money shortage and design problems as reasons. Architect Daniel

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                                                                                  Attachment 6

Summarized History of Sir Winston Churchill Square Development

         Kiley was hired by the company to design the park. He suggested a central ―bubble‖
         with a spiral ramp leading to the shopping area below. Mayor Dantzer throws the
         underground square development open for bids. There were no responses.

         April -    Parks and Recreation sod the square at cost of $8,000.
         May -      Budget cuts by City Council delete all but $10,000 from square
         June -     City Council approved $20,000 to immediately provide trees, flowers and
                    benches for the square in order to repair the three winters of damage as a
                    skating rink. Limited funding put the proposal on hold. It was designed to
                    have the south side paved for restaurants and a play area in the summer
                    and skating rink in the winter. The north side was to be grassed and
                    terraced to act as a natural amphitheatre for a stage. A large, high-pressure
                    fountain to create a natural surrounding was also in the plan.

1983     Members of the Edmonton May Day Committee wanted to change the name of
         Churchill Square. They held a ―March for the Unemployed‖ and planned to place a
         plaque in the square to honour Peter Keferiuk, a Depression-era labour leader who led
         hunger strikes and demonstrations in Alberta. Later in the year, in the northeast
         corner of the square, ―Lunchbreak‖, produced by artist J. Seward Johnson, was
         unveiled as a donation to the City by the Devonian Foundation.

         The square, a long-term project of the City’s Program to Improve Downtown
         Edmonton (PRIDE), aimed at revitalizing community interest in the City core. A
         survey conducted during Klondike Days suggested that many would like to see more
         benches, water fountains and washrooms. They noted that there was a lot to do in the
         summer, but not much in the winter. Suggestions of an ice carnival with an ice
         sculpture competition and an outdoor skating rink were given.

1989     May 24, 1989- Sir Winston Churchill statue was unveiled in the Northwest corner of
         the square. It marked the 25th Anniversary of Edmonton’s Sir Winston Churchill
         Society. Cost of the statue was about $125,000. Sculptor Oscar Nemon designed the
         statue shortly before his death. It is similar to the official work of Churchill that
         Nemon created for Westminster, England’s parliament. An annual scholarship of
         about $16,000 was established in Churchill’s name. The recipient would be an
         outstanding University of Alberta graduate in pursuit of humanities studies at
         England’s Oxford University.

         Gene Dub, the architect who designed the current City Hall, had grandeur plans for
         the surrounding grounds. In 1989, Dub envisioned the square as part of a tree-lined
         ribbon of green that would reach as far north as 111th Avenue. Dub called the original
         plans for the square as the outdoor ―city room‖, which would have adjoined the two
         blocks. The challenge was to integrate Churchill Square with the City Hall’s square,

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                                                                                   Attachment 6

Summarized History of Sir Winston Churchill Square Development

         while maintaining space for festivals. Dub also imagined the closing of 99th Street,
         on the East Side of Churchill Square, with a treed walkway for pedestrians, not cars.
         The area north of City Hall (old CN land site) was envisioned as a parkway with an
         international flavour in linking the different ethnic areas and streets. Due to possible
         backlash from taxpayers, City Council scaled the project down.

1996     Edmonton Downtown Development Corporation announced plans to develop a
         concept for the downtown arts district that identified the need ―to establish the role,
         function and overall design of Sir Winston Churchill Square and environs.‖

2000     A large portion of Sir Winston Churchill Square was temporarily covered in paving
         stones in preparation for the 8th Annual IAAF Track and Field Championships in
         Athletics, August 3-12, 2001.

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                                                              Attachment 7

Project Profile – Edmonton 2004 Legacy Project

                                 Attachment 7 - Page 1 of 2
                                                              Attachment 7

Project Profile – Edmonton 2004 Legacy Project

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