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Deans Business Office Duties


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									                                         Dean’s Business Office Duties
                                                                         Khanh Nguyen                                                 Becky Guzman
                                                                           Financial Analyst                                        HR/Payroll Coordinator 2
                Ruby Haroon                                               kmnguyen@uh.edu                                             rguzman4@uh.edu
               Director, Operations                                            x34616                                                      x30473
                  ruby@uh.edu                                 Monthly verification of 350 Bauer cost centers                     All ePAR audit, check disbursal,
                                                              Supervise financial functions of business office               Research college payroll & HR issues
                Annual College Budget                      Communicate expenditure info to all depts./centers              Help maintain assignment tracking system
 Oversee all revenue, expense, HR and business          Reallocations, fund transfers, BOB report, budget transfers            Liaise with Central Payroll and HR
               practices for the College                            Create and inactivate cost centers                   Supervise payroll/HR functions of business office
    Strategic planning for operations of college                              Ad hoc projects                                        Manage PCNs for college
          Accountable for all auditable items                   Train departments on financial accounting
Serve as liaison to Provost’s and President’s Offices
       Provide guidance to all dept and center
        administration concerning operations
                                                                         Terrolyn Gunter
     Represent college at UH Central meetings                           Financial Coordinator 2                                          Sara Brown
Serve as liaison to other colleges & divisions of UH                       tgunter@uh.edu                                       College Business Administrator
  Initiate programs and policies to benefit college                             x31580                                                 slbrown@uh.edu
Approve position reclassifications and restructurings
                                                          Audit expenses/revenues, contracts, travel requests &                             x34613
Assemble/evaluate proposals for fees, budgets and                       requisitions for the college
                    new initiatives                                                                                        Maintain budgets for all college cost centers
                                                              Monthly verification of non-salary cost centers            Ad hoc projects and initiatives at the college level
 Oversee expenses paid through CBA Foundation
 Provide information to deans and chairs regarding              Train college staff on financial procedures            Oversee revenue, expense, HR/Payroll and business
                      operations                                Audit monthly P-Card & Tcard processing                               practices for the College
 Supervise dean’s business office, reception staff,       Liaise with Gen Acct, AP, Purchasing, Contracts OCG         Provide support to depts in staff interviewing and hiring
       maintenance staff and scholarship office
                                                                                                                          Monitor fund equity for all college cost centers
 Ad hoc projects and initiatives at the college level
  Serve on UH level committees and pilot projects                       Lisa Kuhfeldt                                 Assist with position reclassifications and restructurings
                                                                                                                                    Generate annual fee reports
                                                                   Payroll Office Coordinator 1
                                                                                                                       Generate Clinical Offer Letters and Reappointments
                                                                                                                               Generate Overload requests for faculty
                                                                             x30548                                    Certifying signature for college business transactions
                                                            All ePAR audit, timesheets, check disbursal                  Serve on UH level committees and pilot projects
                                                              Research college payroll and HR issues                     Stand in for Director of Operations when needed
                                                            Help maintain assignment tracking system
                                                                 Liaise with Central Payroll and HR
                                                                       Clear suspense report
                                                                    Leave Accrual Reconciliation
                             Dean’s Academic and Administrative
                                    Office Staff & Duties
                                                                      Cara Dusette
                                                                Customer Service Supervisor
           Avani Dave                                                     x34601                                                    Justin Sneed
                                               Cover the Dean’s reception & concierge desks, phones, walk-ins and
        Executive Admin Asst                                                email requests
                                                                                                                            Scholarship Program Coordinator
          ajdave@uh.edu                                Assist with digital room access on CougarOne cards                        jsneed@bauer.uh.edu
               x34604                                            Manage lost and found for college                                      x36706
Faculty folder coordination & new faculty                Assist with communications to Dean’s office staff             Create and distribute all scholarship paperwork
                  orientation                Process payments to vendors of dean’s office and college level expenses       Maintain scholarship intranet (database)
   Manage the Dean’s & Assc Dean’s                              Help students with print credit sales                     Create and distribute the Bauer Business
     calendar, guests and phone calls                                                                                                       Bulletin
                                                                            Ad hoc projects
  Coordinate GATF process for college                                                                                        Maintain donor contact information
                                                            Conduct Bauer Orientations for new staff
All inquiries related to the Global Energy                                                                                 Maintain Bauer scholarship web pages
                                                              Facilitate special events in the college
       Management Institute (GEMI)                                                                                         Assist Bauer scholarship Committee in
                                                                 Supervise customer service team
Facilitate meetings for the Dean & Assoc                                                                                             awarding scholarships
                     Dean                                           Meeting space reservations
                                                                                                                       Communicate with current donors, prospective
 Coordinate PhD applications for college                          Process college leave requests
                                                                                                                             donors, applicants, and recipients
               Ad hoc projects                                                                                         Provide information to students and parents at
         Coordinate dean’s events                                   Lucy Hernandez                                     orientations and other college related functions
      Facilitate meetings for the dean                                   Office Asst. 2                                  Create flyers and other published materials
Coordinate Dean’s & Assoc Dean’s travel                              lhernandez@uh.edu                                  Maintain scholarship budgets, revenues and
            and reimbursements                                                                                                             expenses
    Create ePARs for dean appointed                                                                                          Facilitate meetings with donors and
                 assignments                                 Assist with copy charges and invoices                                  recipients/interviewees.
Reservations for 302 & deans conf room                                 Handle all Bauer mail                           Contact various student organizations, Centers
  Coordinate Dean’s reserved parking           Provide back-up coverage to dean’s reception desk & concierge area       of Excellence, etc. to obtain member lists for
                                              Process payments to vendors of dean’s office & college level expenses           scholarship awarding as needed
                                                                  Monitor alarm/access control
                                                                   Meeting space reservations
                                                              Coordinate Dean’s reserved parking
                                                          Coordinate all FIXIT requests through BOSS
                                                           Email info regarding event support services
                                                                         Special projects
                                                Dean’s External Relations
                                                     Support Team

          Aracely Villalpando
          Development Coordinator 1
                                                                                                                     Melissa MacGregor
                                                                Kimberly Fernandez                                      Program Director
                                                                  Administrative Assistant                           mmacgregor@bauer.uh.edu
 Processing gifts (cash gifts, gift in kind, pledges,              kpfernandez@uh.edu                                        x38577
                   extramural funding)                                   X34626                             Manage and supervise administrative functions of
Creating stewardship acknowledgement letters for         Maintain calendars for Development Officers              accepting donations for Bauer College
all Bauer gifts, including gifts through the CBA Fdn    Scheduling, arranging parking, directions, and          Thanking and recognition of Bauer donors
   Ensure proper recording of all gifts and donor        reserving rooms for on-campus development           Plan/manage/attend events that involve donors
          interactions in Advance database                                  meetings                         Measure/track performance of the development
     Obtain appeal codes for all Bauer College           Contact reports for all donor interactions with      team against annual fundraising goals monthly
           solicitations (non-Annual Giving)              deans of Bauer College entered to Advance          Stewardship reports for corporate gifts and large
   Research/purchase donor thank you gift items         Process expenditure documents for all external                        gifts as necessary
                    (Bauer tchotchke)                   relations and Communications team expenses         Liaison for Bauer College Alumni Association Board
Liaison with all Student Organization Treasurers to         Contracts for any services for External                   for interactions with the college
       assist with corporate sponsorship gifts                  Relations and Communications                  Liaison for Central University Advancement for
     Contact reports for all thank you letters and        Prepares packages of various brochures for         Bauer donations (annual giving, planned giving,
         tchotchkes given to various donors                 donors depending on their interest and                                    etc.)
  Track “teams” for Bauer Champions Campaign                        involvement with Bauer                           Creating & tracking endowments
                       every spring                        Orders supplies for external relations and      Research alumni, prospective donors, and areas of
 Liaise with Scholarship Coordinator to reconcile                       communications                         need for the college for strategic planning on
   donor gifts from the CBA General Schol. Fund            Back up for front desk and coordination of                        fundraising efforts.
  Uploading and maintaining donor information in               Dean’s Executive Advisory Board             Work with Communications team for promotions of
                 the Advance database                                  meetings/activities                     Bauer activities, events, and print/web needs
  Back-up administrator for processing payments          Assist with/attend special events that include         Work with Scholarship Coordinator as new
                 and initiating transfers                                    donors                         scholarship gifts come in and to help donors meet
    Assist with/attend special events that include                                                                          scholarship recipients

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