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    A Central~IVew York Voice for Peace and Social Justice           August   1988    PNL 55 1

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                                                                        Illustration of Norwegia n
                                                                        tradition commemorating
                                                                        Hiroshima/Nagasaki Day
                                                                        - lit candles on lily pads
                                                                         in a pond near the villag e
                                                                         Lier. By Berk Dahl Soltvedt.

     Founded in 1936 ISSN   0735-4134        Published Monthly by the Syracuse Peace Council

       (To ThePeace Newslette r
      RAINBOW AGENDA DOESN' T                      printing of our posters and publicity i n      The following businesses an d
      FOLLOW POLITICIANS '                         the PNL were instrumental to our             individuals were very generou s
      SCHEDUL E                                    success .                                    in giving to the SPC auctio n
       Jesse Jackson delegates Charle s                               - Larry Rutledg e         and deserve not only ou r
      Anderson, Pat Rector, Sam Velazque z                                                      gratitude, but our support
      and Marsha Weissmann expresse d              Dear Syracuse Peace Council ,                throughout        the    year .
      their disappointment at Dukakis '             Its been a long 88' already, and I' m       Seidenberg,        Strunk    &
      selection of running mate at a "Bo n         sorry it's taken so long to come u p         Goldenberg (law offices),
      Voyage" party held for them .b y             with my annual donation to you . An d        Monty Berman, Elva Scott, Dr .
      Jackson supporters on July 14 . Marsha       thank you for having been so patien t        Howard Walsdorf, Syracus e
      Weissmann commented : "You can't talk        and not pestering me ; I assure you I'v e    Stage, Pastabilities, Seve n
      about balancing a ticket in 1988 b y         been nagging myself every time I             Rays Bookstore, Debra Le e
      putting a white senator from Texas o n       opened my chequebook withou t                (massage), Second Han d
      it . You have to put a black on th e         remitting something to you . . . .we ' v e    Rose, Antique Underground ,
      ticket, you have to put a Latino on th e     got our work cut out, eh? Dukakis is a       Antiques in Oak, Ev a
      ticket, you have to put a woman on th e      jerk and Bentsen a horror, yet stil l         Monostory, The Bear's Paw ,
       ticket." But local Jackson campaig n        better than what the Republicans offer !     The Bindle, Carolyn Pollac k
       chairman Alan Rosenthal encourage d         Shoreham's breathing down my neck,            Clay, Sweet Sensations, Nanc y
       the group saying the Rainbo w               with Cuomo fanning the fire instead o f       Gittleson, Clay not Pots ,
       Coalition has made great progres s          dousing it. "Don't trust leaders . Watch      Center for Holistic Living ,
       under the leadership of Jackson .           your parking meters. " Good luck to us        Acorn Designs, Zehna Barros ,
       Responding to recent criticism that         all . _        –   Kurt C . Wilner            Laura      Kreidler,     Jud y
       Jackson "just doesn't know when to                                                        McLaughlin, John and Mar y
       quit", Rosenthal told the group : "Tha t                                                  Honey
       is what is so good about Jackson . H e                                                                - Mary Van deWeert
       doesn't know when to quit. . .he doesn' t
       work on a politicians schedule " . We
       too must continue to work for peac e
       and social justice through the campaig n
       of       1988       and       beyond !
                            -   Linda Gehro n

                                                   A Mother's Sham e                                 INTERVIEW A VET
                                                    Her chil d                                           CONTEST
                                                         will spend the night in jail .
                                                     My child                                    VETS! We need you .
            Our first annual Dance-Concert to
                                                           is well, and safe .                  The Interview a Vet Contest
       benefit the Syracuse Real Food Coo p
                                                     Her child                                  needs Vietnam veterans to sig n
       was a big success . The many coop                                                        up to be interviewed by 15-23 -
                                                           has been beaten by a soldier .
       members and non-members who came                                                         year-olds . For more informa-
       out for the event can thank themselve s       My chil d                                  tion, send your name, address ,
       for creating the wonderful feeling o f               will be a soldier .                 and phone number to CCCO /
       community that went beyond the fun of         Her chil d                                 An Agency for Military, Draft ,
       the night . We hope that more such
                                                          is inspired to defy .                 and Pre-Enlistment Counsel-
       events will happen for our communit y         My child                                   ing, 2208 South St ., Philadel-
                                                            will be required to obey .          phia, PA 19146 . phone (215)
       and the cooperative spirit will provid e
                                                                                                545-4626, or P .O. Box 42249.
       the basis for the coop and other groups
                                                                          Nancy Nachun          San Francisco, CA 94142 ,
       to thrive and prosper in the future .                                                    phone (415) 552-6433 .
        Thanks again to all you folks at SPC
       Newsletter and Press, your speedy                                Jerusulam, Israel        	                           J

     2 Peace Newsletter 8/88

                              The Syracuse Peace Counci l
      Collectives, Committees & Projects AFSC AntiApartheid Projec t Recycle & Contact s
                                          Alliances, Coalitions First
      New people are always welcome to join any of these activities . Contact th e                             475-4822      Patrick Stark            475-119 7
                                                                                      Thabo Raphoto
      SPC office at 472-5478 or the person listed to find out what you can do .
                                                                                      Alliance (Psychiatric Syste m          Rome Peace Communit y
                                                                                      Survivors)                             Carrie, Tom        315 / 337-526 5
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      Carrie Yates, Lynn Taylor,             Carol Baum, Ron Shuffler,Carrie          George Ebert
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      Shannon Kelley                         Yates, Dik Coo l
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           Steve Neff, Nick Jenny, Marge Rusk, Christian Spies-Rusk ,                                                                                   472-547 8
                                                                                        Ron Shuffler            445-9232       and Social Action
                        Bruce Weber, Mary VanDeweert,
                                                                                        Pledge of Resistenc e
                    Suzanne Ravenscroft, Angus McDonald
                                                                                     j J ank Strunk        607 / 842-651 5

                                                        6tntement of Purpos e
           The Syracuse Peace Council (8PC), founded in 1936, is an antiwar/social justice organization . It is community-based, autonomou s
           and funded by the contributions of its supporters .
                 8PC educates, agitates and organizes for a world where war, violence and exploitation in any form will no longer exis t
            It challenges the existing unjust power relationships among nations, among people and between ourselves and the environmen t
           As members, we work to replace inequality, hierarchy, domination and powerlessness with me ual respect personal empowerment ...
           cooperation and a sense of community .
                 Present social injustices cannot be understood in isolation from each other nor can they be overcome without recognizing thie r
           economic and militaristic roots . 8PC stresses a strategy that makes these connections clear . We initiate and support activities tha t
           help build this sense of community and help tear down the walls of oppression . A fundamental basis for peace and justice is a n
           economic system that places human need above monetary profit We establish relationships among people based on cootion
           rather than competition or the threat of destruction .
                 Our political values and personal lives shape and reflect each other . In both we are committed to nonviolent means of conflic t
           resolution and to a process of decision-making that responds to the needs of all .                                                      J

             Syracuse Peace Council 924 Burnet Ave . Syracuse, N .Y. 13203 (315) 472-547 8
                                                                                                                             8/88 Peace Newsletter 3
                                                                    supplies and shipping costs will maximize the impact of th e
 Liam M'ahony, former SPC staff person, recently returned to        cash donations . We have had many positive contacts with
                                                                    national groups who are coordinating the shipping effort.
the U .S . after having volunteered with Peace Brigade s
                                                                    Coupled with the $1,700 raised for medical supplies th e
International in Guatemala for the past nine months . His work
                                                                    previous year, we are proud of ur part in Central New York' s
there included escorting striking union members and human
rights workers threatened with political violence . For th e        struggle with oppresion in Nicaragua . Central New Yorker s
next few months Liam will be speaking on his experiences ,          can make a difference! We are beginning to plan the nex t
educating people and raising money for the continued wor k          campaign to begi this fall . The form of our next effort i s
of Peace I rigades in Central AmeriCa . We are organizing           under discussion . The extent of our material aid campaign i s
events for him to speak at . If you would like him to speak to      limited only by the number of people involved . Please join us
                                                                    and experience positive political work with tangible results .
your group, please call . In particular, we are trying to set u p
                                                                    Call the SPC House (472-5478) and someone from th e
house parties - events where you invite 8-15 people over t o
                                                                    project will get back to you . Again, thanks to the many who
hear his presentation . Liam has many slides and can speak o n
Peace Brigade ' s work in Guatemala, human rights and labo r        have helped these past two years .
organizing there, and the Central American situation i n                        - Peter Scheib e
general . His dates are somewhat limited so please call soon i f
you ' d be interested in having a house party . For mor e
information, call Carol Baum at SPC (472-478) or 425-0629 .

                                                -Carol Bau m

   There are unlimited ways to participate in our work if yo u
are interested and willing . A few hours once a month or
weekly helps and there are a variety of things one can choos e
to do . Anyone with an interest in art could design a poster ,
make a banner and for help us renovate our physical set up .
There is work to do in our library, and resource files tha t
should be maintained . Our mailing list needs to be updated on
the computer . The book Store always needs people to brin g
books to community events . We also have annual projects
people could help us on like Hiroshima/Nagasaki Day an d
Plowshares . The Peace Newsletter is another area wher e
interested people could volunteer. We are also open to your
ideas . . . Stop by and have some iced or hot coffee, we ar e
open 9:30 am to 5 :00 pm Mon .- Wed, Fri . and 9 :30 am to
9 :00 pm. on Thursday .
                                                                    GARAGE SALE SUCCESSFU L
                                                                       This is a quick note to say the Garage Sale went very well ,
                                                                    thanks to all of you. We had a lot of stuff, about three garages
                                             - Carrie Yate s
                                                                    full . We were grateful it did not rain until late afternoon,sinc e
                                                                    we had put a lot of the furniture outside . By the time we
                                                                    opened there was a crowd of people waitin to purchas e
THANKS FOR THE HELP !                                               things. Thank you everyone who bought item who donated
   The joint SPC-Madre Material Aid Campaign fo r                   items, to those of you who called people, to those wh o
Nicaragua wishes to thank everyone for their generous help
                                                                    lent us your trucks, thank you all for your t' a and energy .
and donations during the past year's Educational Supplie s
Campaign . As of the end of June we have collected                                                                  -Car ie Yates
approxiamtely 20 full heavy boxes of supplies and $1,50 0
cash. We are in the process of organizing the shipment of the

                                                                                            8/88 Peace N wsletter 5
      UpCming Events
PEACE BRIGADE S                               HIROSHIMA / NAGASAKI EVENTS
   Peace Brigades International, a n          SYRACUS E
                                                                                           472-1777 and the main festivities :
international pacifist organization, is        This year's Hiroshima/Nagasaki da y
                                                                                           Ann Cardamore 424-8344 .
holding an eastern U .S . and amd Canada      in Syracuse will be "A Day o f
regional orientation and training                                                          SENECA ARMY DEPO T
                                              Forgiveness and Healing " . Events wil l
program for people interested i n                                                          As a rememberance of Hiroshima an d
                                              begin at 8 :15 am when all churches with
supporting its two teams working i n                                                       Nagasaki, the Seneca Women ' s
                                              bells are asked to ring them at the exac t
                                                                                           Encampment will stage a legal presence
Guatemala and El Salvador . Volunteers        moment the bomb was dropped on
serve as international observers and a s                   At 11 :30 August 5              at the main gate of the Seneca Arm y
nonviolent escorts to allow breathin g                                                     Depot in Romillus with possible civil
                                              am a parade led by Open Hand Theatre
space for organizations and activists                                                      disobedience, August 6 at 10 am . For
                                              will begin at And arrive in Columbu s
working for peace and justice in these                                                     more information   call   Ellen Grad y
                                              Circle at noon . There flowers, an d
two countries . August 19- 21, 198 8                                                       (607)277-6932.
                                              literature addressing why the bom b
will be a weekend of general                  was dropped and disarmament issues             NYC
orientation followed by a trainin g           will be distributed A candl e                Vigils, ri ging of churt h bells ,
session, August 21-23 for short an d          representing the Eternal Flame will be       meditation and public education in
long term PBI volunteers . The events         lit and flowers will be placed on a tabl e   remernberance, and a call for tota l
will take place in Albany, NY . Cost is       in memory of the victims of th e             disarmament . Call Mobilization fo r
$55- 80 (including food and housing .                                                      Survival (212) 533-0008 .
                                              Hiroshima/Nagasaki bombings . A t
For more information or registration :        12 :30 pm there will be a moment of          AUGUST DESERT WITNES S
Karen Beetle, Peace Brigade                   silence and afterwards Dr . Edward           IV
International, 51 Alexander St . Albany,      Swift of Physicians for Socia l               To commemorate the bombings an d
NY 12202 (518) 436-7492 .                     Responsibility will make a statement         protest weapons testing at the Nevada
                       -   Karen Beetle       about the initiation the International       Test Site . Contact : Nevada Desert
                                              Comprehensive Test Ban Campaign ,            Experience, PO Box 4487, Las Vegas ,
                                              which begins that day. Volunteers ar e       NV 89127 (702) 646-4814 .
DAYS AGAINST THE DRAF T                       needed for the parade : Geoff Navias
 Two days of decentralized activitie s
against the draft and registration are        SAVE THE DOLPHIN S
planned for Oct . 16, 17 1988 .               Three hundred and fifty thousan d
Celebrate resistance and the resister on
                                              dolphins are killed each year - from tun a
Sunday, demonstrate resistance o n
                                              fishing! To raise awareness and fund s
Monday in schools and communities .
                                               to stop the unnecessary killing of th e
Important themes : the continuin g
militarization of youth in school an d        dolphins, a temporary coalition has bee n
culture and by direct militar y               formed . The coaltion has planned a
recruiting ; the federal "blacklisting " of   benefit to be held at the Orange Grove,
resisters and the return of militar y
                                              Aug . 17 at 9 :30 pm . For only tw o
channeling in the form of "National
                                              dollars you can hear the Neverl y
 Service ."   For participation ,
                                              Brothers, Robin Fear, Jami e
 endorsement, encouragement, input o r
 further information, write Th e              Notarthomes and Chris Chrom a
 Peacemaker, Box 627, Garberville CA =        perform . For more information contact :
 95440 .                                      Jamie 463-5014, or Chris 463-149 0
                           -Paul Encimer      or   437-1271 .

                                                                                           8/88 Peace Newsletter 7

    by Bassam Abu Sherif
    Advisor to Chairman Yaser Arafa t
    Everything that has been said about the Middle East conflic t
    has focused on the differences between Palestinians an d
    Israelis and ignored the points on which they are in almos t
    total agreement . These points are easy to overlook, hidden as
    they are under a 70-year acccumulation of mutual hostility and
    suspicion, but they exist nevertheless and in them lies th e
    hope that the peace that has eluded this region for so long i s    Palestinians and the Israelis . The Palestinians would b e
    finally within reach . Peel off the layers of fear and mistrus t   deluding themselves if they thought that their problems with
    that successive Israeli leaders have piled on the substantiv e     the Israelis can be solved in negotiations with non-Israelis ,
    issues and you will find that the Palestinians and Israelis are    including the United States. By the same token, the Israelis -
    in general agreement on ends and means : Israel's objective ar e   and US Secretary of State George Schultz, who has bee n
    lasting peace and security . Lasting peace and security ar e       shuttling to the Middle East for discussions on his peac e
    also the objectives of the Palestinian people . No one can         proposals - would be deluding themselves if they though t
    understand the Jewish people's centuries of suffering more         that Israel'sproblems with the Palestinians can be solved i n
    than the Palestinians . We know what it means to be stateless      negotiations with non-Palestinians, including Jordan . Th e
    and the object of the fear and prejudice of the nations . Thanks   Palestinians would like to choose their Israeli interlocutor .
    to the various Israeli and other governments that have had th e    We have little doubt that we could reach a satisfactor y
    power to determine the course of our people ' s lives, w e         settlement with the Peace Now movement in a month . W e
    know what it feels like when human beings are considere d          know, however, that an agreement with Peace Now woul d
    somehow less human than others and denied the basic right s        not be an agreement with Israel, and since an agreement with
    that people around the globe take for granted. We feel that no     Israel is what we are after, we are ready to talk to Mr . Shimon
    people - neither the Jewish people not the Palestinian peopl e     Peres' Labor Alignment, or to Yitzhak Shamir's Likud Bloc ,
    - deserves the abuse and disenfranchisement that                   or to anyone else the Israelis choose to represent them . The
    homelessness inevitably entails . We believe that all peoples -    Israelis and Mr . Schultz would also prefer to deal with
    the Jews and the Palestinians included -have the right to ru n     Palestinians of their own choosing . But it would be as futil e
    their own affairs, expecting from their neighbors not onl y        for them as for us to talk to people who have no mandate t o
    nonbelligerence but the kind of political and economi c            negotiate. If it is settlement with the Palestinians that the y
    cooperation without which no state can be truly secure, n o        seek, as we assume it is, then it with the representatives o f
    matter how massive its war machine, and without no natio n         that people that they must negotiate, and the Palestinia n
    can truly prosper, no matter how generous its friends i n          people, by the only means that they have at their disposal,
    distant lands may be . The Palestinians want the kind o f          have chosen their representatives . Every Palestinia n
    lasting peace and security for themselves and the Israeli s        questioned by diplomats and newsman of the internationa l
    because no one can build his own future on the ruins o f           community has stated unequivocally that his representative i s
    another's. We are confident that this desire and th e              the Palestinian Liberation Organization . If that is regarded
    realization are shared by all but an insignificant minority i n    as an unreliable expression of the Palestinians ' free will in
    Israel . The means by which Israelis want to achieve lastin g      amanner that will convince all doubters : arrange for an
    peace and security is direct talks, with no attempt by any         internationally-supervised referendum in the West Bank an d
    outside party to impose or veto a settlement . The                 the Gaza Strip and allow the population to choose betwee n
    Palestinians agree . We see no way for any dispute to be           the PLO and any other community wishes to nominate . The
    settled without direct talks between that' parties to that         PLO is ready to abide by the outcome and step aside for an y
    dispute, and we feel that any settlement that has to b e           alternative leadership should the Palestinian people choos e
    imposed by an outside power is a settlement that i s               one . The PLO will do this because it is raison d ' etre is no t
    unacceptable to one or both of the belligerents and therefore a    the undoing of Israel, but the salvation of the Palestinia n
    settlement that will not stand the test of time . The key to a     people      and     their     rights,     including       thei r
    Palestinian-Israeli settlement lies in talks between the

     8 Peace Newsletter . 8i 88
   right to democratic self-expression and nationa l                  that presents itself today will not be missed . If it is missed,
 self-determination . Regardless of the satanic image that th e       we have no choice but to continue to exercise our right t o
 PLO's struggle for those rights has given it in the Unite d          resist the occupation, our ultimate aim being a free, dignifie d
 States and Israel, the fact remains that this organization was       and secure life not only for our children but also for th e
built on democratic principles and seeks democrati c                  children of the Israelis .
objectives . If Israel and its supporters in the U S
adminstration can grasp that fact, the fears that , prevent them
from accepting the PLO as the only valid interlocutor towar d
any Palestinian-Israel settlement would vanish . Those fears,               The preceding statement, originally prepare d
as far as I can tell from what has been written and said in Israe l    for the Washington Post in late May, distribute d
and the United States, center on the PLO's (reluctance) t o            at the Arab Summit in Algeirs, and reprinted sinc e
unconditionally accept Security Council Resolutions 242 an d           then in the N.Y. Times, is nothing shy of th e
338 and on the possibility that a Palestinian State on th e            P.L .O . political equivalent to the ongoin g
West Bank and Gaza would be a radical, totalitarian threat t o         "intifada" itself. Seen as a conciliatory "tria l
its neighbor . The PLO, however, does not accep t                     balloon" which answers most major question s
Resolutions 242 and 338 . What prevents it from saying so             posed by the U .S. and Israel to the P.L .O., the
unconditionally is not what is in the resolutions but what i s        author is a close aid to Arafat who has himself
not in them : neither resolution says anything about th e             informed the U.S., through a third party that h e
national rights of the Palestinian people, including thei r           approved this statement. U.S . offical rspons e
democratic right to self-expression and their national right t o       was positive, considering it "constructive", bu t
selfadetermination . For that reason and that reason alone, w e       fell short of the acceptance which would hav e
have repeatedly said that we accept Resolutions 242 an d              encouraged clear public approval by Arafat ,
338 in the context of other UN resolutions, which do no t             something the U.S. viewed as a precondition to
recognize the national rights of the Palestinian people . As for       U.S . acceptance, although politically unrealisitc .
the fear that a Palestinian State would be a threat to it s              On the plus side, neither the P.L .O. executive
neighbor, the democratic nature of the PLO - with its                 committee nor council has rejected the statemen t
legislative, executive and other popularly-based institution s        and most Palestinian reaction has been positive .
- should argue against it . If that does not constitute a soli d      Unfortunately, the Israeli government rejected i t
enough guarantee that the State of Palestine would be a               outright, though the Israeli Peace Movemen t
democratic one, the Palestinians would be open to the idea o f        considers it as another postive sign. Despite the
a brief, mutually acceptable transitional period during whic h        intransigence of Shamir and Peres, 15 prominen t
an international mandate would guide the occupie d                    American Jewish leaders issued a statment whcih
Palestinian territories to democratic Palestinian statehood .         called this "the clearest expression, so far, by any
Beyond that, the Palestinians would accept - indeed insist o n        Palestinian official, of a readiness to negotitiat e
- international guarantees for the security of all states in the      between Israel and the Palestinians . "
region, including Palestine and Israel . It is precisely our             In a further development, Jerusalem source s
desire for such guarantees that motivates our demand tha t            have responded that a Romanian envoy informed
bilateral peace talks with Israel he conducted in the context         Shamir and Peres that talks in Bucharest wit h
of a UN-sponsored international conference . The Palestinians         Arafat show the P.L .O. now willing to engage in
feel that they have much more to fear from Israel, with it s          direct negotiations with Israel aimed at achievin g
mighty war machine and its nuclear arsenal, than Israel has t o       an autonomy-type iterim agreement.
fear from them . They would therefore welcome any reasonabl e            With these new efforts by the P.L .O., let's push
measure that would promote the security of their state and it s       the U.S. and Israel to also reach out so that the
neighbors, including the deployment of a UN buffer force o n          Occupation will be ended and peace will becom e
the Palestinian side of the Israeli-Palestinian border . Time,        closer and closer to reality.
sometimes the great healer, is often the great spoiler . Many                                    - Brent Bleie r
Israelis no doubt realize this are trying to communicate it t o
the rest of their people . As for us, we are ready for peac e
now, an we can deliver it . It is our hope that the opportunity

                                                                                                       Peace Newsletter 9

    PRIORITIES FOR PEOPLE ,                                              VETERANS' PEACE CONVOY ..en e l
    NOT BOMB S                                                           camino a Managua! !
    by Donna Hoffma n                                                      The Great Veterans ' Peace Convoy left the USA on July 13 ,
    The time is now to Send Back the Bombs . Fresh from the              this time without governemnt interference . It's due to arriv e
    Democratic Convention with Pat Rector, the "Priorities fo r          July 26 in Managua where it will deliver symbolic amount s
    People, Not Bombs" banner with its new handprints - blue,            of food, medicine, and clothing as well as the trucks to th e
    green, brown, red - progresses across the states with Donn a         nonagovernmental distribution system for the 700,00 0
    Hoffman on an outreach pilgrimage to the Pantex Nuclea r             waratorn Nicaraguan children . Meanwhile the Center fo r
    Weapons plant near Amarillo, Texas . The Peace Council and           Constitutional Rights, in their lawsuit against the U S
    SANE/FREEZE of CNY sponsored the pilgrimage whic h                   government, has obtained a ruling from the Judge that force s
    set out Thursday, July 28 to present five workshops wit h            the Government to prove that such aid is NOT humanitaria n
    prearranged groups and some less formal displays in parks .          aid . Each of us should continue to devise ways of using thi s
    Before leaving, Donna exchanged information betwee n                 "American-as-apple-pie " , people-to-people effort fo r
    Nukewatch'c Madison, Wisc . office, the Seneca Women' s              outreach with friends and acquantances . I would like to
    Peace Encampment, and the Pantex Peace Farm .                        recommend that you invite a few over for a housemeeting ,
      The pilgrimage route roughly parallels H-Bomb transpor t           both to view a new video of these same veterans at work i n
    truck routes between Pantex, the final assembly point for all        Nicaragua and to explain this on-going effort to End th e
    nuclear weapons made in the U .S . and Seneca, the largest U .S .    Embargo against Nicaragua. 'The War in El Cedro" work s
    Army nuclear weapons storage depot in the world.                     with any but the far right ideologies . So call SPC and ask me
    Workshop participants will be asked to help reverse th e             to help you with your housemeeting .
    flow of nuclear weapons on our highways, that is, to send                                                        - Hank Strun k
    back the bombs from Seneca to Pantex . Afterall, workers at
    Pantex already dismantle outmoded weapons, but produc e              WOMEN'S BUSINESS DIRECTOR Y
    more than they take apart . Economic conversion for them               The Women's Information Center will publish a directory o f
    would mean discontinuing all nuclear weapons production              women professionals, businesses and services this fall a s
    and continuing jobs dismantling tens of thousands of nuclea r        both a fundraiser and an important community service .
    warheads, then salvaging the resources to produc e                   Advertising will be solicited from women-owne d
    contributive human goods .                                           businesses, women professionals, non-profit services an d
       Upon arrival at Pantex, the banner's presence outside th e        businesses whose primary customers are women . Our hope is
    plant will testify to handprinted commitments from the heart s       for the directory to become an annual fall project for th e
    of individuals along the route . The pilgrimage will maintain        center and a well established channel for communication in th e
    correspondence with workshop groups while on the road,               women's business community . We are currently compiling
    after arrival at Pantex, and at key action times during the Fall .   our mailing list and soliciting advertising . If you want to
     Energies should focus on encouraging political candidate s          receive more information call or write the Info Cente r
    to produce a Comprehensive Test Ban and No First Strik e             478-4636/Women's Business Directory c/o Women's Inf o
    policy .                                                             Center, 601 Allen St . Syracuse, NY 13210 .
                                                                                                                      - Nancy Wart
    July 28 Pittsburg, P a     Aug. 1 Clarksville, TN
        3 Rivers Science           American Association                                Current Winners . . .
        of Mind Church             of University Women                                  "The War in El Cedro "
        and The River City     Aug. 3 Mena, AR                                           (Veterans' Brigade
           (economic conversion)              St . Agnes Catholic                          in El Cadro, Nicar . )
    Campaign                          Church July 29 Greenban k                         "Are We Winning, Mommy? "
                        WV Aug . 4 McAlester, OK                                          (Roots of Cold War )
        Speak Out! radio pgm.          Pittsburg County                                 "Cover-Up"
        Draft resistors' group        Choctaw Indian Nation Jul y                         (the Secret Govt &
    30 Lexington, KY           Aug . 5 Arrive Pantex !                                      Beyond)
        Park display           Aug . 6 Peace Camp presentation
                                                                                       Call for complete list .

    10 Peace Newsletter 8/88

                                                                                 about recycling, it is only giving lip service to it . Twice our
                                                                                legislators have voted against spending Toney for recycling .
           by Patrick Stark e
                                                                                Our county leaders are still committed in burning most of ou r
           Even though opposition to Onondaga County's garbag e
                                                                                garbage and burying the toxic ash residue in a landfil l
           burning plant is mounting, our elected officials continue t o
                                                                                somewhere in Onondaga County . If our elected officials fail
           spend public funds on a costly, toxic gamble . In fact, our
                                                                                to serve the people they represent then we will put new one s
           legislators recently voted for a public 'education program
                                                                                in office . Recycle First is constantly pushing elected leader s
           which will spend money to fight so called "misinformation "
                                                                                to introduce legislation which would ensure that adequate
           being spread by groups like Recycle First . Instead o f
                                                                                funding be spent on an aggressive recycling program, tha t
           spending public funds on an aggressive education progra m
                                                                                packaging be reduced, and that there is fairness an d
           which could be used immediately to help industry an d
                                                                                compensation for citizens living proximate to a propose d
           businesses develop waste reduction strategies, teac h
                                                                                landfill. Recycle First has been taking its campaign to th e
           citizens how to reduce their household waste stream, an d
                                                                                people with an aggressive door to door public educatio n
           educate the masses on the importance of reusing an d
                                                                                campaign . We have been handing out literature, articles an d
           recycling our resources, our taxes are being used to quel l
                                                                                recent studies which show that mass-burn incineration is the
           public opposition to a project which literally thousands o f
                                                                                problem and not the solution . Even the Wall Street Journal, i n
           citizens believe is unacceptable . This seems more like a
                                                                                a June 16 feature, seems to agree with us . By educating the
           dictatorship than a democracy . For the past 15 years ,
                                                                                citizens on the facts and exposing the horrible track recor d
           Onondaga County officials have concentrated their efforts o n
                                                                                of the incinerator industry, we hope to overthrow a
           promoting mass-burn incineration without researching othe r
                                                                                misguided political process . In order to accomplish thi s
           alternatives . More than 410 million has been spent o n
                                                                                aggresive agenda, we need support from the community . We
           consultants and various studies for the proposed incinerator,
                                                                                need people power as well as financial contributions to
           and yet, the county still does not have an effective plan fo r
                                                                                support a full-time staff person . Individuals wanting to mak e
           removal of toxics before burning, or for a comprehensive an d
                                                                                a donation of time or money can contact us at Recycle Firs t
           effective recycling program . Although the county is talking
                                                                                PO Box 115, Jamesville, NY 13078 475-1197 .

                                    titi~ti          t
                                              ti1ti tiiltiti~titi ti1ti11tiit
              COMMON PLACE LAND TRUS T                                                    A VIDEOTAPE IN FOU R
      1   Saturday,            August 2 0
                                                           noon t o
                                                                                         MOVEMENTS ABOUT ONE
      l                                                    noon nex t                      NICARAG~U/AN FARM
      l           Annual Summer Gathering
           Visit owner-built homes, workshops, swimming ,
                                                                                              JULIA LESAGE
      r    good food : corn, potatoes, soup : potluck brea d
           or salad, live music, square dance and fir e                                       60 minutes, curd-lase only : 3/4" — $125
           circle .              Should your future include Cocoo n                           VHS — $30 individuals, $60 institutions
               $3 to 5 donation. On Route 13, two miles         p lac e
               east of Truxton .                                                              JULIA LESAGE, 2620 N RICHMON D
      1        For more info call Paul 842-6858 or Sue 842-6515 'trust ?
                                                                                              CHICAGO, IL 60647.312f252-661 6

                 CROSS CREEK FARM NU SERY
                               shrubs, evergreen s
                                                                   —~ ann & chuck durand       rt 9 2
                                                                    - ust east of manlIus 682-669 4
                                                      tie ifettlsn#i/ w 4                                               or0     ~,wr%>rl1

                                                                                                                 8/88 Peace Newsletter 11
by Andrew Seltse r
   One of the most interesting parts of a recent trip to               After Judge Ginsburg's admission of past inhalations, Time
Washington D .C . for the annual NORML (Nationa l                     magazine wrote of a "parade of politicians confessing tha t
Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Law) Convention              they too had experimented with the evil weed. They al l
was telling people where i was going and watching thei r              insisted that this was youthful indiscretion that they deepl y
reactions . My favorite was a sudden loss of facial inflection        regretted, and they were all awarded little stars for courag e
as if in some distant dream a bubble burst releasing the suds y       and frankness . " Where are the truly courageous who will
cartoon-words: marijuana reform . It seems only yesterday tha t       admit that s/he enjoys smoking pot, and does not especiall y
is was just a matter of a few short years before marijuan a           regret it? I don ' t expect it from politicians, but what abou t
would be legalized, before your friends would stop bein g             the bakers, the professors, the musicians, the activists . . ?
thrown into prison cells like unlucky animals for smoking a           Marijuana activist Dana Beall dates the marijuana movemen t
weed, before police forces could concentrate on whateve r             back to NYC, 1967, Thompson Square Park, scene o f
they are ideally being paid to concentrate on, before yo u            inter-communal rioting between newly-settled hippies an d
could live without being watched by real or mythica l
narcotics agents ready to use archaic drug laws as an excus e
for the political handcuffs . . . but yesterday has a way of
slipping into decades, and twenty years after
Haight-Ashbury in a nation of 30 million pot-smokers, the
substance remains illegal (albeit undergoing various forms o f
decriminalization in choice spots), the smokers remai n
surveiled and jailed.
 The Peace Movement is big on rights, as it should be :
Women's Rights, Gay and Lesbian Rights, Minority
Rights, Animal Rights. . .but mention Pot-Smokers Rights
and you get that funny reaction : half-smile(you ' re                  Puerto Rican residents . The first smoke-in emerged, what
joking)/half-disapproval(not political enough) . Here ' s a few       Dana describes as " equally a political protest and an attempt
attempts to show that it IS political, and that is not a joke : 1 )   to bring peace. . .a wave of peace swept over the park as w e
consider all the people jailed or to be jailed by a vengeful          passed out the marijuana. . ." Until the mid-seventies th e
government for possession of a weed ; 2) Marijuana law s              intimacy between marijuana and the anti-war movemen t
prop up the tobacco monopoly ; 3) Noriega gave millions o f           remained. But now it seems the peace movement has turned
dollars to right wing extremist to organize the eradication o f       its back on the lonely leaf. They talk of justice and injustice,
domestic marijuana production so he (Noriega) could pum p             but refuse to see the connections between addict/slaves o n
this country full of coke with the help of 4) CIA/Contra drug         cheap cocaine, soaring IV-caused AIDS cases, repressiv e
connection, and all other examples of pharmapolitic s                 marijuana laws that legitimize the seizing of all possibl e
sponsored by US government and costing lives and freedo m             marijuana thus drying up the pot market making the drug of
for people around the world ; 5) Marijuana laws are mor e             availability (and therefore the drug of choice and use) cheap
harmful to society than the drug itself : there are no proven         crack and cocaine being brought up to the addict/slaves b y
adverse psychological or physical damage caused by shor t             Noriega/Bush/Contra/drug cartel which would have bee n
or long-term use, and the government is spending $10 billio n         exposed to the general public (via the Christic Institute Suit )
a year to keep this substance out of the hands of its citizens ,      except that the case was thrown out of court last month by a
while it could be collecting $50 billion in taxers to rebuild         federal judge appointed by Richard Nixon. (one of the 1 0
society . (Solar power plants aren't cheap, you know .) The           most censored newspaper articles in 1987 . )
history of drugs and politics is long ; the most obvious                   As in any political struggle, organization seems to help .
concern to the Peace Movement is the war, the war on drugs .          NORML is quickly transforming from an educationa l
How can a Peace and Justice Movement worth its weight in              organization to an active political organization . I encourag e
political correctitude ignore a war that is so drastically            all interested to contact them : NORML, 2001 S . Street, NW,
cutting into the national coffers, and so drastically cuttin g        Suite 640, Washington, D .C . 20009 (202) 483-5500.
into consitutional rights and personal freedom .

12 Peace Newsletter 8/88
                                                                   and other oil-producing countries, Iran included . Included in
                                                                   the evidence is a memo from NSA advisor Poindexter t o
                                                                   011ie North asking North to postpone his trip to Iran at the
 by Andrew Seltse r
                                                                   request of the VP.
  Here's a quick run-down of this years 10 most censore d
news stories as listed by Project Censored .                         6.  BIOWARFARE RESEARCH I N
                                                                   UNIVERSITY LABORATORIES : The governmen t
   1.   THE INFORMATION MONOPOLY :                           The
                                                                   has been disguising biological warfare research as food
media chose not to report on the findings of Ben Bagdikia n
                                                                   research in order to comply with the 1972 Biological and
that revealed half or more of the U .S media busines s
                                                                   Toxic Weapons Convention . Such research has bee n
controlled by 50 corporations in 1982 were, by Decembe r
                                                                   accelerating quietly in the shadow of Star Wars .
'86 controlled by 29, and by June '87 controlled by 26 .
Some Wall Street analysts are predicting that a mere si x             7. BIASED PRESS COVERAGE OF TH E
companies will control most U .S . media by the 1990's . "The      ARIAS PEACE PLAN : Eighty per cent of the article s
fact that General Electric (a major manufacturer of nuclea r       published during the first six weeks after the plan wa s
power and nuclear weapons technology) now owns NB C                signed (in seven major U .S . dailies) focused on Nicaragua,
wipes one network from covering the nuclear power issu e           covering even minor violations by Nicaragua while ignorin g
with any real objectivity . " (Project Censored director Carl      serious violations by other signing nations . Published
Jensen, professor, Sonoma State University, California . )         articles relied almost solely on administration, contra, and
                                                                   pro-contra sources and editors generally acknowledged the y
                                                                   allowed the Reagan administration to set the tone for Centra l
" Contra narcotics smuggling stretches from cocain e
                                                                   America "news" coverage .
plantations in Colombia, to dirt airstrips in Costa Rica, t o
pseudo-seafood companies in Miami, and finally to the drug          8. TOXIC WASTE DUMPING IN THIR D
ridden streets of our society ." The Christic Institute story      WORLD : A " shadow-industry " of firms ship U .S .
received spotty coverage at best .                                 generated toxic wastes abroad. A Philadelphia ship carrying
                                                                   600,000 tons of toxic ash from its municipal incinerator to
                                                                   Panama, where the ash would be used as landfill for roadbeds
                                                                   was stopped by the Panamanian government thanks to the
ACCIDENTS : A previously secret list of 250 nuclear
                                                                   article by the Center for Investigative Reporting .
accidents was published by German magazine DE R
SPIEGEL clearly showing that Three Mile Island an d                   9. TORTURE IN EL SALVADOR :                      A 165-page,
Chernobyl are not isolated incidents . One month after NBC ,       report on torture in the Mariona Prison was smuggled to an
owned by nuclear power plant manufacturer GE, ran a                interfaith task force in California . The report include d
broadcast praising France's nuclear power system, accident s       drawings of American observers participating in the tortur e
at two French nuclear facilities injured seven workers .           sessions .

   4.   REAGAN'S MANIA FOR SECRECY :                         The    10. SPACE SHUTTLE TO CARRY LETHA L
Justice Department worked hard to overturn a court ruling          PLUTONIUM : The shuttle scheduled after th e
that limited Nixon's ability to control the release of hi s        CHALLENGER explosion was to carry 46 .7 pounds o f
White House documents . A NATION editorial pointed out             plutonium . (One pound of plutonium evenly distributed could
that attempts to weaken the act could be used by Reagan to         induce lung cancer in every person on earth, according to Dr .
prevent public disclosure of information on the Iran-Contr a       Helen Caldicott.) The shuttle, Project Galileo, is still
scandal . Three other documents have been published tha t          scheduled to continue as planned--plutonium and all .
show the attempt to keep presidential papers secret is part
of a pervasive effort by the Reagan administration t o             Excerpted from the San Francisco Bay Guardian /Valle y
restrict public access to government info .                        Advocate Newspaper in Springfield, M A

Former oilman George Bush actively promoted the                     Project Censored is a brainchild of Carl Jensen, professo r

Iran-Contra drugs-for-arms deal, suggests an article fro m         of communications, Sonoma State University in California .
                                                                   For 12 years Jensen and his students has published lists o f
Pacific News Service . His goal was to stabilize falling oi l
                                                                   the top ten underreported stories in the media .
prices by developing a pricing agreement between the U .S .

                                                                                        8/88 Peace Newsletter 13

                                                                  INTERNATIONAL             VISITORS

                                                                   The Peace Council has been lucky to have ha d
                                                                  several international visitors in the past fe w
                                                                  months. In July, Sissel SA=BO and Befit Dah l
                                                                  Soltvedt from Norway visited the Peac e
                                                                  Council Berk is involved in a women's peac e
                                                                  group and Sissel lived in Syracuse for a year, 3 1
                                                                  years ago, on a high school exchange program .
                                                                  One of her teachers was Mildred Whitney, th e
                                                                  sister of Norman Whitney, who founded th e
                                                                  Peace Council in 1936 . They were very
                                                                  interested in activism and politics in Americ a
                                                                  and related some of their knowledge o f
                                                                  Norwegian politics . They left some beautiful
                                                                  handmade gifts (available in the Front Room) .
                                                                  In June, Fritz Noll, a West German writer an d
                                                                  his daughter-in-law local Syracusan Dian e
                                                    `             Stroh, visited us . He is working on a book
                                         .~ :       11tr,~   `
                                                                  about peace groups in W. German and America .
                                                                  Last April, Marty Rosenbluth, an American ,
                                                                  who works as a researcher for AL-HAQ in th e
                                                                  West Bank, visited during a break and spoke t o
                                                                  SPC    members about the Middle East .

       GOOD NEWS                                                                  Christina Plat t
                                                                                  hinancial (ionsultan t
                                                                                      jpcciali,ing i n
     HAMMER SONG . . .                                                       Socially ResponsihIc Investin g
     A new selection
     of country tinware ,                                                               Shearson Lehman Hutn m
     painted templates ,                                                                1500 Main Street
                                                                                        Springfield, \I .\ 0 111 5
     and cookie cutters ,
                                                                                        413-734-73I I
     has arrived!                                                                       8()0-332-9388 \I . A
                                                                                        MU()-628- t )II46 N :A"I°I .

       r WI '4            n    The Bear's Paw
         .     I                 THE CANAL BARN
                   MIN           Cedar Bay Rd., Fayetteville
                                        445-2055                      Do you support peace? Then . . .
           r          r           A non-profit shop                   support the Peace Council! Be a
           n //    ►► ~         featuring handmade quilts and         monthly pledger . 472-5478
       S                  w    unique crafts from `the heart of
                              Appalachia '                            for details .

                     Sumner Hours: Mon : Sat 10-5

                                                                                   8/88 Peace Newsletter 1 5

             SUN                                      MON TUES                                                                           WED THURS FRI                                                                                                            SAT
                                                                                                                              3                                                4                                   5                                      6      HIROSHIMA DAY
                                                                                           ? uclearFreezemtg .May                                                                Mary Bush BMary Demelridt              riffissPlowshare Group Gal a      Events nation wide,callSPC.
                                                                     '     o                                                                                                     reading atMySisters'Words ,                                472-5478. Locally, llam
                                                                                            Memona17 :30prnBeth 445-                                                                                                   Party SL Andrews Church Hall
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            WomensPeace Camp,
                                                                                             171 4                                                                                                                     7' r t
                    k     ~ ;,.;;..:.._; . .                 :: '•; ; ;:                                                                                                                                                                    FingerLakes .Call(716)243-
                   ~a".                                                                     Syracuse Green's mtgg 7pm                                                                                                                       4002
                                                                                       i    821 Euclid Ave Af SC 437-621 1                                                                                    EVERY FRI : Gay Mens Support Saints Day Festival, St. Elias
                                                                           si   >d ~        Syr. Real Food Co--opCouncil                                                                                      Group, Metropolitan Comm. -  Orthodox Church, Onon . Hill
                           ~            kt
                                       :•.,                                ~~ ~,
                                                                               ®            mtg . 7pm 348 Roosevelt Ave.                                                         EVERY THURS : Central        Church at Grace Episcopa l    12-9prpArabic tood,music ,
                                               .o .                                         Brent479-5393                                                                        America V il7 :30am.Fed .bld 7: m471-6618                 dance, free 469-588 1

      7                                        8                                           9                                  1 0                                               1 1                           12                           1 3 World Peace Tour 1st
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Gathering Houston, Tx.
                                                Disabled inAd'anrtng .7pm ,                 People br Animal Rhts Mg .                                                                                                                             713-926-2303
                                                                                            (PA .R .)7pmJane478-8521 o r Movem~en P v7rnpnm
                                                                                                                                      rrtg :3oP                                  EVERYTHURS :Women's
                                                E .C .O.H . 446 -6602                                                                                                                                                                      Urban League Family Day ,
                                                                                            Linda475-0062                 ElmcrestChildren's CtrYWC A                            Into.Lesbian Hotline 7-9pm,                                1 30 630pn1horndenPark,
                                                                                                                          Dr . Richard Waldman discus s                                                                                  - mus ic,B/P clinic, voter reg . ,
                                                                                                                          Vaginal Birth After Cesarea n                                                                                    AIDS into. 474-575 1
                                                                                                                          7pm471-6399                                                                                                      (Aug . 14th rain day )
                                                                                                                          C NY N .O.W . mtg . 7pm Marine                         EVERY THURS:SPCVoluntee r Lesbian Support Grp .7p m       Working T:getherAgainst
                                                EVERY MON : ARISE Men' s                                                  Midland Bank Rm.360S .                                 Night, 7-9pm, Lots of fun,   Potluck 6-7pm Women'slnfo .   Racism 9-5 203 Beech St. Bring
                                                Group, 2-3 :30pm, 472-3171                                                Warren St .                                            472-5478 for info.           601 Alien St .               t,,,h ~A ~;r p

      14                                       15                                                Greater Syracuse N .O.W.
                                                                                           1 6 mtg . 8pm May Memoria l 1 7                                                     18                                  1    9                                 20
                                                                                                 446 2229                 Saveth                 efit                            Jackie Warr en Moore,Rachael          Aug. 19-23 Peace Brigades           Annual Summer Gathering ,
      EVERYSUN :Metropolltan                                                                                                                                                     GuidodeVriesreadin at M y
                                                                                                                                                                                                       g               International conference and
      Community Church Worsh•                                           g
                                                Middle East Network mmt1g                   Sanduaryrag . Mal, memorial   9 ;4m, Orange Gro Grove4bands                                                                                                    Common Land Trust.Truxton,
                                                                                                                                                                                 Sisters' Words . 7p m                 volunteer training . Albany 518-
      service . 6pm,Grace Episcopal             7:30pm124MdrewsRd .445 -                    Church 7:30pm 471-467 2       $263-5014                                                                                                                        NY472-5478
                                                                                                                                                                                 National Council of Negr o            436-7492
      Church,471-6618                           0875                                        SyracuseGreen's mtg . 7pm
                                                                                            821 Euclid Ave AFSC 437-621 1 N.AA.C.P .mtg . 7 :3Cpm                                Women 7pm, Dunbar Cante r                                                EVERY SAT. Lesbian & Ga y
                                                                                                                                                                                 Urban League Adolescen t                                                 Youth mtgs . 1-5pmECOH
                                                                                                                          100 New St. 470-330 0                                                                        New Jewish Agenda mtg .
                                                                                            Syr. Real Food Co-op Counci l                                                        Vocational Educ. Program
                                                                                            mtg . 7pm 348 Roosevelt Ave.   ARISE Head Injury Support                             Graduation 7pmforntoreinfo.           6:30pm Potlusupper, :30p m         Moving? Please save us 30 e
                                                                                                                           Grp. 4pm472-3171                                      474-5751                              meeting info. Brent 479-5393       and let us know beforehand .
      21                                       22                                          23                                  24                                               25         PNL    Moro     Party   26                                     27
                                                                                                                                                                                 Join the party ... 7-8 pm at          EVERY FRL Country Dancing          Benefifog Downtown
                                                                                            EVERY TUES. Yoga Class 7-                                                            SPC472-5478torInfo.                   8-10pn,Grace Episcopal             EmergencyAssistance
                                                                                            B OprnWomensInfo$3801                                                                                                                                         7 30pmECOw              and
                                                                                            AllenSt.478 4636                                                                     ShawneSteiger. WMdy                   Church S3
      EVERY SUN : FriendsdMental                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                ~
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          theater info. Brian 424 -2552
      Patients Alliance, 3pm 735                                                                                                                                                 & Shelly Raft arty reading
      S.Beech St.                                                                                                                                                                Sisters' Words 7pm                                                        ThaG gien 2  March
                                                                                            People forAnimal Rights mtg .         M groups listed change regular                                                       EVERY FRI: ARISE Women,s            Washinngton 25th Anniversar y
                                                                                            (PA .R.) 7pmJane478-8521 or           mtg . times or places, please let              Death P         ty   7 n000           Support Grp. 10-1130,               Info . 202. 484-2860
                                                                                            Unda475-0062                          us know.

      28                                       29                                          30                                  31

                                               EVERY MOH' v" Disabllr   y                   EVERY TUES. Women's Into                                                                                                                                                                       U        w
                                               Support Group ARISE 501 E .                                                                                                                                                                                                                          cc
                                                                                            expanded, info and referral                                  «                                                                                                                                 z
                                               Fayette St. loam                             phone hours 6-8pm                                    ~ •,'~• ~• ~             kc• :" .~:
                                                                                                                                : :x,.?n;::::::<::x•: :,r::::•:.~ .~`~::%:? :x..;;_~?S ;~:.~:n                                                                                             •        z
                                                                                                                             :::a:•::}::Six:.                                                                                                                                                       0
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           w        o

                                  Hiroshima/Naga                                                                                                                                                                            Watch for next month's PN L


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              60 ¢

                     Columbus Circle 12 noon August                                                                                                                                                                                   Specia l                                             a» N. 0
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           w a :ui O
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           (n    I fn

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Prison Issue
                                                                                                                                                        4         AC}: :
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           • c CO
                      Parade heori s at Pl .k,vnouth Church                                                                                =                     F;
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           cc ,t c`
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  dN 0
                          tcov-_ c ° Events Nationwide                                                Call                                                                                                                                                                                 U)U) . . Q

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