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									                                  Regional Conference
              Through Cooperation towards Integration
                              Przno, 08 – 10th October

Civil society and its role in the process of EU

        European integration Office
     Government of Republic of Serbia

      Serbian EU Communication Strategy

• Address the need to bring the EU Stabilization and
  Association Process (SAP) closer to the citizens of
• To explain the significance and necessity of reforms
  implemented within this process
• To ensure that the citizens are timely and objectively
  informed on SAP and reforms induced by this
• To enable prompt and accurate flow of information
  on overall governmental efforts and achievements in
  EU integration process toward EU member states

             MAIN MESSAGE -
   Communication Strategy

• Provide a reliable, easily accessible
  and understandable information
• To raise the level and quality of
  public debate/discussion on EU
• Ensuring citizens support

EU Communication Strategy
     – basic elements

4 standard elements:
• Development and
  implementation of
  communication strategy,
• Public opinion polls (twice a
• Strong cooperation with the
• Strong cooperation with civil

            Expected results

• Informing active participants in the SAP and motivate
  and encourage them to take their role and recognize
  their obligations in a responsible and constructive way
• Form a positive opinion of Serbian citizens on the EU
  association process through better understanding of
  the process and the accompanying reforms
• To reach greater social consensus and more effective
  contribution to EU integration process from all
  segments of Serbian society
• Form a positive opinion of the EU citizens and EU
  officials on Serbian efforts and achievements in the
  EU integration process

              Target groups

The key actors in the process and impact groups:
• Media
• Political actors
• Civil servants
• Local authorities officials
• Academic institutions
• Business community
• Students and youth

    Cooperation with civil sector

• Memorandum of cooperation with NGO’s in the
  European integration process, signed on July 12th
    Purpose: institutionalization of cooperation
    between the Office and NGO’s in the process of
    our country’s European integration, promotion of
    activities and coordination, as well as cooperation
    aimed at regular and objective citizens’
    information about the European integration
    process (68 partner NGO’s until now - from all
    parts of Serbia)
• Memorandum of cooperation with Serbian
  Chamber of Commerce, signed in 2004
• Memorandum of cooperation with Universities in
  the European integration process, signed in
  October 2006
          Cooperation with civil sector
• Regular contacts and exchange of information
• Joint projects and activities (mostly trainings and
• Facilitation of contacts between the NGO’s and potential
• Joint organization of the Europe Day and other EU
  related information campaings
• Regular meetings organized by the SEIO (exchange of
  information on the process of EU integration,
  consultations and preparations of new projects and
• Recommendation of partner NGOs projects to the
• Representatives of SEIO are often lecturers at NGO
  trainings dedicated to the EU
• Joint organization of conferences and round tables
   Cooperation with the media

• Everyday communication with the media
• Media trainings (priority is given to local media)
• Media campaign - “Did you know?” (daily
• Competition for best media report on European
  integrations (together with the EC Delgation in
• Press corner on SEIO website
• Evronet (daily TV show on EU integration
  issues, broadcast on national TV in 2006
  supported by our Office )

              Key challenges

• To keep the public aware, not to raise false
• Media attention is not driven by the EU integration
  issues (the topic is not very interesting for the
• Proper articulation of civil society initiatives into
  relevant project proposals
• Financial support
• Systematic cooperation of all relevant stakeholders
• Responsibility of politicians
• Involving the business sector


        Government of Serbia
        European Integration Office
        Nemanjina 34/V, 11000 Belgrade,

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