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									clean air Technologies                      Track b                                                                                                                          clean air Technologies                                        Track b
                             b1 integration or stand alone monitoring Technologies to meet the industrial boiler macT.
          b1. cems           Ken Greaves, National Sales Manager, Cemtek Environmental                                        b6 dust collectors as part of your energy savings                                                         b6. parTiculaTe
          1pm - 3pm          b1 particulate cem for wet Fgd plant                                                             Tom Anderson, V.P. Pleated Products, Midwesco Filter Resources, Inc.
                                                                                                                              b6 insights from a biomass boiler emission control study                                                           maTTer
                             William Averdieck, Managing Director, PCME Ltd
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        3:30 pm - 5:30pm

                             b1 re-designing your cems program for carbon Trading                                             John Hinckley, Senior Consultant, Resource Systems Group, Inc

                             Russell Berry, Project Manager, RMB Consulting & Research, Inc.                                  B6 Performance Specification 11: The Future of Particulate Emission Monitoring
                             b1 continuous emissions monitoring systems (cems) for hydrogen chloride (hcl) gas                Natalie Hornsby, Report Coordinator, Weston Solutions, Inc.
                             measurements in coal Fired utility plant stack emissions                                         b6 a Quantitative aerosol generator for the calibration and auditing of pm cems
                             Gary Cacciatore, Manager, Tyco Environmental Systems                                             Krag Petterson, Director of Technology, Cooper Environmental Services, LLC
          Sponsored by:      b1 Tips for successful integration of your cems from a consultant’s perspective                  b6 hybrid pm cems development update
                             Brian Petermann, Manager, Air Quality Compliance Services, Sega, Inc.                            Kevin Goohs, R&D Manager, Product Development, Thermo Fisher Scientific
                             B1 The NEW Protocol Gas Verification Program: Gases and Stack Testers
                             Robert Davis, Director of Utilities, Airgas Inc

          b2. polluTanT      b2 sorbent Trap Testing for compliance                                                           b7 controlling carbonate buildup in pneumatic hydrate injection systems                                       b7. advanced
                             Wendell Watson, Senior Environmental Professional, Dynegy Midwest Generation, Inc.               Marty Dillon, Project Manager, ADA Environmental Solutions
          measuremenT        b2 development of a Trace metal (element) sorbent Trap sampling method                           b7 gas-phase brominated pac for esp performance improvement                                                        conTrol
                             Nicholas Lentz, Research Scientist, Energy & Environmental Research Center of University of      Ron Landreth, Technical Business Development Mgr, Albemarle Sorbent Technologies
          3:30pm - 5:30pm                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Technologies

                             North Dakota                                                                                     B7 The Benefit of Re-Calcination for regenerated catalyst longevity
                             b2 evaluation of the variability of cmms at low mercury levels                                   Mark Ehrnschwender, Director of Business Development and Plant Services, Evonik Energy                    7:30 am - 9:30am
                             Dennis Laudal, Senior Research Advisor , Energy & Environmental Research Center University of    b7 midwest utility and evonik energy services successfully perform full scale mercury capture
                             North Dakota                                                                                     Philip Elliott, Project Manager, Evonik Energy Services LLC
                             b2 in situ nox for ammonia injection grid control improvements                                   b7 The use of polypropylene and concrete in Flue gas scurbbers
                             Peter DeBarber, Director, HORIBA Instruments, Inc.                                               Geza Zirczy, Business Development Manager, Koch Knight LLC
                             b2 mercury monitoring per new ps 12a with portable analyzer.                                     b7 neustreamTm ultra-compact, advanced gas-liquid contactors for multi-pollutant control
                             Joseph Siperstein, President, Ohio Lumex                                                         Eric Klein, Director of Chemical and Process Engineering , Neumann Systems Group                                  Sponsored by:
                             b2 so3 cems in power plants                                                                      b7 oxigen enrichment in combustion of Toxic Waste Water
                             Dan Kietzer, Environmental Market Manager, SICK Process Automation                               Bernhard Vosteen, President, Vosteen Consulting GmbH
                             b2 amesa m - sorbent Trap monitoring system                                                      b7 realtime so3 mesurements
                             Rich Brown, Product Manager, Altech Environment U.S.A.                                           Jeff Socha, Product Development Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific

          b3. moniToring &   b3 Filter diagnostics for reducing opacity                                                       b8 Fgd performance improvement at milton r. young station unit 2                                              b8. conTrol
                             Robert Baxter, President, B3 Systems, Inc.                                                       Katie Bland, Environmental Engineer, Burns & McDonnell
          reporTing          b3 navigating the environmental maze with integrated emissions management                        b8 emissions equipment improvements (sncr)                                                            Technology analysis
                             David Ruger, Manager, Regulatory Compliance, Honeywell, Inc.

          7:30am - 9:30am                                                                                                     Jeff Williams, Manager, Emerson                                                                               10am - 12pm

                             b3 is your cems data acquisition and handling system (dahs) calculating emissions correctly?     b8 demonsTraTed commercial operaTion oF The noXouT ulTra urea To ammonia
                             Eddie Al-Rayes, Managing Consultant, Trinity Consultants                                         conversion process For a scr
                             b3 high-speed and high-volume data management for emissions and environmental monitoring         Dale Pfaff, Regional Sales Manager Midwest, Fuel Tech, Inc
                             Krishna Gorrepati, Head of Solution Marketing, TechniData                                        b8 sorbacal sp - a low cost solution for effedtive hcl control
                             b3 improvements in ambient air Quality, pollutant deposition, and cloud Water pollution in the   Jim Dickerman, Director - FGT Applications, Lhoist North America
                             great smoky mountains national park                                                              b8 making limestone slurry for Fgd
          Sponsored by:      Thomas Lavery, Senior Program Manager, Kleinfelder                                               Charles Alack, President, Semi-Bulk Systems, Inc.
                                                                                                                              b8 a holistic approach to so3 control
                                                                                                                              Bill Betke, Director Business Development, Coalogix, Inc.

          b4. emission       b4 update on pm2.5 and condensable particulate matter emissions measurement methods              b9 background ammonia in the West: its role in the Formation of visibility-impairing nitrate                 b9. modeling
                             Larry Hottenstein, Partner, Environmental Resources Management                                   Ivar Tombach, Consultant,
          TesTing &          b4 so3 spiking with controlled condensation                                                      b9 barT controls for nox emissions: calpuFF sensitivity to ammonia background                                   1pm - 3pm

                                                                                                                              Robert Paine, Technical Director, AECOM

                             Daniel Roesler, Project Engineer, Clean Air Engineering, Inc.
                             b4 real Time so-3 monitoring, short history, new developments and applications                   b9 The Joint air Toxics assessment project - a successful multi-jurisdictional air quality research
          10am - 12pm        Mark Pastore, Vice President, Clean Coal Solutions, Environmental Energy Services, Inc.          Patricia Mariella, Director, Am Indian Policy Institute, Arizona State University
                             b4 demonstrating compliance with single-digit voc limits                                         b9 Wind Tunnel modeling solutions for the new so2 and no2 naaQs
                                                                                                                              Ron Petersen, Vice President, CPP, Inc.
                             Mannie Carpenter, Senior Engineer, JBR Environmental Consultants, Inc.                           b9 managing risk: issues, implications, and strategies to comply with the new, revised naaQs
                             B4 Measuring Mercury Speciation In Combusion Fluegas Using Modified US EPA 30B                   Robert McCann, Principal & Director of Air Resources, Golder Associates Inc.
                             Robert Brunette, Senior Manager, Scientist, Frontier Geosciences Inc.                            b9 new usepa air Quality standards and power generating station emissions
                             b4 emissions monitoring of Thc, voc, hcl, and other haps by FTir                                 Heidi Rous, Director Of Air Quality, Climate Change And Acoustics, Pcr Services Corporation
                             Sylvie Bosch-Charpenay, Senior Applications Scientist, MKS Instruments                           b9 an empirical method for modeling short-Term and annual no2 concentrations in regulatory
                                                                                                                              Joseph Scire, Vice President, TRC

          b5. opaciTy,       b5 subpart ooo at power plants
                             Curtis Donatelli, Eastern Regional Manager, Compliance Assurance Associates
          visibiliTy         b5 visible emission evaluation -- coming into the digital age
          1pm - 3pm          Arthur Eberle, CEO/President, Compliance Assurance Associates, Inc
                             b5 digital visible emission measurement

                             Shawn Dolan, President, Virtual Technology LLC
                             b5 directional air pollutant sampling
                             Gavin Smith, Director, Lancaster University Business Enterprises Ltd
                             b5 asTm d7520-09 and it’s relationship to epa method 9
                             Steven Rasmussen, Air Quality Program Manager, Hill Air Force Base

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