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Do you enjoy the fast pace of the events industry and do you want to be part of a rewarding and dynamic team
environment? Then this role might be for you. We are looking for enthusiastic Audio Visual Technicians for our venues
across Australia. In this role you will be responsible for the efficient delivery, installation, operation and removal of
audiovisual and event staging equipment required to run shows at all levels.

KEY RESPONSIBILITIES                                                   ESSENTIAL CRITERIA TO BE SUCCESSFUL
                                                                       IN THIS POSITION
    •   Delivery, operation and removal of audiovisual
        equipment from show locations                                       •   Demonstrated competency in operating audio visual
    •   Liaise with clients, crew, freelancers and venue staff                  equipment
        in a professional manner and operate independently                  •   Highly developed customer service skills
        under show conditions
    •   Apply working knowledge of all equipment, its                       •   Ability to work under pressure
        application, cabling requirements and identify likely               •   Maturity to deal with people at all levels of the
        problem areas                                                           organisation
    •   Visually identify and assemble all equipment to the
                                                                            •   Excellent oral and written communication skills
        correct specification as per Level 1 competencies
    •   Demonstrate competency in the operation of the                      •   Flexible to work after hours (when necessary)
        following equipment,
                                                                            •   Maintain confidentiality at all times
    •   Install and pack down equipment in a safe manner
                                                                            •   Excellent grooming and presentation
    •   Test and check installed equipment including
        aligning, tuning and troubleshooting

                              If this sounds like you, please send your resume and a covering letter to:

                                      NSW: Matt Kirby on

                                   QLD: Chris Hodgen on

                                        ACT: Tim Daly on

                                VIC: Joanne Parkinson on

                                     SA: Chris Hutton on

                                         WA: Rob Lizzi on

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