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									                                                                                               SERVICE DESCRIPTION

  Backup Infrastructure - Strategy Workshop

                                                                 Delivering Data Backup, Archiving and Compliance Infrastructure Solutions

  Workshop Deliverables:                              A bespoke workshop that delivers a technology analysis and high-level
   • Workshop preparation process
      • Pre-reading
                                                      tape backup infrastructure strategy for your organisation.
      • Existing infrastructure analysis
      • Business drivers                              The workshop is a consultancy-led engagement that will enable your IT
   • On-site (or off-site) workshop                   decision makers to investigate the backup options available, determine the
   • Market & solution update                         most appropriate solution and deliver an independent, comprehensive
   • High-level design                                technology strategy document based on your specific requirements.
   • Backup infrastructure strategy
      • Full documentation
      • Detailed presentation                          Strategy Workshop                                 Benefit From:
                                                       The workshop is a full-day event facilitated by   • Understanding the tape storage
      • Investment summary                             our experienced consultants and attended by          technology landscape.
                                                       all appropriate stakeholders in your business.    • Developing a long term business and
                                                       To ensure minimum disruption and gain                technical strategy.
  Benefits:                                            maximum benefit we recommend that the             • Learning how to adopt the latest in ‘green’
   • Understand the current market                     workshop is conducted offsite. CorpTech can          technology.
      • Products & technologies                        arrange suitable venues.                          • Confidence that the solution matches
                                                       As each of these workshops is a bespoke              specific requirements.
      • Best practice                                  event, the agenda can be moulded to suit
      • Industry trends                                                                                  • Maximising ROI from tape storage
                                                       specific client needs – in general however the       investments.
   • Help drive “green” initiatives through            following areas are discussed in detail and
                                                                                                         • A full understanding of the total cost of
      infrastructure simplification                    delivered as part of the strategy report:
                                                                                                            running the backup infrastructure for a 2
   • Develop long-term strategy                                                                             to 3 year period.
      • Match business requirement                     •   Technology Overview – Overview of the
                                                                                                         • Engagement with expert tape storage
                                                           current technology landscape, industry
      • Effective data lifecycle                           trends and vendor roadmaps.
          management                                                                                     • A fully costed design overview.
                                                       •   Business Drivers – Analyse and prioritise
      • Integration & functionality                                                                      • The assurance of a manufacturer-
                                                           the key business drivers.
                                                                                                            endorsed design.
      • Improved budgeting                             •   Technical Preferences – Understand
      • Reduce unwanted spend                              current implementation, integration
                                                           issues, upgrade options plus potential
      • Understand & improve TCO
                                                           future technologies and likely impact.
      • Mitigate business/operational risk             •   Strategy Analysis – How to meet and
      • Maximise ROI                                       exceed current (and future) requirements.
   • Elicit key business drivers                       •   Solution Overview – Agree the high level
   • Design ratified by manufacturers                      elements of the solution design.
                                                       •   Budget – Understand current costs and
                                                           discuss methods to maximise return on
                                                           future investments.                           The Strategy Report
                                                                                                         Within two weeks of the strategy workshop a
                                                                                                         comprehensive report will be presented to the
                                                       Client Preparation:                               client stakeholder team.
                                                       In order to maximise the benefits of this
                                                       engagement, information to support the points     The report contains a summary of all the
                                                       below should be prepared or made available        information gathered in the workshop and
                                                       prior to the workshop.                            recommendations for the backup
                                                       • Business requirements:                          infrastructure solution design, integration,
                                                               - Regulatory compliance                   implementation, resourcing and support.
                                                               - Service levels
                                                               - RPO/RTO targets                         This detailed report acts as a key supporting
  ABOUT CORPTECH                                                                                         document for an internal business case and
                                                               - Cross charge model
                                                               - Data security policies                  delivers all critical information required to
  Corporate Technology Information Solutions                                                             execute on the chosen backup storage
  (CorpTech) provides infrastructure solutions                 - DR and availability
                                                               - Data retention policies                 strategy.
  to help organisations meet their data backup,
  archive and storage compliance obligations.          • Technical requirements:
                                                               - Existing infrastructure                 The report is delivered in writing and presented
                                                               - Data classification                     in person at a follow-up meeting. Each
  CorpTech is a highly experienced and                                                                   delegate attending the workshop will not only
  specialist company providing selection,                      - Encryption
                                                               - Technical resources                     receive a full copy of the report and supporting
  design, implementation and support services                                                            documentation but will also have the
  for disk, physical and virtual tape library                  - Data growth projections
                                                                                                         opportunity to review the solution in detail with
  storage infrastructures in an enterprise             • Data centre information:
                                                                                                         our consultants and the manufacturer if
  environment.                                                 - Locations
                                                               - Environmentals
  Call us on 01372 365071 for more                             - Capacity

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