Workplace Safety Policy

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									This is a document that establishes a company’s workplace safety policy. This policy is
important because it can help minimize workplace accidents and can help limit the
company’s liability. This policy covers inspections and searches on company property,
visitor guidelines, security measures, health and safety concerns, and personal property
guidelines. This document can be used by small businesses or other entities that want
to provide their employees with a safe workplace and limit their potential liability.
                           WORKPLACE SAFETY POLICY

       _______________ [Instructions: insert name of company setting forth policy]
(“Company”) believes that maintaining a workplace free of illegal drugs, alcohol, weapons,
explosives and other harmful or unauthorized materials as determined by Company (collectively,
“Prohibited Materials”) is vital to the health and safety of its employees and to the success of
Company’s business. Company intends to protect against the unauthorized use and removal of
Company property, including but not limited to Company equipment, information, records,
documents and files as well as other employees’ property (collectively, “Company Property”)
without consent.

        Company reserves the right to conduct an inspection or search for Prohibited Materials
on Company premises, at any time, with or without the employee’s presence. Routine searches
for Prohibited Materials and Company Property may include an employee’s person, office, desk,
work area, file cabinet, closet, computer files, locker, briefcase, purse, vehicle, or similar places
where employees may store Prohibited Materials or Company Property, whether or not the
places are locked or protected by access codes and/or passwords. Should you have a
combination lock, password or access code for any property on Company premises (including
personal property that you bring to work), please promptly disclose the combination or password
to the Human Resources Department.

        In cases involving an inspection or search of an employee’s pockets, purse, briefcase or
other item of personal property that is being worn or carried by the employee, the employee will
be requested to conduct a self-search (i.e., by turning out or emptying pockets, purses, etc.) in the
presence of an observer who will be a person of the same gender. Because even a routine search
for Prohibited Materials or Company Property might result in the exposure of an employee’s
personal possessions, all employees are encouraged to refrain from bringing into the workplace
any item of personal property that they do not wish to show to Company. Employees should be
aware that the workplace is any area used to conduct work by Company, including the parking


        Company discourages visitors other than those individuals with whom it has business
relationships. Most importantly, we request that you do not bring personal visitors into your
respective work area.


       Company is committed to making the work site as secure as possible for all of its
employees. Company takes all threats and all acts of violence very seriously. However,
employees are responsible for safeguarding valuable Company property and confidential
documents as well as their own personal belongings by keeping them secured and locked if
        Company is committed to providing a workplace that is free from acts of violence or
threats of violence. In keeping with this commitment, Company has established a policy that
provides “zero tolerance” for actual or threatened violence against co-workers, visitors, or any
other persons who are either on Company’s premises or have contact with employees in the
course of their duties. Any threat or act of violence made involving any person or property by
any person should be taken seriously and should be immediately reported to the Human
Resources Department.


         It is the policy of Company to provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment
for all its employees. With this in mind, all employees are expected to comply with all safety
rules and regulations in order to maintain a safe work area.

        Any unsafe conditions should be reported immediately to your supervisor or the Human
Resources Department. Safety is of prime concern in Company’s day-to-day operation. Proper
attire should be considered of the utmost importance if your job brings you into a warehouse
operation. Sneakers or open-toed footwear are not adequate protection in areas where heavy
objects are being handled and may fall on an employee's foot. When motorized equipment is in
use, please observe caution when you are in the area of operation. For those employees working
in the service or warehouse area, care should be taken to keep your areas free of empty cartons,
packing materials, and other debris. All debris, broken cartons, and packing material should be
kept in proper containers for disposal. You are expected to conduct yourself in a safe manner
and observe any and all safety rules posted.

[Comment: user should edit this agreement to fit the specific situation of Company]

        It is up to each employee to assist Company in maintaining a clean and safe workplace
and to keep his/her work area neat and clean as well as free of any safety hazards (e.g., extension
cords, office space heaters, boxes, open file cabinets, etc.). All employees are expected to
perform their work in a safe manner.

       Any accident, no matter how slight, must be reported to the Human Resources
Department immediately. In addition, all employees are encouraged to report immediately any
unsafe or hazardous condition to the Human Resources Department or your supervisor.

       If you are in need of a first aid kit, Company medical kits are available for your use. It is
your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the location of the first aid kit, fire extinguisher,
and emergency exit nearest your work station.


       All employees are expected to keep their work areas clean and organized. Common areas
such as lunchrooms, locker rooms, and rest rooms should be kept clean by those using them.
Please clean up after meals and dispose of any trash properly.

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        Company will not assume any responsibility for personal property brought by employees
to Company premises. Therefore, all employees are encouraged to take adequate precautions
and exercise their best judgment before bringing personal property to Company premises.
Company does not provide reimbursement for theft or damage of personal items or money stolen
either in the work place or in the parking lot. Unfortunately, theft occurs almost everywhere
these days. Please remember to keep valuables locked in a secure place.


        Company offers a non-smoking environment for its employees. In order to reduce
others’ exposure to second-hand smoke, smoking is prohibited inside the work place and is not
permitted in any administrative office or in enclosed areas where employees gather (including all
restrooms). Smoking is prohibited outside within twenty (20) feet of the entrance to any
Company facility.


        Drug and alcohol use is highly detrimental to the work place and to the efficiency, safety
and productivity that Company wishes to promote. The use, possession, distribution, or sale of
drugs or alcohol, or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, is strictly prohibited while on
duty, while on Company's premises, or while operating a vehicle owned or leased by Company.
Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol is also forbidden if an employee is operating a
personal vehicle while conducting Company business. Violation of this policy will result in
disciplinary action, possibly including termination.

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