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									This Sanitation Services Agreement establishes the relationship between a sanitation
services company and its client. This Agreement can be customized to ensure that the
understandings of the parties are properly set forth. Customizable clauses include: the
description of the sanitation services, location of services, frequency of service,
insurance details, quality control measures, excluded supplies, and indemnification.
This Agreement can be used by individuals or small businesses that want to enter into
an agreement for sanitation services to be rendered at a particular location.
                                 Sanitation Services Agreement

This AGREEMENT made on _______________ [Instructions: insert date], between
____________________ [Instructions: insert name of person or entity that is performing
the maintenance and repair services] (the "Contractor"), with its principal place of business at
____________________ [Instructions: insert address], and ____________________
[Instructions: insert name of owner] of ____________________ [Instructions: insert
residence or location of business] ("Owner").

                                    I. General Requirements

1. Contractor is to furnish high-quality sanitation services for ______________ [Instruction:
    insert location receiving service] (“Location”), outlined in the attached Schedule "A", in a
    professional and consistent manner.
2. Contractor will provide trained labor and supervision as described in the following pages.
3. All labor and supervision will be employees of the Contractor and Contractor will pay all
    salaries, wages, expenses, and related federal taxes, social security taxes, state and local
    taxes, unemployment taxes, and other similar taxes which apply to such Contractors.
4. The Location shall be serviced ____ [Instruction: insert number] days per week according
    to a schedule established between the Contractor and Owner. In the event the Location
    would not require maintenance services on a specific day, a credit amount shall be calculated
    on a daily basis and deducted from the monthly billing.
5. Contractor shall at all times during the term of this agreement, obtain and maintain in effect
    the following insurance:______________________ [Instruction: insert required
    insurance, if applicable] [Comment: this is not provided for by law, but should reflect
    the agreement of the parties]
6. Contractor shall comply with all applicable laws and rules of federal, state and local
7. The Contractor shall use no products, supplies or Location that will result in damage or
    injury to the Location to which they are applied. The Contractor shall be liable for restoring,
    repairing or replacing any Location or surfaces so damaged.
8. No experimentation with products or supplies shall be performed on the Location without
    prior written approval of Owner.
9. A list of products and supplies to be used shall be furnished to the Owner prior to Contractor
10. _____________________________________ [Instruction: set forth any additional
    general requirements]
                                II.     Supervision and Quality Control

1. Contractor is solely responsible for supervising the sanitation services and ensuring quality
2. Prior to performing any sanitation services, Contractor's employees will be adequately
   trained at Contractor's expense.
3. _____________________________________ [Instruction: insert any additional quality
   control                                                                           measures]

                                      III.    Supplies and Equipment

1. Contractor shall supply all equipment necessary to perform the services set forth in this
   agreement. Equipment excluded is: _______________ [Instruction: insert any excluded
   supplies]. This equipment will be supplied by the Owner. Location shall be continually
   serviced to maintain its efficiency and appearance. This Location shall include, but not be
   limited to, _______________ [Instruction: insert any Location].
2. The Owner reserves the right to require Contractor to change products used, if in the Owner’s
   opinion the products used do not achieve quality results.
3. _____________________________________ [Instruction: set forth any additional terms
   related to supplies and Location].

                                             IV.   Indemnification

1. In addition to the liability imposed by law upon Contractor due to other damage to property
   or personal injury (including death) arising from its assumption of operations under this
   Agreement, Contractor hereby agrees to defend, indemnify and save the Owner, its agents,
   officers and directors harmless against any and all loss, damage, liability, claims, demands or
   costs (including attorney fees) resulting from injury or harm to persons or property
   (including, without limitation, Contractor's Contractors or property), excepting only such
   injury or harm as may have been caused solely by the willful misconduct or gross negligence
   of the Owner or its agents, officers, directors or employees. Contractor's activities shall be
   deemed to include those of subcontractors.
2. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the defense and indemnify provisions of this
   section include:
           A. Claims due to the use, misuse or failure of any vehicle even though such vehicle
               may be rented, loaned or furnished to Contractor by the Owner. This includes
               claims for damage to the Owner's property.
           B. _____________________________________ [Instruction: set forth any
               additional areas for indemnification].

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                                          V.    Assignment

1. The Owner shall have the right to assign this Agreement to any successor, or to any
   associated or affiliated entity of the Owner without securing the consent of the Contractor,
   and may grant to such assignee the same rights and privileges it enjoys pursuant to this
2. The Contractor shall not assign or otherwise transfer its rights or obligations under this
   Agreement without the prior written consent of the Owner. Consent will not be unreasonably
   withheld. Any attempted assignment not consented to in the manner as prescribed herein
   shall, at the option of the Owner, be null and void.

                                   VI.     Audit and Payments

1. The contractor will invoice the Owner on a monthly basis and will mail or deliver the
   summary to the Owner at its offices. The invoices will provide for payment to Contractor
   within ____ [thirty (30)] days.

[Comment: user can edit the payment plan to reflect the agreement of the parties]

                                         VII.   Cancellation

1. This agreement shall become effective and shall continue in full force and effect as of the date
    on which the Contractor commences its duties hereunder for a period of ____ [ninety (90)]
    [Comment: This number is not provided for by law, but can be any number the user
    chooses] days. After that period, it will be on a month-to-month basis. Either party may
    cancel this agreement after the initial ____ [ninety (90)] day period by giving ____ [thirty
    (30)] days written once to the other. In addition, the Owner reserves the right to terminate
    immediately due to the following situations.

        A. Upon notification that Contractor has filed a voluntary petition in bankruptcy or is
           seeking similar relief in another forum, that Contractor is the debtor identified in an
           involuntary petition in bankruptcy, or if the Owner has reasonable grounds to believe
           that Contractor is insolvent and has committed an act of bankruptcy.
        B. Should any actions by the Contractor or the Contractor's personnel disrupt in any
           manner the Owner's ability to conduct business.
        C. Any claim for future damages against the Owner for failing to fulfill the terms of this
           Agreement or to give the prescribed amount of notice to terminate shall be limited to
           those damages occurring during or resulting from the Owner's failure to provide
           Contractor with the prescribed notice.

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                                     VIII.    Non-Waiver

Forbearance or neglect on the part of the Owner to insist upon compliance by the Contractor with
the terms of the Agreement shall not be construed or constitute a waiver of its rights hereunder.


By ___________________
Name ___________________
Title ___________________

By ___________________
Name ___________________

Title ___________________

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Schedule A

On ______________________ [Instruction: insert day(s)] the following areas will be serviced:
______________________ [Instruction: insert locations were services will be provided].

                             Daily         Weekly               Monthly              6

_______________         __________//_____________//_____________//__________

[Instruction: insert task]

_______________         __________//_____________//_____________//__________

_______________         __________//_____________//_____________//__________

_______________         __________//_____________//_____________//__________

_______________         __________//_____________//_____________//__________

_______________         __________//_____________//_____________//__________

_______________         __________//_____________//_____________//__________

_______________         __________//_____________//_____________//__________

_______________         __________//_____________//_____________//__________

_______________         __________//_____________//_____________//__________

_______________         __________//_____________//_____________//__________

_______________         __________//_____________//_____________//__________

_______________         __________//_____________//_____________//__________

[Comment: set forth all services and the schedule].

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