Receipt of Charitable Donations


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									This form provides a template for a receipt of a charitable donation. This document
provides advice to the receiving charitable organization regarding who should provide a
dollar value on any donation, and gives suggestions about how to describe donated
items. This form can be helpful to a charitable organization to track and document
donated items. This document can be used by any group that receives a gift of cash,
goods, or in-kind donation.
[Note 1: The following template does Not include a space where the charity or group places a dollar
value on the donation (other than gifts of cash, of course). It is strongly recommended that, instead,
you merely provide a description (see Note 2, below) of the item or items. Doing this method
allows/requires to donor to provide their own valuation to the state, local, or federal tax

[Note 2: Be as specific as possible when describing the items. "Used computer" is not very helpful.
"Used Mac computer, model XXX, (serial number xxx-xx-xxxxx-xx) with 500 GB hard drive and
DVD drive" is much much better. "Old coins with face value of 35 cents" is not helpful. "Proof
1937 quarter and mint 1945 dime" is much better.]

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[Your information here. Name and address, logo, etc.]

                                RECEIPT OF CHARITABLE DONATION

____________________________ [Provide name of group, organization, charity, etc] acknowledges
receipt of the following gift/donation/contribution:

[ ] Cash donation, in the amount of $ ____________

[ ] Gift of goods, as follows: _____________________________________________________




[ ] In-kind contribution, as follows:   _______________________________________________


The above donation(s) was/were received from ______________________________ [Provide name of
person making the donation.]

Date of Donation: __________________, 201____

This organization, ______________________ [Provide name again],

[ ] Is a recognized 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Federal ID number ________________

[ ] Is NOT a 501(c)(3) organization.

This donation was received, on __________________, 201_____ by:

_________________________                     __________________________

Print Name                                            Signature

[Provide name and signature of group's authorized representative]

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