Notice of HR or Payroll Outsourcing


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									This is a notice sent to company employees informing them that all human resource or
payroll matters will be outsourced to an external company. This letter can be
customized by the company to include the reason for outsourcing, the effective date of
the outsourcing, and the outsourcing contact name. This document should be used by
small businesses or other entities that want to inform their employees that they have
outsourced human resource or payroll matters to an external company.
                        [Instruction: Insert company logo/letterhead here.]

     Employee Notice of Human Resources or Payroll Outsourcing [Instruction: Delete
                   Notice Date: _____ [Instruction: Insert notice date.]

This shall serve as written notice to all employees of _____ [Instruction: Insert company
name.] that as of ____, [Instruction: Insert effective date of outsourcing.] _____ [Instruction:
Insert outsourcing company name.] will be handling all human resource/payroll [Instruction:
Delete inapplicable. If outsourcing company will only be handling certain matters, please
revise this language to reflect correct information.] matters for _____. [Instruction: Insert
company name.]. [Optional: Company may wish to write a sentence of two stating why
change is being made, with motivational theme.]

[Optional language: Prior to the effective date, all employees must turn in verified and
approved timesheets in order for final company payroll to be processed. Any human
resource matters which are in process currently will continue to be handled by company
human resource personnel until the transition. ]

After the effective date of this change, employees with questions regarding such matters should
contact: _______. [Instruction: Insert outsourcing contact name and contact information.]
However, any questions regarding IRS matters or this transition should still be referred to _____
[Instruction: Insert company contact person for IRS and/or transition matters. This will
help ensure the company is aware of any discrepancies regarding tax reporting and
payment, for which it will remain liable.]

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