Donor Thank You Letter

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									This Donor Thank You Letter is used by an organization after it has received a monetary
gift or a donation of goods from an individual. This document provides some general
guidelines for drafting the thank you letter and a sample letter. The letter is used to
show appreciation for the gift or donation, to keep the donor involved in the
organization, and to explain how the gift or donation is being used. The sample letter
serves as a template for drafting a donor thank you letter and should be customized to
fit the specific needs of the drafting party.
[Instruction: A thank you letter should follow some general guidelines, some of which are outlined,
below. Obviously, your own letter will be modified, to reflect the nature of your organization's

1. When addressing the letter, do Not send it to "Donor" or "Recipient." Address it to the actual
2. Let the donor know that you are aware of the size and nature of his or her gift. (E.g., "Thank
you for your donation of 200 baseballs." is better than "Thank you for your generous gift.").
3. Don't be too aggressive in immediately asking for another donation.
4. Do invite this donor to stay involved in your organization's activities and/or mission.
5. Express appreciation for the donation, and try to state it in a few different ways throughout
the letter.
6. Explain how the gift has been/is being used by your organization.
Below is a sample letter
Dear Mike,
       I wanted to write on behalf of the Smith High School baseball team, to thank you for your
donation of baseballs, gloves, and especially for your gift of $1,000.
        As you know, our baseball team has finished first or second in league play over the past
two (2) years, and this success was threatened by the school's decision to reduce the athletic
budget for the coming year. Due to your generosity, we will now be able to provide gloves to all
our players, and we will have enough baseballs to last the entire season. The money you gave us
was used to repair the field lights, which has made it possible to continue having night games.
All of this would not have been possible without your help!
        When I told our team about your gift, they found it hard to find the words that would
properly express their appreciation. But we all want to give you an open invitation any time you
want to stop by the clubhouse before or after a game, I know the players will want to thank you
in person.
       This has been a difficult economic time for all of us, and of course public schools are no
exception. It is no exaggeration to say that, without generous and giving people like you, it
would not be possible to field our baseball team this season – at least, not without seriously
compromising on the quality of the experience of these student-athletes. As a coach of these fine
boys and girls, I again want to personally thank you, and want to make sure you know how much
your help has meant to all of us.
With appreciation,
John Jones, Head Baseball Coach

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