Candidate Non-Selection Letter


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									This Candidate Non-Selection Letter politely informs a candidate that he or she has not
been selected for a position. This follow-up letter is a crucial part of the hiring process,
and should be used by any person or company that requests applications but is not
hiring all of the candidates. This document contains standard language but provides
opportunities for customization so a candidate’s unique information can easily be
                                Candidate Non-Selection Letter

________________ [Instructions: insert date]

________________ [Instructions: insert candidate’s name]
________________ [Instructions: insert candidate’s address]

Dear Candidate:

       It was a pleasure meeting you, and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the
opportunity to discuss your application for the ________________ [Instructions: insert name
of position] position with ________________ [Instructions: insert name of company or
organization]. We received numerous outstanding applications for the position and the final
decision was very difficult. While we will not be offering you the position with
________________ [Instructions: insert name of company or organization], I hope that you
will continue to seek positions within this field in areas that you have interest. Your
professionalism is to be commended.

       Again, I appreciate your interest in our position. My best wishes for your future success.


________________ [Instructions: insert name]

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