Bid Proposal Agreement

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									Bid Proposal Agreement
This Bid Proposal Agreement is used when a contractor wants to place a bid to work on
a construction project. A bid proposal is most often sent in response to a request for
proposals or an invitation to bid from the project owner. This fully customizable
document contains the material terms of the bid proposal including the contract price,
completion time and any other provisions the contractor wishes to include. This form
should be used by contractors when placing a bid for a construction project.
                                     Bid Proposal Template

Dear: _______________ [Instructions: insert name of party receiving bids] (“Proprietor”)

The following sets forth the bid terms from _______________ [Instructions: insert name of
party offering bid] (“Offeror”).

1. Project: _______________ [Instructions: insert name or description of project]

2. OFFEROR offers and agrees, if this bid is accepted, to enter into an agreement with the
   Proprietor to complete all work as specified or indicated in the _______________
   [Instructions: insert name of documents that set forth requirements for project]
   (“Project Documents”) for the price and in the timeframe indicated in this proposal and in
   accordance with the Project Documents.

3. OFFEROR has examined and familiarized itself with the request for proposals from
   Proprietor, all of the Project Documents, and _______________ [Instructions: insert any
   other documents that Offeror should review]. Further, Offeror has examined the actual
   site and locality where the work is to be performed, and has familiarized itself with the legal
   requirements, including federal, state, and local laws, ordinances, rules, and regulations.
   Additionally, Offeror has made independent investigations and is satisfied as to all conditions
   affecting cost, progress, or performance of the Work.

4. OFFEROR accepts all of the terms and conditions of the request for proposals from
   Proprietor, except for _______________ [Instructions: insert any exceptions, if

5. OFFEROR aggress to perform the work in the time specified and accepts the provisions and
   assessment of liquidated damages.

         A. Contract Period – The Contractor shall complete all work required within
            _______________ [Instructions: insert time frame] months.

         B. Liquidated damages will be assessed at $_______________ [Instructions: insert
            amount] per day.

6. OFFEROR upon acceptance of this bid will execute the Agreement and will furnish the
   required documents, including insurance certificates and _______________ [Instructions:
   insert any other required documents] within ____ [five (5)] [Comment: These numbers
   are not provided for by law, but can be any number the user chooses] days after the
   award of the Contract.

7. OFFEROR agrees to furnish all labor, materials, supplies, equipment, services, and other
   facilities necessary or proper for, or incidental to, all work as required by, and in accordance
   with the Project Documents for the lump sum price of:

   _______________ dollars ($_______________)[Instructions: insert bid price]
    Alternate Bid One: All of the work defined in the base bid less _______________
    [Instructions: insert work that will not be included in the alternate bid one]

    _______________ dollars ($_______________)[Instructions: insert bid price]

    Alternate Bid Two: All of the work defined in the base bid less _______________
    [Instructions: insert work that will not be included in the alternate bid two]

    _______________ dollars ($_______________)[Instructions: insert bid price]

8. Offeror should be advised that, prior to award of any contract, the Proprietor reserves the
   right to conduct a review of Offeror's capacity to perform the contract. This survey may
   include review of quality of work performed on other contracts and _______________
   [Instructions: insert any other documents that may be reviewed].

Signed under seal this _________ day of ____________________, _____________.
[Instructions: insert date]

_____________ [Instructions: insert signature]

State of ____________________          )
County of ____________________         )

On _____________ [Instructions: insert date], before me personally came _____________
[Instructions: insert name of Offeror], to me known to be the person described in and who
executed the foregoing instrument and acknowledged that he had executed the same.


                                      Notary Public

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