Annual Fundraising Appeal Letter


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									This document is a template for an annual request letter, which makes an appeal for a
donation of money and/or goods. This form gives suggested donation levels, and can
be modified to provide any dollar amounts that the user wishes. The document provides
a standard format but is customizable so that the organization can tailor the language to
meet its needs. This template letter can help an organization meets its annual
fundraising needs or help boost donations for an organization’s needs.
                [Letterhead of group; or, group's name, contact info and phone number, etc.]


Dear ____________,

       I am writing to you on behalf on _____________________ [Name of group or organization].
As you know ___________________ [Name of group] is working to _______________________
______________________________________________________________ [Instruction: give brief
overview of mission statement or goal of the group. Add additional lines, if necessary.].

         It is time for our annual fundraising effort. In the past, we have used goods and money raised to
______________________________ [Instruction: Describe some of the accomplishments the group
has done that are partly or completely due to past donations.]. Although we are well aware of the
difficult economic times for many families, we are counting on the generosity of people like you.

          Can you commit to a donation of one of the following:

[ ] $1,000

[ ]      $500

[ ]      $250

[ ]      $100

[ ]      $25

[ ]      $10

[ ] other: ________________________

[Instruction: Change the above dollar figures, to reflect realistic upper and lower limits of your
donation targets, the population you are asking for donations, etc..]

        We will follow up this letter with a phone call within the next few weeks. If you are able to make
a donation today, please send it to:

[Address], attention [Name and title of person authorized to receive the donations]

In advance, thank you for your time and generosity.



[Name and title]

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