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                                 19 - 20 May 2011, Dorsett Regency Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

INTRODUCTION                                                      PROGRAM OBJECTIVES
When people talk about 'a skilled negotiator', they are really    This program attempts to impart knowledge on the skills
describing a person who characteristically uses a number of       required for negotiators to be much more effective and
skills in achieving superior performance in negotiation with      relevant to current business thinking. Specifically the
others, "Negotiators are born, not made". This is simply not      program attempts to achieve the following objectives:
true. There is nothing magical about negotiation skills - they    • Handle supplier demand for a steep price increase
can be identified, understood and acquired.                       • Negotiate on cost-down
                                                                  • Handle vendor complaints and demands
All executives need to be trained, but few receive training in    • Resolve differences of opinion
this basic management skill. This often means learning from       • Tackling difficult negotiation situations
mistakes, and trying to profit from making mistakes can be        • Impart negotiation techniques that are effective and ethical
costly. Those executives who can use a first-hand model are
one step ahead of the rest of their peers.

General Managers, Business Manager, Supply Chain
Managers, Finance Managers, Logistics and purchasing
managers and executives or those purchasing practitioners
with little or no formal negotiation training or other staff
involved in services or supply chain management requiring a
negotiation refresher


DAY 1                                                             DAY 2

Module 1                                                          Module 4
• Introduction to negotiation                                     • Procurement - defined
• Key notes to business negotiation                               • Procurement objectives
• Conventional negotiations - distributive negotiations           • Procurement situations
• Conventional tactics - old school of thought                    • Contract negotiation process
• Negotiation myths & reality                                     • Principles of purchasing negotiations
                                                                  • What to negotiate in purchasing
Module 2                                                          • Special procurement negotiation situations - sole source,
• Objectives of business negotiation                                single source
• Negotiation redefined
• Principled negotiation - the new school; 'it is about growing   Module 5
  the pie'                                                        • Negotiations for supply chain efficiency
• Negotiation principles #1-#4                                    • Six steps to a better deal
                                                                  • Four key elements of negotiation playing field
Exercise/case study on Negotiation
                                                                  Exercise/case study on Negotiation
Module 3
• Preparation for negotiations - knowing your BATNA &                Module 6
  WATNA                                                              • Negotiation tactics - fundamentals
• Steps in Negotiation                                               • Preparatory tactics - selection of negotiator(s)
• Sources of negotiation problems                                    • Opening tactics
• The negotiation matrix - creating a win:win outcome                • General tactics
                                                                     • Making and getting concessions - the art of making
End of Day 1                                                           concessions
                                                                     • Breaking negotiation deadlocks - avoiding deal killers
                                                                     • Dealing with hardball negotiators
                                                                     • Improving Negotiation skills
                                                                     • Negotiation - Ethics and you

                                                                     End of Day 2


  Registration                                       0830             Workshop resumes                                 1400
  Workshop commences                                 0900             Afternoon refreshment                            1530
  Morning refreshment                                1030             Workshop resumes                                 1545
  Workshop resumes                                   1045             End of the day                                   1715
  Luncheon                                           1300

Mano Haaran has immense experience and knowledge in the Supply
Chain and Training environment. He brings along 21 years of direct               Some of programs conducted by Mano
managerial logistics & supply chain working experience, ranging from a           Haaran:
large multi-million dollar organization to small and medium sized
companies, and more then 18 years of training experience in these                   Effective Logistics Management
areas. He holds Masters in Business Administration (MBA) USA, an                    Dynamic Supply Chain Management
Advanced Diploma in Business Administration, UK, and various                        Material Planning and Control: A Lean
certificates in logistics and supply chain management. Currently, he is             Approach
pursuing his Ph D. He acquired substantial, practical and invaluable                Strategic Procurement Practices and
work experience in challenging situations, in the warehouse,                        Implementation
purchasing, inventory management, stock auditing, materials part                    Powerful Purchasing Negotiation
numbering & coding, project management, etc.                                        Techniques
                                                                                    Quality Warehouse & Distribution
Initially, he worked for a large organization and later for a number of             Management
small entrepreneurial organizations acquiring sufficient knowledge and              Effective Inventory Control & Warehouse
exposure of the total logistics and supply chain management. These                  Operations and Management
exposure and experience prompted him to start his own consulting,                   Benchmarking and Achieving Targets:
training and system development company that specialized in the                     Warehouse and Logistics
logistics and supply chain management.                                              Storekeeping and Stores Management
                                                                                    Management Skills for Warehouse
Haaran, has been an entrepreneur, strategist, speaker and consultant.               Supervisors
His consultation includes supply chain and logistics efficiency,                    Effective Contracts Administration &
productivity improvement, total cost management, warehousing,                       Supplier Management
inventory management, materials coding, standards and process                       Supplier Quality Management
documentation, systems development, purchasing negotiation, to
                                                                                    Spares & Engineering Parts Management
improve and troubleshoot situation at workplace. His landmark
                                                                                    Fixed Assets Management & Tracking
consulting experience was designing of materials part numbering and
coding systems, preparation of standards, policies and procedures for a
large rail network. In the course of his work assignments he is                     Penyelenggaraan & Operasi Stor/Gudang
constantly faced with crisis and disaster situations that have never been           Stocktaking, Reconciliation and Inventory
addressed by companies. He works with these organizations to                        Control
address critical issues, resolve disruptive and sometimes life                      Developing Effective Purchasing Skills
threatening situations and advice on business continuity plans.                     Measuring Warehousing Costs: Re-
                                                                                    engineering the Process & Re-aligning
                                                                                    Stocktaking and Stock Evaluation
                                                                                    Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

  NOTE: This program can be customised for an IN-HOUSE TRAINING upon request by the company. Please
                        contact us for more details on in-house training proposal.

                              GLOBAL LEADERSHIP LEARNING CENTRE (GLLC)
  H-01-06, Jalan PPK1, Pusat Perniagaan Kinrara, Persiaran Kinrara, Seksyen 03, Taman Kinrara, 47100, Puchong,
                                             Selangor Darul Ehsan.

                                  Tel. No.: 03 - 8076 9106 / 9107    Fax. No.: 03 - 8076 8945

                                                                    Cancellations & Substitutions:
        2 - Day training @ RM 1, 200.00 per delegate                All cancellations of registrations must be made in writing. If
                                                                    cancellations received one week before the event i.e. 11th
        Early Bird Discount @ RM 1, 100.00 per delegate
                                                                    May 2011 you will be entitled to a 50% refund. Due to contractual
        Fax in your registration before Wednesday, 4th May          commitments no refund will be made after 11th May 2011; however
        2011 to enjoy the Early Bird discount                       a complete set of documentation will be sent to you. Substitutions
                                                                    are welcomed at anytime.
        Group Discount for 3 or more participants @
        RM 1,050.00 per delegate                                    Note: It may be necessary for reasons beyond control, to change
                                                                    the content and timing of the event, speaker(s) or venue, every
Method of payment:                                                  effort will be made to inform the participants of the change.
Crossed Cheque / bank draft to be made payable to "Global
Leadership Learning Centre " and courier to H-01-06, Jalan PPK      Please note that payment must be received within 5 working
1, Pusat Perniagaan Kinrara, Persiaran Kinrara, Seksyen 03,         days upon issuance of invoice. Please Complete this form
Taman Kinrara, 47100, Puchong, Selangor Darul Ehsan                 immediately and fax this to FAX: +603 8076 8945. Registration
                                                                    closes on Monday, 16th May 2011. (Strategic Procurement &
                                                                    Negotiation Techniques)

Company: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Tel: ______________ Fax: ______________ Contact Person: ___________________________ Email: ______________________

Participant 1: ______________________________________ Designation & Email: _________________________________________
Participant 2: ______________________________________ Designation & Email: _________________________________________
Participant 3: ______________________________________ Designation & Email: _________________________________________
Participant 4: ______________________________________ Designation & Email: _________________________________________
Participant 5: ______________________________________ Designation & Email: _________________________________________

The Invoice Should be Directed to Mr/Ms (Dept):

Name: ____________________________________________ Nature of Business: __________________________________________
Name of Authorising Manager: _____________________________________ Title: ________________________________________

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