Passage Of Lines

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					Passage Of Lines
 Definition: One unit moves through the
  positions of another
 Types: Forward or rearward
 Forward: Tank platoons move as part of the
  company team, normally in a company
  column formation
 Rearward: Stationary unit is informed when
  the passing unit reaches a point just
  beyond direct fire range. Unit moves as
  platoons or company
 Passage of lines is dangerous because the
  concentration of forces provide a lucrative
  target for attack by the enemy
 Passage of friendly forces under enemy
  pressure is especially dangerous because
  of difficulty in distinguishing friendly
  vehicles from enemy vehicles
Planning - Reconnaissance
 The location of the stationary force
 The location of contact points
 The location of passage points
 The location of passage lanes
 The location of an attack position
 The initial location for the passing unit’s
  combat support
Planning - Coordination
 Supporting fires
 Time of transfer
 Troop density
 Traffic control
 Communications
Coordination Checklist

      Designation of unit to pass
      Enemy situation (location, strength, recent activity
      Mission of passing unit and tentative battle plan
      Friendly situation and positions
      Time of passage
      Contact and coordination points
      Passage points and lanes
      Number and types of vehicles to pass
      Vehicle identification
Coordination Checklist Cont.

   Long and short range recognition signals
   Patrol routes and OP locations
   Contaminated areas
   Battle handover line
   Fire support plan (direct and indirect)
   Assembly areas and attack positions
   CS and CSS to be provided and locations of the assets
   Routes and priority of routes
   SOI Information

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