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									Making the most of Satellite Navigation and
 Integration with your Business System
   Why integrate Navigation with your Business
    » Drive Assist recap
    » Integrated features and benefits
   Introduction to ALK’s Corporate Mobility Solutions
    » CoPilot Live Professional
    » FleetCenter
   How to Integrate
    » CoPilot Live Professional SDK and API Set
   Why integrate Navigation with your Business
    »Drive Assist recap
    »Integrated features and benefits
Reference Case Study
   The new combined functionality provides
     » Call address details start CoPilot with route
     » Calculated ETA sent back to enterprise system or to customer via
      canned text message
    » Location data sent back with job status messages
    » Support for multiple job route optimization
    » Call mileage logging
    » Asset location tagging
    » Request assistance button
Solution Benefits
   75% reduction in delivery paperwork
   3.6M mile reduction in fleet mileage
   Improved stock utilization / reduction in fleet purchases
   Nationwide delivery time reduced to two hours
   Improved lone worker health and safety
   Reduced fuel consumption / environmental benefits
   Enhanced productivity
   Increased data security
  Process Improvements
             Pre                                                                     Post
             Implementation                                                          Implementation
                                                     Rental detail manually
    Customer Calls            Car is inspected                                                                Driver uses Handheld
                                                         entered back
      Call Centre                 by driver                                   Customer Calls Call Centre     to inspect vehicle with
                                                           into VHMS

 Central Reservations       Driver delivers car,
 allocates the job to                                                         Job and vehicle allocated
                           completes paperwork                                                               Customer signs screen.
    regional depot                                                                 and ‘pushed’ to
                              with customer                                                                       Job details
                                                                              drivers Handheld device
                                                                                                                sent back to VMS

Regional depot allocates    Driver and customer
  Job, paperwork and                                                          Driver collects and inspects
                               inspect vehicle.                                   vehicle using Hand
       directions          Driver returns to depot
        to driver                                                                  held device. Data              Driver gets
                                                                                  sent back to VHMS               next job on
                            Vehicle inspection
Regional depot allocates
                               paper work
    suitable vehicle                                                             Handheld navigates
                              stored in filing
       to the Job                                                                 driver to customer
   Introduction to ALK’s Corporate Mobility
    »CoPilot Live Professional
 Navigation, Communication,
Easy destination entry, detailed
routing, multiple views
                                 Traffic information, multi-stop
                                 routes with optimisation

Message and itinerary updates              Vehicle and device tracking,
from dispatcher to mobile device           communication, and fleet
Solution Components
   Hardware
     » Windows Based Computing Device
     » Map Data Storage
     » GPS Receiver
   Content
     » Map Data
     » Real-Time Traffic
     » Vehicle Metadata (tracking)
     » Speech Engine
     » UK Safety Camera Database
   Communications
     » Real-Time Traffic
     » Vehicle Tracking & Messaging
     » Backend Business System Integration
Integration with Tracking & Fleet
Management satellite navigation, vehicle
 Fully integrated
    tracking, and fleet management
    » Real-time multiple vehicle/device tracking
    » 2-way fleet messaging
    » Over-the-air job despatch and remote itinerary updates
   Advanced features for increased control
    » Customer tracking invitations
    » Find nearest vehicle
    » Real-time exception reporting
    » Historical reports for review and audit
CoPilot Live │FleetCenter System
Architecture                          Data Center

                                     MAP SERVER      WEB SERVER          Dispatcher
                                       Map Service    FleetCommander
                                                      .NET Application

 CoPilot Pro PPC                                                         Manager
                   Gateway Service

                                     SQL SERVER
                                                                            XML Web
 CoPilot Pro SP     Storage App         Storage
CoPilot Live │FleetCenter– Gumball
   How to Integrate
    »CoPilot Live Professional SDK and API Set
SDK Overview
   Allows you to leverage CoPilot’s real time navigation
    and messaging functionality from within your
   CoPilot and your application can be on the same or
    separate machines
   Simple and straightforward integration options
    » Remote Control - controlling CoPilot via simple API calls
    » Server Configuration - integrating navigation functions
      into your product
SDK Integration – Remote
Send a request to CoPilot, responses are
  received asynchronously through the use of
  callbacks or through a queuing mechanism
 CoPilot SDK allows you to control CoPilot Live
  in a request/response paradigm
    »Send text messages, trip itineraries
    »Modify window states (show/hide, etc.)
    »Modify the size, pan/zoom, position, and z-order
    »Get/Set languages, routing profiles, etc
SDK Integration – Server
Configurationseparate hidden background
CoPilot runs in a
   Via a post/subscribe mechanism receive real
    time data updates as they become available:
    »Guidance maps showing location, route,
     surrounding streets, etc..
    »Turn instructions: street name, cross street, turn
    »Turn distances: next turn, 2nd turn, ETA, etc.
SDK Details
   Provides platform, location and network
    »Any SDK enabled version of CoPilot (laptop,
    »Messaging based on TCP/IP
    »Local or Remote operation
   Supported compilers
    »Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003
    »Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++ 3.0
    »Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++ 4.0
SDK APIs – Sample Set
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