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									A Taste of Vacation Adventure

Adventure vacation is one of the latest trends in holiday getaways these days. This is because the very
activity offers a whole lot of activities that are way beyond the usual vacation. Because of its popularity in
being a memorable experience, more and more people get into it to make their vacation worthwhile.

In fact, adventure vacation has evolved in so many ways to cater to the needs of as many people regardless
of their gender and age brackets. This is to ensure that everybody can get a dose of a fun-filled and
unforgettable vacation experience.

If you are one of those who are looking forward to an adventure vacation rather than a leisure one, it is now
time to start rounding up things and decide which will suit your preference and budget best.

For a group who are all-girls, the perfect adventure vacation would be the 'girlfriend getaways' which
usually takes place in exotic islands and beaches. Today, studies show that there are more women who
prefer to go on a vacation if given free time. In fact, recent surveys also show that compared to men, there
are more women who prefer adventure vacation especially those that fall under the age range of 34 to 60
years old. Majority of them prefer beach hopping, water activities such as surfing and kayaking, night
parties and other land activities such as mountain climbing, trekking, and biking.

For those who prefer to make their vacation worthwhile by being of service to others, the adventure vacation
that is perfect for them are called 'volunteer vacations'. This type of adventure vacation usually takes place
in destinations where there is a great need for help.

Today, vacation that is combined with volunteerism remains as one of the most preferred types of getaways
because some people feel that by doing this, they are giving back to the society for all the blessings that they
have received over the years. Another adventure vacation that is similar with type of getaway is the charity
vacation. These type of vacations are usually organized by organizations that are inclined with various
sports activities such as walkathons, biking, and others that can help raise fund for a specific charity

Those who are into exploration prefer expeditionary vacation. For them, these types of vacation are truly an
adventure because they get to experience first-hand the things that they are inclined to do or interested with.
Most of the people who indulge in this type of vacation are those into the fields of research.

Majority of them belong or affiliated with volunteer organizations worldwide that have strong support in
different fields of science. This type of adventure vacation may include activities that are related with the
field of research such as marine explorations, forest restoration, and other fields of research that involve the

For those who enjoy adrenalin rush during their vacation, the action-packed travels are perfect for them.
This type of adventure vacation usually includes a list of extreme activities that can Ultimate 5 truly awake
the adventurous side of any person. Action-packed adventure vacations include activities ranging from water
such as skiing, land such as rappelling, and air such skydiving.

Another type of adventure vacation that is popular today is the 'family adventure vacation' which is prepared
to cater to the needs of the family members regardless of their ages. Many of these family adventure
vacations are multi-generational to ensure that all of the members have specific activities that they can

The range of activities start from theme parks, rides, educational tours, food trips, night partying, and other
activities that members of the family can definitely enjoy.

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