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Oh, a Shaman Character? As a matter of fact, if a shaman character is played well, they can be a very
powerful character. In reality of World of Warcraft, Shaman is not particularly powerful as a spell caster nor
a fighter. But... Yes there's a "but". But they are like Paladins that are essentials during party and their skills
are very useful. I am still recommending Shaman Character because it's worth to play since they are also
considered a middle road class in many cases that will blow your mind if you will learn its secrets.

Before we start this guide, I would like to give little tips if you wanna choose Shaman. Please remember that
Shaman is not a solo type character that can handle its own leveling and grinding. They can still manage
themselves but they are best with party or a group because of their abilities that are necessary and can bring
more advantage to the entire group. To sum it up, Shaman needs a player who are capable of manipulating
them to the fullest and change the perspectives of being not a solo type character.

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Shaman King?

Now that you have decided to take your journey as a Shaman, you are sort of limited to choose a race. For
Alliance, you are allowed to play Shaman using Dranei while on Horde side are Orc, Trolls, Undead or
Tauren. This means that you will gonna accept each race advantage and disadvantage so that later on you
can have full knowledge and will use it to make your shaman stronger.

Shaman uses its mana most of the time so better consume it wisely. It is not recommended to cast spell
everytime you are attacking or grinding instead, better to combine both physical attack and magic spell. For
example, you cast 1 skill, then do some 123 combo physical attack then cast skill again. Do rotation if you
are doing either solo or party. The idea here is not to consume too much of your mana, if that will happen,
you are more focus now on regenerating mana points and left behind being attacked and lose health points.

Take note that Shaman is not a melee nor a tank type fighter. They are more focus on building spell arsenals
and ranged weapons. They are the same to the Paladins that are very vital in party because of their healing
abilities. For you to level up fast, the best way is to join the party and be an asset by increasing more healing
spells and potions as you can.

Shaman And Profession

Picking Shaman is not bad at all. It is one way of determining your skills and talents in playing World of
Warcraft. This part tackles about Professions and its guide to help your Shaman maintain its pace together
with the other characters. Herbalism and Enchanting are good for Shaman. Skinning can also be useful but
only to a small point and it is not a good idea wasting your time picking the leatherworking or
blacksmithing. Don't forget to select and combine well your primary and secondary professions.
Now the 2 professions mentioned above are recommended and if you want another options, you can try
alchemy (e.g. alchemy and herbalism or alchemy and enchanting). Either way is good professions and some
players like to combine mining as a secondary profession because of the items that it can get, remember that
mining will consume lots of time and effort so think wisely.

Your concern now is how to earn gold with the help of your Shaman and its Profession. The best way to
earn gold is making potions. Potions are usually high in demand and you can either sell it or use it for your
shaman. It is a good idea to spent some time leveling your profession so that you can create higher valuable
items to sell.

Tailoring can also be a good choice due to the fact that most players prefer to buy armors than to create for
themselves. If you like this method, level up the tailoring skill to 40 since it is not so expensive and you gain
experience points along the way to hunt armors or items for your profession. So focus on your desired
profession and make a choice wisely.

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