SOPA by SomjitPrum123


Stop Online which mean YouTube, Facebook, twitter will be shutdown.
Of course, Wikipedia shut down its site Wednesday to voice opposition to
the laws (Google, Reddit and several other sites also protested
similarly), so I guess that wouldn’t have been a good day to get your
facts.Say a Hispanc company just started a social networking site in
which users can upload videos of themselves singing. Now let’s say some
teenage kid upload a video of themselves singing their favorite Katy
Perry song, not even playing back the original recording but simply
singing along to a song that he/she like.
The SOPA and PIPA bills are being droven through our government by
peoples who have been given a mandate to protect private companies and
their profits by any means necessary. As a part of a private company that
makes its money through content creation and delivery, I understand the
sentiment — I just disagree with the solution.

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