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Before we begin, you'll need the next:

1) Mining Skill. Through getting this skill you best visit first for your local mining trainer and train.

Listing of mining trainers as well as their locations:

Gelman Stonehand: Stormwind, around the western finish of Dwarven District (Alliance Trainer)
Kurdram Stonehammer: Darkshore, north Auberdine area. (Alliance Trainer)
Matt Manley: Duskwood, within the north portion of Darkshire. (Alliance Trainer)
Brock Stoneseeker: Loch Modan, Southwest a part of Thelsamar. (Alliance Trainer)
Brom Killian: Undercity, South from the bridge resulting in the War Quarter. (Horde Trainer)
Geofram Bouldertoe: Deepmountain Mining Guild in Ironforge. (Alliance Trainer)
Makaru: Orgrimmar, center from the valley of recognition. (Horde Trainer)
Brek Stonehoof: Thunder Bluff, Western fringe of the middle plateau. (Horde Trainer)
Yarr Hammerstone: Dun Morogh, eastern fringe of Kharanos. (Alliance Trainer)
Dank Drizzlecut: Dun Morogh, north of Gol'bolbar Quarry. (Alliance Trainer)

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2) Mining Pick. Be aware this item could be enchanted to really make it glow to include features also to look
awesome. Some gamers do that however it does not matter because when you equip it is similar to an
regular or normal weapon.

3) Mitts (Optional but nonetheless suggested). Obtain the least expensive mitts as well as for only 2g or less
enchant it with mining skill to +5.

Why +5, it will raise the likelihood of not receiving unsuccessful but never getting the likelihood of very.

Engineers note: If you wish to add +5 mining skill, create a Goblin Mining Helment.


Vein type skill needs:
* Copper 1
* Container 65
* Incendicite 65
* Silver 75
* Lesser Bloodstone 75
* Iron 125
* Indurium 150
* Gold 155
* Mithril 175
* Dark Iron 230
* Truesilver 230
* Small Thorium 250
* Wealthy Thorium 275

Needs for every kind of ore:

* Copper 1
* Container 65
* Bronze 65
* Silver 75
* Iron 125
* Gold 155
* Steel 165
* Mithril 175
* Truesilver 230
* Dark Iron 230
* Thorium 250


Mining 1 - 65

Wow Mining Guide - Copper Mining

Copper is abundant so you just need mine a minimum of 50 then smelt. Here are the next mining routs for
the guide:

Mining Locations:

* Alterac Mountain tops
* Ashenvale
* Darkshore
* Desolace
* Dun Morogh
* Durotar
* Duskwood
* Elwynn Forest
* Hillsbrad Foothills
* Loch Modan
* Mulgore
* Redridge Mountain tops
* Silverpine Forest
* Stonetalon Mountain tops
* The Barrens
* 1000 Needles, Tirisfal Glades, Westfall, and Esturine habitat


- Tauren: Mulgore: Just choose the beginning and stick to the coves towards the finish. You should attempt
the Venture Co Mine and you'll get 40-50 copper about this run.

- Orc and Troll: Complete the entire circuits of Durotar for a way. However if you would like more copper
to locate you begin at Razor Hill and turn left for the Quilboar grounds, follow that high cliff before you
achieve the stream after which progress north before you achieve Orgrimmar. Now move right or east till
you get a small farmstead, go south and drop in to the canyon. While following a canyon and heading south,
you'll achieve Razor Hill again. Using this method you're going to get 25-30 copper ores.

-Undead: You can start at DeathKnell entrance after which mind south to follow along with the coves
towards the finish, following the Undercity, up too the bulwark. Now visit north and achieve Scarlet
Monastery embracing the coves as years old go by. Move west whenever you achieve the shoreline, go
lower to follow along with again the coves until to Agamand Mills. Next still go lower before you achieve
again the doorway of Deathknell. You'll have 30-40 copper ore about this route.


- Evening Elves: Visit Darkshore since Darnassus doesn't have ores. Your beginning point reaches
Auberdine and mind east until to the peak map you will notice a high cliff. When you achieve in the high
cliff move southwards. Whenever you showed up in the entrance of Ashenvale, proceed to free airline coast
then mind back north to Auberdine. Repeat that which you did by heading east until towards the high cliff
but this time around mind north following again the coves until you achieve the ocean shoreline area and
mind south towards Auberdine again. This figure 8 pattern is a lot simpler than taking Auberdine in a single
whole route. You'll collect 40-50 copper ore with this particular route.
Dwarves and Gnomes: You don't need to route this since copper is everywhere.

Human: Beginning at Goldshire mind east towards northern Very Lake, whenever you at northern the
logging camping, mind south. There there is a river, abide by it towards the border of Duskwood and Elwyn
forest, then move north west and go back to Goldshire. You're going to get 30-40 copper ores whenever you
visit 2 mines about this route.

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