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Mandeville Hotel London by ccstb1


									Mandeville Hotel London
    Royal History
When people think of London they
  think of the Royal family, the
   Parliamentary government,

 and years old tradition. London
certainly is a city of royalty, so on
your next visit to the Mandeville
          Hotel London,
be sure to stop by these must-see
attractions for their history, their
 beauty, and their regal stature.

 The Tower of London is almost a
thousand years old and is home to
       the crown jewels.

  Make sure to plan ahead and get
tickets to the Ceremony of the Keys,

  a 700 year long tradition of
locking up the Tower at night.

Tickets are free but you’ll need to
 get them 6-8 weeks in advance.

Because the Tower of London is a
hot tourist spot, lines can be quite

Here's a tip: buy your tickets at any
Tower Hill tube station rather than
        at the Tower itself.

With your tickets in hand you can
bypass the line and walk right in.

   Buckingham Palace is probably
London’s most famous building, and
 still a working Palace and home to
              the Queen.
 If you go in the summer months
when the Queen is in Scotland you
 can get a tour of the staterooms.

Buckingham Palace is also where the
 famous “Changing of the Guards”
 takes place. You can see this every
          day at 11:30am.
  For more information about great
 tourist destinations you won’t miss
during your London vacation, please


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