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									Fragrance Hotel Singapore
  Singapore Healthcare

 When you stay at the Fragrance
Hotel Singapore chain, you'll quickly

   that the Singapore healthcare
 industry has achieved worldwide
fame with a series of breakthrough
        medical procedures.

In 1995, Singapore doctors carried
  out the world's first successful

     peripheral blood
stem cell transplant from an
     unrelated donor.

In 2001, Singapore doctors carried
  out Southeast Asia's first heart

using an Electronic Heart Assist on a
 36-year-old patient suffering from
 severely impaired heart function.

That same year Singapore doctors
 successfully separated a pair of

conjoined (joined at the head) twins
from Nepal in a milestone operation
   that lasted more than 90 hours.

And the world's first successful cord
blood transplant from an unrelated

 on a patient with Thalassaemia
Major, was also performed in 2001.

    In 2002, Singapore doctors
 performed Southeast Asia's first
Adult Living Donor Liver Transplant.

 Singapore doctors successfully
separated conjoined twins at the
       stomach in 2005.

And that year Singapore performed
Asia’s first kidney cum bone marrow

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 Singapore healthcare, please visit


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