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Fairmont Hotel Singapore


									Fairmont Hotel Singapore

  If you're going to Southeast Asia,
you'll certainly find that a stay at the
      Fairmont Hotel Singapore

  is a refreshing change from the
crowded, polluted and chaotic large
  cities of Hong Kong or Bangkok.

Singapore is an island, country and
      city all rolled into one.

Compared to other destinations in
 southeast Asia, Singapore is ultra
   clean thanks to its somewhat
      restrictive government.

There are heavy fines for littering,
    spitting in the streets and

  It’s even illegal to bring in
chewing gum into the country!

Drug offences can result in death
 penalties so travelers definitely
    should not take the risk

by bringing any illegal narcotics
        into Singapore.

But the result of all the tough laws is
 a place in the region that is quite
         low in crime rates.

It is one of the safest destinations
        for female travelers.

With its gleaming high rise buildings,
   Singapore is one of the most
  modern cities in Asia due to its
          economic success.

This city also makes great efforts to
    keep itself presentable and

On the trip from the international
airport to the city center, you'll see
 that the bridges passing over the
  main highway are covered with
 For more information about great
 tourist attractions that you won’t
want to miss during your Singapore
        vacation, please visit


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