DJ Lessons by ccstb1


									  Why do I need a DJ splitter
cable and how do I make one?

  Just starting out as a DJ? Don't have a dedicated
sound card, and don't want to buy one until you're
 sure DJing is for you? Or maybe you're DJing from
  your iPod or iPad using one of Algoriddim’s djay
 software programs? Or pehaps you have a sound
card, but it's having technical difficulties just when
         you've got a major event scheduled.

Whatever the reason, there are times when
you don't have access to a DJ sound card or
    controller but you still need to do a
 professional job as DJ. And in order to do
that, it's obvious that you need to have two
  audio outputs from your music player -

    one that the audience is hearing and a
second one for your headphones only, which
 is usually the next track so that you can find
the proper starting place and check the track
       for speed, EQ and other factors.

 Fortunately there is a relatively cheap and
simple solution to this problem. If you have
dedicated DJ software like Virtual DJ, Traktor
 Pro, djay for iPhone, djay for iPod Touch or
 djay for iPad, it is fairly easy to find splitter
     cables that allow your DJ software

  to send the audience signal (also known as
     the master signal) down the left-hand
      channel of the music player's stereo
headphones output, while sending the signal
for the next track (also known as the monitor,
   cue or headphone signal) down the right
                 hand channel.
Once the signal is split, you use a special lead
   to take the left-hand master output and
connect it to the speakers for the audience to
  enjoy, while at the same time sending the
      right-hand monitor output to your
headphones so you can cue up the next track
 In other words, you are using a single stereo
   audio output to deliver 2 separate mono
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 and becoming a professional DJ, please visit


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