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									Paragon Hotel Birmingham
  Birmingham City Guide
Birmingham is the second largest
   city in the United Kingdom.

 This busy city is the cultural centre
of the West Midlands and visitors to
   the Paragon Hotel Birmingham

  will find an enormous range of
exciting opportunities and things to
         do during their stay.

With literally hundreds of activities
and attractions to suit every taste,

Birmingham is the ideal tourist

Among the must-see attractions that
   showcase Birmingham's unique
      culture and history include
Birmingham Cathedral. Built in 1725,
     this is one of the city’s most
     beautiful historic buildings,
complete with four Pre-Raphaelite
    stained-glass windows.

Also on the do-not-miss list is the
Royal Air Force Museum. Stop by
 and treat yourself to a stunning
of aviation history and witness over
  seventy aircraft situated within
 three separate wartime hangars.

You’ll see Spitfires, Hurricanes,
       Vulcans and more.

For the kids, don't forget to visit
       Cadbury’s World.

It's no surprise that this is one of the
    most popular museums in all of

You’ll find out about the history of
  chocolate and view a genuine
          production line.

For more information about tourist
  attractions you shouldn’t miss
 during your visit to Birmingham,
            please visit


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