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									Park Hotel Amsterdam
    Tourist Guide
 The Netherlands has many
beautiful tourist destinations.

However, when you stay at the Park
Hotel Amsterdam, you'll quickly see
why Amsterdam is one of the best.

   The people who live here are
justifiably proud of this ‘greatest of
      small cities in the world’.

Amsterdam is a physically small,
  beautiful, relatively quiet,

and an unusual city in that it has
all the advantages of a big city –

    culture, history, food,
entertainment, good transport.

 Today it has grown into a meeting
ground for various cultures and sub-

and it's no surprise that this "Venice
of the North" attracts travelers from
          all over the world.

Amsterdam caters to every tourist’s
 needs. There is the world famous
     canal system to explore,

along with parks and museums
      to suit every taste.

 Add in the unique culture, lively
nightlife, excellent public transport
  and beautiful weather all year,

and you'll understand why this
  jewel of The Netherlands

is a popular tourist destination for
 travelers from all over the world.

For more information about tourist
attractions you won’t want to miss
 during your Amsterdam vacation,
            please visit

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