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Similes and Metaphors
• Figurative language: language that is not to
  be taken literally (face value) but has a
  deeper more complex meaning that must be
  figured out.
• Metaphor: an implied comparison between
  two unlike objects or things where one
  object is stated to be the other object.
• Simile: a comparison between two unlike
  objects or things where one object is said to
  be like another (use words “like” or “as”).
         Warm-up Activity
• Create a simile using the phrase: “Life
  is like…”
• Create a metaphor using the phrase
  “Pain is…”
            Today’s Assignment
• Copy the following              • “The street was like a market
  sentences and state whether       place that had suddenly been
  each contains a metaphor,         abandoned.”
  simile, or both. Then explain   • “A great tidal wave of men
  the meaning behind each           came rolling onward and would
  one.                              have crushed me like an ant.”
                                  • He looked us over as if we
                                    were a pack of leprous dogs
                                    hanging onto our lives.”
                                  • It was not the first time a false
                                    prophet had foretold to us
                                    peace-on-earth, negotiations-
                                    release, or other false
                                    rumors… And often we
                                    believed them. It was an
                                    injection of morphine.”
              Assignment Cont.
• “The doors were nailed up;     •   “In one moment of ultimate
  the way back was finally cut       lucidity it seemed to me that we
  off. The world was a cattle        were damned souls wandering
  wagon hermetically sealed.”        in the half-world, souls
                                     condemned to wander through
• Men threw themselves on            space till the generations of
  top of each other, stamping        man came to an end…”
  on each other, tearing at      •   “His (the Rabbi’s) mere
  each other, biting each            presence among the deportees
  other. Wild beasts of prey,        added a touch of unreality to
  with animal hatred in their        the scene. It was like a page
  eyes; an extraordinary             torn from some story book,
  vitality had seized them,          from some historical novel
  sharpening their teeth and         about the captivity of Babylon
                                     of the Spanish Inquisition.”
                                 •   “Thousands of voices repeated
• “The march began. The dead         the benediction; thousands of
  stayed in the yard under the       men prostrated themselves like
  snow, like faithful guards         trees before a tempest.”
  assassinated, without

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