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           Building time in
           the school day
           for teachers to
           work with small
           groups of
           students for:
           Homework   Help
Why the need? Why now?
   Our current initiatives have yielded a very low failure
    rate. However, we have not started to build interventions
    based on TAKS need.

   Feedback from students and teachers indicate that
    having “flexible non-instructional time” is something that
    can be maximized…if done well.

   Getting groups of students to work with teachers before
    school, after school, or during lunch puts us in direct
    competition with:
       Food
       Fatigue
       Friends
       Transportation (Fords)
Our Process
   Studied the need with a team of eight, including teachers
    and counselors.

   Site Visit: Georgetown ISD

   Refined the idea with site team

   Refined the idea with entire campus within small groups
       Electives
       8th Grade
       7th Grade
       6th Grade
In a Nutshell: Plan and Vision
   The “Catapult” period will be moved to the end
    of the day.
     23Minutes
     Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday

   At the end of the day on Catapult Days, students
    can either:
     take part in clubs,
     extension activities,
     work in the cafeteria (TCB),
     and receive tutoring or homework help in a specific
      core area teacher’s classroom
Logistics: Campus Organization
   Each instructional period will lose 3 minutes to build
    “Catapult” period. Just as on our Tuesday advisory days.

   8th Grade Athletics will continue through Catapult Period.
    Athletes will only be pulled based on tutorial need,
    homework needs.

   Each week, teachers will designate students that are
    “Taking Care of Business” (TCB) to work in the cafeteria in
    a more relaxed atmosphere.
       100 for 6th grade
       100 for 7th Grade
       20 for 8th grade
       50 empty seats on each level
Logistics: Student Clubs / Extension Activities
   These will run simultaneously with Catapult time.
    However, tutorial / homework needs will override activity
    each week.
       Ms. Hejl: Science Olympiad
       Moede/Mixon: Miscellaneous Band Group
       Mr. Leach: Karate Group
       Mr. Taylor-Homfeld: Theatre Group
       Mr. Browns: Choir Group
       Ms. Greer: AVID Group
       Ms. Hello: Binder Organization Center
       Ms. Whitmire: Robotics Club
       Ms. Courington: 7th Grade / Yearbook Group
       Ms. Robinson: Student Council (minus 8th pd. athletes at times)
       Ms. More: GT Group
Logistics: Tutoring / Homework Rooms
                    Students assigned for
                     tutoring or homework
                      10-15  students for
                       tutoring rooms
                      15-18 students for
                       homework rooms

                    Rosters Posted in Each
                     Hallway to Designate
Example: Roster Snapshot
Student    Tuesday     Wednesday Thursday

Padavil,   Holub –     Holub – 309 Shuman -
Devin      309                     322
Karacz,    Athletics   Athletics   Athletics
Vigil,     Tidwell –   Tidwell –   Tidwell -
Sherri     304         304         304
    Next Steps
   Develop a viable proposal
   Ratify with site team
   Ratify with elective teachers
   Spot check with students
   Ratify with core academic teachers
   Publicize / Problem Solve with Parents
   Communicate to students through advisory
   Build activity through 1st period on January 6th to
    allow complete understanding for students.
Questions and Credit
   Please contact Mr. Padavil with any questions.
     594-2811

   Thanks to:
     Students
     Jerry Karacz
     Sherri Vigil
     Cristina Garza
     Leslie Courington
     Tracy Palmer
     Marlene Hello
     Scott Akers

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