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									Issue 157                                 dmwoodworkers.com                                          September 2011

This Month                                         Sawdust from the Prez
General Meeting                                    By Jay Eaton, President
Tuesday, September 13
7:00 PM Woodsmith Store                            This month’s SAWDUST was written by V.P Murray Ellis

                                                    September is the start of a new activities year for many
                                                    people. School starts, churches begin new activities, and
SIG Meetings                    the Des Moines Woodworkers move into a new year of skill building, making
Furniture Repair/Finishing      new friends and, of course, creating new works of art in wood. This September
Thursday, September 15          newsletter looks back at the interesting and enjoyable summer tours and the
1:00 PM                         outstanding representation of club members at the great Iowa State Fair.
113 – 5th St WDM                  We look forward to learning about the new approach to skill building classes
(Use rear entrance)             Tom Brumback and his committee have developed. We will have a unique and
                                very interesting September meeting program…don’t miss this one! And all our
Scrollers                       Special Interest Groups start their learning sessions. I am very excited about
Thursday, September 15          this upcoming season. Get yourself started for this new season... get involved,
6:30 pm                         there is something for everyone when you are active in club activities.
Rick Hutcheson’s Shop
109 N. Ewing, Grimes

Furniture Making
Saturday, September 17                                           Flag Case presented
9:30 am Woodsmith Store
                                                                 to Don Schlemmer’s
Woodturners                                                      mother and sister
Saturday, September 17
1:00 pm Woodsmith Store                                            On June 6, President, Jay Eaton, Dick
                                                                   Meuler and Vice-president, Murray Ellis
                                                                   presented a flag case to Joann Schlemmer
                                                                   (Don’s mother) and to Nancy Goldhammer
New Members                                                        (Don’s sister). This case will be used
By Doug Rasmussen               Jay Eaton, Joann Schlemmer,         to display the flag that draped Don’s
                                Nancy Goldhammer                    casket. As you may recall from the March
Sherry Dikes, Urbandale                                            Newsletter, Don was a very active member
Joseph Feltz, West Des Moines   of the Des Moines Woodworkers’ Association. He was among those who
Chuck Rondeau, Bondurant        built and helped deliver to Washington, D.C. flag cases for those who lost
Mark A Thompson,                their lives in the 9/11 attacks. Thanks to Dick Meuler, who had worked with
Pleasantville                   Don on this project, we were able to find a case Don had worked on during
Brandi Vennink, Urbandale       his involvement with this project. Don was a Navy veteran and died in
                                February of 2011.
Current Membership: 427
Membership a year ago: 403
                                                                                   Preferred Suppliers
                                                                                   These preferred local suppliers
                                                                                   support us through member discounts
                                                                                   & assistance with association projects,
                                                                                   so please support them. Be sure to ask
                                                                                   about an item’s discount and show
                                                                                   your current membership card before
                                                                                   you make a purchase.

                                                                                   Acme Tools

2011 Summer Tours
                                                                                   629 SW 9th St. DM
                                                                                   Country Caboose
By Jerry Spencer, Program Chair                                                    113 5th St. Valley Junction, WDM
                                                                                   Hutcheson Lumber
                                                                                   2169 180th St., Marshalltown
If you didn’t attend the 2011 summer tours you missed a great opportunity to
                                                                                   Johnston Ace Hardware
see the results from the skills and talents of club members Paul Morris and        5800 Merle Hay Rd., Johnston
Rick Hutchenson.                                                                   Kel-Welco/White Cap
   In June we visited Paul Morris’ shop where Paul is restoring a wooden           1631 2nd Ave., DM
Higgins boat. To see the work that goes in to restoring an old wooden boat is      O’Donnell Ace Hardware
just amazing. Scott Miller also brought a hand built replica 1929 Chris Craft      4808 University, DM
boat he is restoring. The group then moved to the home of Scott Martin in          O’Donnell Ace Hardware
Ankeny where he is restoring a 1948 Correct Craft. Scott was a terrific host and   5715 Hickman Rd., DM
even provided us with refreshment.                                                 O’Donnell Ace Hardware
   In July we visited Rick Hutchenson’s shop where he has the most                 2727 Beaver Ave., DM
unbelievable collection of antique scroll saws. I believe that Rick probably       Bradley Tool & Fasteners
                                                                                   6250 NWW Beaver Dr, Johnston
turns out more scroll saw and turning projects in a week than most of us do in
                                                                                   Oharco Distributors
a year.
                                                                                   5685 NE 16th, DM
   Let me know if you have ideas for next years summer tours.                      Park Fair Ace Hardware
                                                                                   Park Fair Mall – Euclid & 2nd Ave.
                                                                                   Prairie Rose Woodworking Studio
                                                                                   Indianola 515-981-9087
The Bulletin Board                                                                 Sherwin Williams Co.
                                                                                   Multiple DM area locations
• Ads that you want emailed to members should be emailed to Jay Hytone at          True Value Hardware
                                                                                   63rd & Grand, WDM
web@dmwoodworkers.com. Be sure to include a price for each item plus your
                                                                                   Wolfe Machinery
full name and telephone number including area code.                                6300 NW Beaver Dr., Johnston
• The Club receives a small commission on purchases you make on the                Woodchip Shop
WOOD Store and Woodsmith Websites provided your access these websites              6808 Townsend, Urbandale
from the Main Menu of our Website.                                                 515-283-2171
• Skill Development Classes are a real bargain. You only pay for Project           Woodhaven
supplies. Sign up for fall classes will start at the September meeting. Email      501 West 1st Ave., Durant, IA
Tom Brumback at education@dmwoodworkers.com for class information.                 800-344-6657
• Do you have a friend who is interested in woodworking? Bring them as a           Woodsmith Store
guest to the next meeting.                                                         10320 Hickman Rd., Clive
• Are you getting Club emails on items members have for sale or items
members want or questions from other members? If not, send your email              These out-of-state suppliers also offer
                                                                                   member discounts:
address to email@dmwoodworkers.com
• Anyone who knows of the passing of a club member is asked to notify a            Hartville Tool,
Board Member.                                                                      800-345-2396
                                                                                   Lenexa, KS, 913-599-2800
                                                                                   Woodworker’s Supply
Nominating Committee Update                                                           Furniture Repair
By Ron Hilliard, Nominating Committee Chair                                           By Ron Stookey 515-277-1555
                                                                                      Next meeting in September.
The Nominating Committee works to fill vacancies on the Club’s Board of               Watch for details in the
Directors. Last year the Committee was quite active. Ron Vander Meyden                September Newsletter.
agreed to serve as Secretary of the Board and Veryl Kroon volunteered to be
the Librarian for the Club. We are still looking to fill the Newsletter Editor
position. Murray Ellis and Doug Rasmussen plus other Club members have been
performing the job in the interim.                                                    Scrollers
   The Newsletter Editor Job has changed quite a bit since last year and the new      By Rick Hutcheson 515-986-4185
more streamlined editing process means that the task now only requires 3-4 hours      www.scrollsaws.com
per month. The Newsletter Editor collects submissions from various members            Next meeting in September.
(and may request articles as needed), proof-reads material and builds a Word
Document in standard paragraph form. The Editor then sends the Word Document
to a separate layout person who creates the finished Newsletter.
   Many members I spoke with last year regarding the Editor Job worried that          Furniture Making
the task would be too time consuming, require writing skills and require a
                                                                                      By John Twedt 515-964-9294
Masters degree in computer programming. Let me dispel these fears! Given
the new newsletter editing process, the job is quite manageable. The newsletter
                                                                                      Tom Whalley presented to
is an extremely important element of the Club. I hope that you will consider
                                                                                      the furniture makers group
volunteering for the Editor position. It’s a great way to contribute to the Club.
                                                                                      Saturday May 14. He talked
                                                                                      about his interest in modeling
                                                                                      and his experience with
                                                                                      Google’s free CAD program
                                                                                      “SketchUp”. His auto transport
                                                                                      and a portfolio of the model
                                                                                      were available for the members
                                                                                      to see and admire. He also
                                                                                      brought the model of his
                                                                                      antique car and spoke about the
                                                                                      inspiration of it’s construction.
                                                                                         The bulk of the meeting
                                                                                      was spent with Tom showing
                                                                                      his many drawings done in
                                                                                      SketchUp - houses, patios and
September program                                                                     flute racks. He also showed
By Jerry Spencer, Program Chair                                                       how to draw up a table in
                                                                                      SketchUp. The meeting
Club member Steven Brown will be with us to discuss how he creates flowers            was full of information
and butterflies in wood. Steven is a self-taught artist living in Des Moines, Iowa.   and detail. Several people
A Fire Alarm Technician by trade, and wood worker by hobby. Carving flowers           in the group had previous
from wood is his main choice in wood working and he started his carving with          experience in SketchUp and
roses. His love of wood grain shows in the use of “woods of the world “ and           his presentation prompted a
leaving the pieces unpainted to show off the grain.                                   round of questions and problem
   His collection of carved pieces has expanded to now include whole, carved,         solving scenarios.
flowered plants, such as lilies and poinsettias. To quote Steven: “Did you               Our thanks to Tom for an
know you could do THAT with wood? It’s still the same ‘ol wood, it’s the new          informative and stimulating
perspective about our tools that gives the never ending list of wooden wonders!       presentation.
I love it!”                                                                              Our next meeting will be
   See you at the September meeting.                                                  Saturday, September 17.
Education Committee at Work                                                     Special Interest
By Tom Brumback, Education Committee Chairman
Last March we reported results of our club survey concerning our skill          Group News
development classes. Results showed members wanted shorter classes and a
wider variety. Our Education Committee has since been at work identifying
potential instructors, new class offerings and a little different format. We    Furniture Repair/Finishing
are planning on having sign-ups during the September meeting so be sure         By Ron Stookey 515-277-1555
to attend our first meeting of the new season so you don’t miss out on these    Regular meeting on Thursday,
great training opportunities.                                                   September 17 at 1:00 PM. Topic
                                                                                to be determined depending on
                                                                                what is in the shop.
Turning Class News                                                              Scrollers
By Rick Hutcheson 515-986-4185                                                  By Rick Hutcheson 515-986-4185
www.scrollsaws.com                                                              www.scrollsaws.com
The first Basic Turning Class, with Rick                                        Scrollers will meet Thursday,
Hutcheson, was held in June - July. There                                       September 15 at Rick Hutcheson’s
were 6 that signed up, 3 who finished the                                       shop. Topic to be determined!
class, 2 that made one class, and 1 that
never showed up for any classes. Those                                          Furniture Making
completing the class are Marc Swanson,                                          By John Twedt 515-964-9294
Bob Kaufman, and John Hoekstra. The                                             The furniture makers will meet
3 who did not complete the class kept someone who wanted to attend from         on Saturday, September 17 at
participating. If you sign up for a class, please plan on attending every       9:30 at the Woodsmith Store
session. I plan to set up 2 more classes in September for Saturday morning      seminar room. This month’s topic
and on Monday evening. All I ask… is if you sign up, SHOW UP, and               is a demonstration of various
not take a space away from someone else that really wants to attend.            sharpening techniques and tools.

                                                                                Wood Turners
Welcome Bradley Tool & Fastener –                                               By Chuck Dowler 515-981-0197
New Preferred Supplier
                                                                                After a hot summer break it is
Bradley Tool & Fastener located at 6250 NW Drive in Johnston offers             time to get back to turning. Our
sharpening services (24 hour turnaround available) for carbide tipped saw       first meeting of the fall will be
blades, router bits, jointer knives, etc. In addition to sharpening services    Saturday, September 17 at 1:00
they stock saw blades, router bits, tool pouches, power tools, fasteners and    PM. As usual, the meeting
a complete line of Kreg & GRK screws. When you need your carbide tipped         location will be the seminar
blades sharpened or if you are looking for quality saw blades, router bits,     meeting room at the Woodsmith
etc visit Bradley Tool and Fastener. Your membership card entitles you to       Store.
10% off except for power tools, tool repair services, special order items and      Turning demonstration will
sale items.                                                                     be by Jack Rolison. Jack will
                                                                                be starting with a glue-up blank
                                                                                of light and dark colored woods
                                                                                and will be turning a vase. The
Email Service                                                                   multi-colored blank should yield
By Doug Rasmussen, Data Manager                                                 some interesting designs in the
                                                                                completed vessel.
The best way to update your contact information is to send an email to me at       Looking forward to seeing you
email@dmwoodworkers.com. You can also change your contact information           all there.
via our Website. Login and go to Members Menu>Your Web Profile>Edit. If
you make changes in your Website Profile it is best to also send me an email.
The Website does not automatically notify me of Profile changes. I do check
for Website made changes at the end of each Month before updating the
online Directory.
Let’s see your Shop                                                              Des Moines
Video of a member’s shop is a very popular agenda item at our monthly
General Meetings. It is a great shop idea generator. Kevin Rinard produces and   Association, Inc.
Jay Hytone edits these videos for the Club. If you are willing to show other
members your shop, give Kevin a call at 371-2950 or e-mail him at                OFFICERS
Video@dmwoodworkers.com and remember, no shop cleanup is necessary.              President
                                                                                 Jay Eaton. 283-3158
                                                                                 Vice President
                                                                                 Murray Ellis, 987-8035
State Fair Entries and Ribbon winners                                            Secretary
                                                                                 Ron Vander Meyden, 279-0313
WOW…members of the Des Moines Woodworkers did a great job in this                Bob Myers, 987-2949
year’s State Fair woodworking demonstration. Congratulations to all who
entered and especially to those who received ribbons and recognitions. Club      BOARD MEMBERS
Members who were recognized by the judges are listed below (let us know of       Program Chair
any omissions or corrections). There are way too many photos to include in       Jerry Spencer, 276-5693
this newsletter but photos are posted on the club website at                     Education Chair
http://www.dmwoodworkers.com/ - go to Club Menu>Gallery. Have a look             Tom Brumback, 964-3735
at the outstanding items and make sure you congratulate everyone who             Newsletter
participated. Of the 40 ribbons that were awarded, club members brought          Position Vacant,
home 23. Of the 4 best of show awards, club members brought home 2.              Community Service
                                                                                 Russ Wilson, 274-6013
Here is the list:
                                                                                 Veryl (Gene) Kroon, 222-1902
1st = Blue Ribbon, 2nd = Red
Ribbon, 3rd = White Ribbon                                                       VOLUNTEER ASSOCIATES
                                                                                 Data Manager
Turned Wood:                          Scroll Saw:                                Doug Rasmussen, 252-1617
• Dick Meuler (Blue Ribbon)           • Lynn Clary (Blue Ribbon)                 Web Manager
• LeRoy Munson (Red Ribbon)           • Dick Meuler (White Ribbon)               Jay Hytone, 440-3676
• Robert Wallace (2 Honorable         Household Item:                            Turning SIG
Mentions)                             • Dave Grieve (Blue Ribbon)                Chuck Dowler, 981-0197
                                      • John Twedt (Red Ribbon)                  Furniture SIG
Furniture Item:                       • LeRoy Monson (White Ribbon)              John Twedt, 964-9294
• Russell Hansen (Red Ribbon)         • Russell Hansen (Honorable Mention)       Scrolling SIG
• John Twedt (White Ribbon)                                                      Rick Hutcheson, 986-4185
                                      Senior Citizen Project:                    Furniture Repair SIG
Table:                                • Mel Slaybaugh (Blue Ribbon)              Ron Stookey, 277-1555
• Tom Brumback (Blue Ribbon)          • Bill Hopkins (Red Ribbon)                Shop Videos
• Phil Laudenklos (Red Ribbon)                                                   Kevin Rinard, 371-2950
• Dave Grieve (White Ribbon)          Best of Show:                              Nominating Chair
• Bill Hopkins (Honorable                                                        Ron Hilliard, 277-4055
                                      • Tom Brumback (Blue Ribbon)
Mention)                                                                         Special Events
                                      • Dick Meuler (White Ribbon)
                                                                                 Bob Saunders, 981-9087
Model:                                                                           Public Relations
                                                                                 Ron Stookey, 277-1555
• Mel Slaybough (Red Ribbon)          • Dennis Craig                             General Meeting Treats
                                      • Mel Slaybaugh                            Alicia Snell, 633-8761
• Shawn Brown (Red Ribbon)
Future Calendar Dates for 2011
September 13 – 7:00 PM Regular Club meeting at The Woodsmith Store
October 11 - 7:00 PM Regular Club meeting at The Woodsmith Store
November 8 –7:00 PM Regular Club meeting at The Woodsmith Store
December 13 – Annual Christmas get together – Details in November

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