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					                   Reactions to the six mandatory sessions

Session 1: Snowing the Seeds for a More Creative Society
      Mike Resnick
       Creative Society
             a. Beginning student learning-kindergarten
             b. Boys vs. girls
       Scratch
             a. animated stories
             b. video games
             c. interactive art
       Crickets
             a. light up
             b. play music
             c. spin
             d. math
             e. science
             f. engineering
Mr. Resnick’s learning theory may apply to younger students as he states. I
have only taught high school aged students who are beyond most of Mr.
Resnick’s theories. However I do think if we start implementing such changes
to younger students it will have a tremendous effect on today’s society.

Session 2: Daring Conversations
      Deneen Frazier-Bowen
           Research
                 o 5 minutes on digital native
                 o Lack of verbal socialization
To me this session didn’t provide a strong educational theory or opinion to me.
A few semesters ago I completed the same research, nothing she said was a
shock, nor useful in my classroom.
Session 3: Students, Technology and Copyright
       Anthony Jongejan
           Copyright
                 o 10 percent rule
                 o Educational law vs. public law
My second semester of TEAM was dedicated to technology copyrighting. This
session was not stimulating in anyway to me.

Session 4: Why Community Matters
       Alan November
            Community
                  o Leadership/management change
                  o More in-person communication
            School
                  o Why 180 day?
                  o Relationships
I thought this session to be very interesting. Mr. November brings up a lot of
great points about the technology age. He states that teachers should be a
broker for relationships, which is what teachers tend to do today. I also agree
with his views on leadership. I think in a classroom creating strong leaders are
very important.

Session 5: Students as Producers
       Hall Davidson and Tim Tyson
        Critical thinking
              o Changing Nature
              o Teachers – Students – Parents (technology life cycle)
              o Students transfer knowledge
At the school I teach at, seniors can opt to take senior English as a theater
class. The students write their own plays and perform them to the school as
well as in a small off Broadway Theater in NYC. The kids are extremely
motivated when they make a connection with a famous actor doing exactly
what they do. I think this is a great tool and more schools should have such

Session 6: Learning Environments for Digital Kids
       Ian Jukes
        Digital Native
              o Immigrant vs native
              o Adapt or ignore
This session was informative for the most part. Again another topic TEAM spent
a semester on. It is very usefully in the classroom if the teacher knows how.

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