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					                                            The Heart             The Nervous

                                         My Body

                                                                 The Digestive

                                                                  The Skin

                                                               The Skeletal System

                                         by : Briar Golladay
                                          Mrs. Kolocouris Muscles of the


                                              Class : Y5 The Circulatory System
     The Skeletal System
 Dark green leafy vegetables are good for your bones.
 Sardines and salmon are also good for bones.

     The skeletal system is the collection of bones that holds
  the rest of us up. Our skeleton is one of the most important
  parts of our body. It actually has three main jobs that help
  us a lot.It protects many of our super important organisms
  like our brain heart and lungs. It holds us up and keeps our
  shape and last but definitely not least, it allows us to move.

  I learned lots of exciting things about the skeletal system, I
 learned that when babies are born they have about 350 bones in
 their bodies, but when they get older they have 206 bones in their
 body. A joint holds your bones together where they meet. The end
 of each joint is covered by cartilage. I learned so much about the
 skeletal system.
                                                      Skeletal System
                                                     A good way to make your bones strong is to
                                                      drink lots of milk.
                                                     Some good exercises for your bones are
                                                      tennis, walking, hiking, or dancing.
                                                          The skeletal system has many important functions. Some
                                                       of these functions include providing shape for our bodies,
                                                       allowing bodily movement, making blood for the body, and it
                                                       also stores 206 bones!!!! Also, the softer tissues of the body
                                                       are attached to the skeletal system. The brain is also
                                                       protected by bones and so are the heart and lungs. Muscles
                                                       are connected to bones by tendons and where bones meet
                                                       another bone is usually called a joint. Those are some
                                                       important facts about the skeletal
                                                       system. .html
                                                           Here are some facts I know about the skeletal
                                                       system. I know that without the skeletal system
                                                       you would be a blob of goo. I also learned that the
                                                       skeletal system is all of the bones in my body and
                                                       that there are 206 bones in my body. I also learned
                                                       that your teeth are not counted as bones, but they
                                                       are still considered part of the skeletal system. I
                                                       also learned that babies have more bones than
                                                       adults!!! It is also pretty cool that you can make
                                                       your bones strong by just running or jogging. It wa
                                                       really cool learning about the skeletal system!

            Muscles of the Body
•. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables. They help your muscles stay strong.
•Stretch before exercising, so you don’t pull a muscle.

  A muscle is the contractile tissue of animals and is derived from the
  mesodermal layer of embryonic cells. Muscle cells actually contain
  contractile filaments that move past each other and change the size of the
  cell. They are classified as skeletal, cardiac, or smooth muscles. They
  produce force and they cause motion.

                                I learned so many things about muscles! I learned
                                That you have to stretch before you exercise or
                                Else you could dislocate your muscle. I learned
                                That foods like fish, fruit, ( as long as you don’t have
                                too much) and veggies are good for your bones. I also
                                learned about what bones were made out of. (Contractile
                                tissue) It was really gross and exciting! 

          Muscles of the
  •You should only work out for 30-40 minutes a day,
   but no more or else your muscles can get strained.
  •Make sure you stay hydrated while you work out.

  There are more than 600 muscles in your body. Those
amazing muscles do everything. They pump blood through
your body, and help you lift heavy things. You control a lot of
your muscles, but others, like the heart work by themselves.
Isn’t that interesting?

I learned tons of things about muscles. I learned that there are 3 types of muscles. They
are called smooth muscles, cardiac muscles, and skeletal muscles. I learned that
thousands of small fibers make up a muscle. I learned that there are muscles behind
your eyes too. Muscles are fun to learn about!!!
                                    The Skin
•You can get skin cancer from staying out in the sun too long.

•The skin stores fat, water, and vitamin D.

  The skin is the biggest organ in your body! It is very important!!
It protects every single thing in your body. Without skin your organs
and bones would stick out of your body and you would look like
the creepiest person on Earth. Skin protects our bodies, I helps them
stay at the right temperature, allows us to have a sense of touch, and
much, much, more!

                                                            The skin is very interesting!! I learned that it
                                                          is made up of three layers. I learned that it
                                                          holds vital resources, like water. I learned that
                                                          the skin is the bodies biggest organ. I also
                                                          learned the skin weights approximately 6
                                                          pounds. I learned so much about the skin!

                    :)The Skin:)
Smoking can make your skin look older and less attractive.
You should always wear sun block on hot sunny days!

 The skin is really cool. It is the biggest and heaviest organ in your body.
 It is made up of millions of cells. Each cell dies and falls off without you
 even noticing! The skin has layers. There are 7 layers of skin in your
 body! The skin keeps your body together without it you would just see
 your muscles and intestines. I learned so many things about the skin!

The skin is so important. It is the largest
organ in your body! It could way imbetween
6 and 8 pounds! That’s cool!!! The skin has
lots and lots of jobs. It is actually
waterproof so you can go swimming. It
helps keep sickness out. It also helps
To regulate your temperature. Isn’t that
                   The Nervous System
                 •There are more nerves in your body than stars in the Milky Way!
                 •There are 100 billion neutrons in your brain alone!

                             The nervous system is very complex. It has tons of parts.
                            It is divided into two main systems, the central nervous
                           system, and the peripheral nervous system. The spinal cord
                           and the brain make up the central nervous system. Its main
                           job is to get the information from the body and send
                           instructions to other parts of the body. The peripheral nervous
                           system is made up of all the nerves and the wiring. This system
                           sends the messages from the brain to the rest if the body.

                           The nervous system is very cool! It helps you with
                           smelling, seeing, hearing, laughing, and even breathing.
                           It is made up of your brain, your spinal cord, and your
                           nerves. It helps you with blinking, walking and pretty much,
                           thinking. That is because your brain is one of the parts!
                           You could never survive without it!

                   The Digestive System
       •You should eat a lot of fiber rich foods to keep your digestive system healthy.
       •Drink lots of fluids to help your digestive system.

     The digestive system takes 24 to 72 hours to digest food. The human
   digestive track is 20 feet long! Fibers help the digestive system and they
   can make you feel better if you are having digestive problems. It takes 8
   organs in your body just to digest a glass of milk! There is so much to
   Know about the digestive system.
 The human digestive system is very
complex. When you eat your body digests
your food to make it into energy for your
cells. There is acid in your stomach that
breaks down the food. The small intestine is
where the food gets broken down and then it
is small enough for the cells. I learned so
 much about the digestive system.

                                     The Circulatory System
Your circulatory system is very exciting! It is made up of
tiny vessels and the many muscles that help and control
the flow of your blood around your body. This fabulous
process is called circulation. The main parts of your
circulatory system are your heart, arteries, capillaries,
and, last but not least your veins!

•Do not      The circulatory system is so
cut off your awesome! It is really long and
circulation it has important things like
! Garlic     arteries, your heart, and your
actually     veins. It keeps blood flowing
helps the    and circulates your whole
circulatory body! Its jobs are very
system by    important! Without your
clearing     circulatory system you
out your     Would definitely die! It is very
arteries.    important!                            
                The Respiratory System


    •To keep your respiratory system healthy you should not smoke!
    •Secondhand smoke is also very bad for your lungs!

                                                         Your respiratory system is very
                                                         important! It is what produces
                                                         oxygen for your body. It has more
                                                         than six organs that work together
                                                         to help you breath. The respiratory
                                                         system supplies your blood with
                                                         oxygen so it can carry it all around
                                                         to other parts of the body. It is very
/faculty/farabee/BIOBK/humrespsys_1.gif                  neat!!!
                  The Respiratory System
                             How do people breath? They use the
                             respiratory system, of course! This is
                             how you breath using the respiratory
                             system. Your diaphragm and other
                             muscles help you breath. Those muscles                      It helps to
                             change the space and pressure that is                       exercise until
                             inside your body to accommodate                             you are out
                             breathing. When your diaphragm pulls                        of breath to
                             down, it doesn’t only leave more space                      keep your
                             for the lungs, but it also lowers the                       system
                             internal air pressure. Isn’t that cool?                     healthy!
ent/respritory/Respiratory-System.jpg                                                    Try to hold
The respiratory system is fabulous! It controls your                                     your breath
breathing! Here are some cool facts about the                                            as long as
respiratory system. The air that we breath out has                                       you can to
about 100 times more carbon dioxide than the air                                         make your
we breath in. Every minute you should breath in                                          lungs
about 13 pints of air! I learned so much about the                                       healthy.
respiratory system.

            The Heart

 The heart is extremely important!! It is pretty
much nothing more
than a pump, even though you need it to
survive! It is a muscle ( If you didn’t know! ). It
is even one of the strongest muscles in your
body. Its main job is
pumping blood through your body! It is part of
your respiratory and circulatory system!
Hearts are so amazing!


         The heart is one of the most important organs in the human body.
         It beats approximately 72 times per minute. The heart pumps our blood
         ( that carries really important things) throughout our whole body.
         A healthy heart is the size of your fist. Like others muscles in your body
         it contracts and expand too. The heart is one of the most vital organs in
         your body!
                   The Heart
   The human heart works tirelessly. In an average
 lifetime the heart beats about two and a half billion
 times. It will never pause and rest. Hearts provide
 power needed for life. Your heart is actually sort of
 shaped like an upside down pear. The heart is very
 cool. It is made up of 4 cavities, you could also call
 them open spaces. Two of those 4 cavities are
 called atria and the other 2 are called ventricles.
 The heart is more complex than most people think.

  I learned lots about the heart. The heart is a
pump. The left side of people’s hearts have 2
chambers, they are called the left atrium and the left
ventricle. The right side of your heart has 2
connected changes too. The heart is part of the
circulatory system too. It pumps blood through your
body. The heart has many jobs.
Don’t rush to get ready for work. Get up 15 minutes
Avoid prepared foods. Almost all are loaded with fat,
sugar, and salt.

                                                      occipital: situated
mandible: the bone of     fibula: the outer and       near the occipital
the lower jaw             thinner of the 2 bones      bone
                          of the leg, extending
cranium: the skull of     from the knee to the ankle. biceps: the muscle
a vertebrate                                          at the front of the
                                                      upper arm
radius: the bone of the
forearm on the thumb                                  triceps: the muscle at
                                                      the back of the upper
ulna: the bone on the                                 arm
forearm on the side
opposite of the thumb
                                                      soleus : the muscle in the
tibia: the inner of the 2                             calf of the leg, behind th
bones of the leg, that                                gastrocnemius muscle th
extend from the knee                                  helps extend the foot
to the ankle and articulate                           forward
with the femur and the talus.

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