Music in Love and Romance

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					Music in Love and
  Messages of Love Songs
  Music Celebrating Love
   Longing for for Love
        Lost Love
    Basic Messages of Love Songs
 The Celebration of Love- conveys the
  emotion of joy and happiness.
 Longing for Love-conveys the emotion of
 Lost Love-conveys the emotion of sadness
  and sometimes anger.
          Celebrating Love
 Most songs that address love often
  communicates through lyrics.
 Lyrics are verbal messages set to music.
 Creative Devices for Writing Lyrics
 Metaphor- A figure of speech in which one
  word or phrase is used to designate
  another.- An example would be “Cry me a
 Symbolism- The use of one idea to
  represent or stand for another.- An
  example would be Bette Midler’s song,
  “The Rose”.
    Creative Devices (Continued)
 Prosody- The musical qualities of
  language.- An example would be that
  upward movement of the melody
  represents positive feelings.
 Hook- A “grabber” phrase that often
  accompanies the words of the song’s
  title.- Reinforces the song’s main
Themes of Songs Celebrating Love
 Boundless Joy of Love- Falling in love
  awakens new feelings.- Song example, “A
  Whole New World”.
 Sense of Belonging- The feeling you are
  special to someone. All you need is that
  person.- Song example, “I Got You Babe”.
 Love that Lasts- Believing the love you
  have will never end.- Song example, “I’m
  Gonna Love You Forever”.
Themes of Celebration (Continued)
   The Image of Perfection- No one is as
    good as the person you love.- Song
    example, “You Are So Beautiful”.
     Celebrating Love Review
 What are the three basic messages
  communicated by love songs?
 What are the four creative devices used
  by songwriters when writing lyrics?
 What are the four themes of songs that
  celebrate love?
          Longing for Love
 Families of the 19th century would often
  gather around the piano and sing popular
  songs of the day.
 This was made possible by advancements
  in music publishing and the circulation of
  songs by travelling musicians.
        Stanzas and Cadences
 The typical stanza of a song consists of four or
  more lines with a set meter or rhyme scheme.-
  Short enough to be read or sang in one breath.
 A cadence is a breathing break. Usually occurs
  at the end of a line of the stanza.
 A full cadence acts like a period at the end of a
  sentence.- Convey a felling of finality.
 A half cadence acts like a comma within a
  sentence. Also occurs at the end of a line of the
  stanza. Conveys a feeling of continuity.
                 Jazz Ballads
   In jazz ballads, the lyrics take a back seat
    to the improvisation and formal structure
    of the music.
     Longing for Love Review
 What made it possible for families of the
  19th century to gather around the piano
  and sing?
 Describe the structure of a stanza.
 Describe a full cadence. Half cadence.
 How is the importance of lyrics in popular
  songs different from that of jazz ballads?
                    Lost Love
   Forms of lost love
    – Hope that the love isn’t lost, but only
    – The person gives up on the idea of
      recapturing the love.
Madama Butterfly and Miss Saigon
   Similarities
    – Both are song stories
    – Both occur during war time
    – Both involve women that fell in love with
    – Both men Marry American women
    – Both involve children
    – Both involve suicide
Madama Butterfly and Miss Saigon
   Differences
    – Madama Butterfly takes place in Japan while
      Miss Saigon takes place in Vietnam.
    – The man in Madama Butterfly is in the navy
      while the man in Miss Saigon is in the
    – Madama Butterfly is abandoned while Miss
      Saigon is separated from her love.
             Unrequited Love
   The concept of unrequited love is love
    that is not returned.
         Lost Love Review
 What are the forms of lost love?
 Draw a Venn diagram comparing Madama
  Butterfly and Miss Saigon.
 What is unrequited love?

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