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					Rabies in the Domestic Dog
  Response in a Rural West Texas

            Kathy Parker
        Zoonosis Control Branch
Upton County
       Towns: Mc Camey, Rankin &
        Rocky land in the Edwards Plateau
       (Flat in the Northern portions
       rolling, hilly landscape).
       Numerous small lakes that drain
       into the tributaries of the Middle
       Concho and Pecos Rivers.
Pop. 800
County Seat
Oil related business/ ranching
No Veterinarian
Part-time Animal Control
MC Camey
     Pop. 1,805
     Oil related Business/ ranching
     No Veterinarian
     Part-time Animal Control
Upton County
               Rural West Attitudes
Animals work …
People are use to rabies … “The Hydrophobia”
Vets … are too expensive, unnecessary and a waste of money.
 shoot it and let it lay.
“Well … fine … if my dog dies of rabies I won’t have to feed it anymore”
“You can’t make me vaccinate my dogs …their mine!”
“My dog is full blooded chow isn’t he protected from rabies?”
“He can’t have rabies … he’s not acting like Cujo … he’s real friendly”
So … What’s the problem?
                     Upton mostly reported skunk

                     1980 - 14 cases and those were
                     mostly skunk.
Oh …that’s A problem!
 By End of December 2006 we would
 have 16 rabies cases and most of
 those would be the texas fox variant
 of rabies.
 We also had an increase of clinically
 suspicious cases in/around the city
 of Mc Camey.
Mc Camey – 8/14/06
            Two rabid FoxES
            Euthanasia options
           - two dogs
           - nine cats
         Quarantine: 90-day (one dog)
         Variant: Texas Fox
                    Domestic Dog - 1
Muffin - Heeler/Pit, six month old, no
Onset 09/26/06
increased Temp
Hind limb paralysis
Excessive salivation
Death – 09/29/06
Additional Info …
            Porcupine quills
            Skunk exposure – three weeks prior
            Pet exposures: one dog – euthanasia
         Human exposures:
         - 11 people evaluated
         - 3 people took PEP ( 4/2/2)
         Rabies Positive
         Variant – Texas Fox
         *** Media started –
“That Animal Ain’t Right”
   October stories …
Increased number of calls
   - Fox attacking oilfield trucks
   - 2 foxes(10/10-13) and 1
    raccoon(10/16) –
*** leads to our next rabid dog
Domestic Dog - 2
          Gypsy – pointer mix, three years
          old, no vaccination
          Third litter of puppies
          Town stray
          10/19 – Gypsy/puppies (4), two
          kittens(3 months) were picked up By
          Taken to Fort stockton Veterinarian
          for euth
The Story continues …
  AC decided that there were no real exposures to the animals
  10/26 – all four puppies and the two kittens were adopted
  10/29 – Veterinarian calls … Gypsy is sick.
 - Feverish, lame on her right front leg – dermatitis
And Continues …
  Retrieve all the puppies and kittens and Decide their final
  10/30 – anorexic
             falling down
            104.6 T
*** starts antibiotic treatment
And Continues …
 10/31 - Recumbent with head bent back
          along dorsum
         - Struggles to rise / falls over
         - Front limbs knuckle in at the carpus
         - Can get up on her back limbs
         - Hypersensitive to sound / air
         - Muscle tremors
         - 104.9 - 99.0
   Continued Antibiotic treatment …
And it Ends …
  11/1/06 – 91.0 temperature
            - still responsive
            - wags tail
Continues antibiotic treatment & LRS
   *** 11/2/06 – DIC
      11/3/06 – Rabies positive
                   Texas Fox variant
Gypsy … The Movie
               Additional Info …
Puppies and kittens - 90 days and a series of vaccinations – All lived
Human – 33 people were interviewed
            … no one took PEP

          NO more Adoptions out of Upton county
Dr. Miller and Bob
Domestic Dog - 3
          Baxter – Yorkshire terrier, 10
          no vaccinations, uncastrated
          Free roaming
          Extremely friendly
          12/4/06 – AC calls for advice
          regarding aggressive family terrier.
Where In the world is Baxter?
  Recommended veterinary observation.
  He had already fought with family and neighborhood
  He had already bitten three people (one adult and two
  children 11/30 & 12/2).
  He had a nickname … “The Licker”
  Its raining raccoons
Baxter Story Continues …
   12/4 - aggressive
          - anorexic
          - hind limbs are very stiff
          - later in the day … back begins to
            hunch up
          - lymph nodes enlarged
          - increased phlegm in throat – hacking
          - foul breath
          - excited to lucid
*** Antibiotic treatment is started
Baxter Story Continues …
   12/5 – diarrhea,
         - ataxic
         - odd prancing gaits
         - hind limbs slide out or he falls over
         - aggressive
         - hypersensitive

Later in the afternoon … DIC … sample sent
*** 12/6 – Rabies positive – Texas Fox
Additional Info …
 - Animals:
    - Five dogs quarantined, Five destroyed
    - One cat quarantined, six destroyed
 - People:
    - 48 people interviewed
    - 14 people took PEP (Ages - 14 months to 50y)
    - Most were children
    - Five separate families
Baxter Video …
Domestic Dog - 4
 Chata, Pit Bull, 4yr.
 No vaccinations
 Chained up, front yard
 Found dead 12/8 – specimen
 Sick for a week
 Rabies positive 12/10 –TF
 Owner took PEP
MCCamey Vet Clinic
McCamey/rankin handbaiting
               ORVP ends 1/27
               1/31- handbaiting begins
               Three teams, maps
               Distributed – 907 baits(Mccamey),
               451 baits(rankin)
               State agencies, county and city
               Oops …another Tf out of the zone
Bobcats and Rabies
       Many Thanks …
 Department of State Health Services
- Zoonosis Control Branch
 Wildlife Services
 City of Mccamey
 City of Rankin
 Upton County

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