Unit_201-Candidate_guidance by huanghengdong


									                              NVQ Level 2 Business and Administration
                              Unit 201 Carry out your responsibilities at work
                              Unit 201 Guidance for Candidates

                  Unit 201 Guidance for Candidates
For this unit you will:
    communicate information
    plan and be accountable for your work
    improve your own performance
    behave in a way that supports effective working.

In this unit you will demonstrate your communication skills both orally in discussions, and
by accurately presenting written information. You will show how you plan and prioritise
your work in order to meet targets and deadlines and why it is important to maintain high
standards and take responsibility for your own work. You will need to explain the sort of
behaviour that supports and fosters good working relationships and the need to
continuously improve and develop your own performance, as well as demonstrating your
willingness to take on new challenges.

The evidence you may produce to demonstrate your competence in these areas could
     written communications – letters, emails, memos, reports
     records of discussions
     minutes of meetings
     to do lists
     action plans
     reviews
     appraisals
     personal development plan
     continuous professional development records
     research about work policies and/or procedures
     research documents from intranet
     training records.

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