Assembling a Multimedia Development Team

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					    Assembling a Multimedia
    e-Learning Development Team
   How is multimedia development is different from other
    software development projects?
        Graphics and other media require special skills
        Much more emphasis on designing for the user
        Artistic and software design
        E-learning also requires instructional design
   How is multimedia development similar to other
    software development projects?
        Software life cycle still applies: analysis->design->
         ->implementation->testing->delivery->maintenance (&cycle)
        Management skills: coordinating people with different talents
         and agendas
   Multimedia development is rarely a one-person show
        Real world development requires a team pooling many talents
        The whole is greater than sum of its parts
One minute paper
   How is interactive multimedia
    development different from yet similar
    to other software development?
    Project manager or producer
   Someone with people & resource management skills
        Vaughan: “Budgets, schedules, creative sessions, time sheets,
         illness, invoices, team dynamics—
         the project manager is the glue that holds the team together.”
   Responsible for overseeing project timeline & priorities
        Communication, delegation and documentation
        Why is important to have a project timeline and set priorities?
        Lopuck: “The job can be a three-ring circus because nothing
         ever goes as planned.”
        Why is it important to schedule meetings?
        Why is it important to keep minutes of meetings?
        Why is it important to have a project librarian?
        Where would you keep documents for your project?
   Who has this talent or wants to develop it?
Graphic designer, Art director
   Someone who knows how to organize and
    communicate visual information
       Juxt Interactive: “responsible for creative design
        and experience as a whole… impressed on the
   Designs user interface and how material gets
    presented to audience
       Connie Coleman, Philadelphia School of Art
   Who has this talent or wants to develop it?
Script or content writer
   Someone who communicate clearly
    through written text
       Vaughan: “content writers...glean
        information from context experts,
        synthesize it, and then communicate it in a
        clear and concise manner.”
       Jennifer Birch
   Who has talent for writing?
Sound designer
   Somene with a good ear for voice-overs
    and sound effects
   Is narration with text a good idea?
   Library of sound effects as cues
   Music
Videographer (video producer)
   Someone with a good eye for video and
    making every megabyte count!
   Carries over skills from movie or TV
   Video is costly, in terms of production
    and space/bandwidth requirements
Subject matter expert
   Someone skilled and knowledgeable in a
    given topic area
   Helps identify background resources for
    building the content outline
   Reviews content design for factual integrity,
    completeness and educational effectiveness
   Usually not a designer or developer
   Why is role especially important role for your
Instructional designer
   Someone who can assess educational
    needs and design and evaluate lessons
   Conducts needs assessment
   Matches design to instructional needs
   Leads effort to evaluate the program for
    educational effectiveness
Multimedia programmers
   Someone who can implement programs that
    integrate media elements
   Given a clear design and previously created media
    elements (graphics, sounds, video, etc.) a
    programmer creates running software for the title
   Vaughan: “A multimedia programmer [is a] software
    engineer [who] integrates all of the multimedia
    elements into a seamless whole using an authoring
    language or programming language.”
   How is this different from most programming?
Quality assurance engineer
   Tests to make sure a title works
    according to spec and work for users
   In real world, an external, third party
   May involve actual user observations
    and/or focus group sessions
What roles could you play?
   Write a one (or two) minute paper
    justifying the roles you could play or
    would be motivated to learn how to
    play on a multimedia e-learning

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