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					Microsoft Word

Writing documents
         Find and open Word
Look on your desktop for & click on it :
Click on START, look for and click on it:

Click on START 
(All) Programs 
click Word:
           Making sense of Word
Menu &

              TEXT AREA: LOOK FOR
              BLINKING CURSOR!
                Menu & Toolbars
MENU: File, Edit, View, Insert, Format, Tools, Table, Windows, Help

TOOLBARS: Rows of icons (small buttons with a symbol)

SCROLL BARS: Vertical and Horizontal – move page up/down and left/right
                         Text Area
How the text area may look like?       PRINT
-Print Layout                          LAYOUT

-Web Layout
-Outline Layout

To set layout:                                  LAYOUT
View (click)  open pull-down list 
choose PRINT LAYOUT (click)
           Text Area: Print Layout
Horizontal/ vertical rulers:
- Margins: File (click)  pull-down
menu  Page Setup (click)  pop-
up window  select  OK
           Text Area: Writing
Exercise: Let’s Write!
We are now learning about Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word is a
program that allows us to write using the computer.

         Word makes it easier to write your resume.

         You can use Word to write letters.

But most importantly, Word is used in almost all office-related
            Text Area: Writing

Exercise: Let’s Write! – Please insert the following paragraph
after the sentence: “We are now learning about Microsoft Word.”

To open the program, you have to click on START and look for the
Word icon. Once you see it, you have to click on the icon.
Text Area: Fixing mistakes (Undo)

 Exercise 2: Please select all the text on your screen and delete
 it. Then type three sentences about yourself (your name, your
 occupation and your favorite color).

 Please select your favorite color and delete it (use backspace).
 Then write instead the color you dislike most.

 Please select your name and delete it (use backspace). Then
 write instead the name “Anna”.
Let’s save the document
you have created, using
the Menu.
FILE (click)  pull-down
menu  Save As (click) 
pop-up screen  give a
name  location  SAVE

Close document (File/
Open document
Exercise: HELP Function

HELP (click)  Microsoft
Word Help (click)  pop-
up window

You can: type a word/
phrase/ question
Or you can look at
Contents and select
Or you can look at index
Let’s change the color of
your font, the font style and
the size.

Highlight the first sentence.
Format (click)  Font 
pop-up window  select
Font: Comic Sans MS 
select Font style: Bold Italic
 select size 14 00 
select color: Green  OK

Exercise: Highlight
sentence with your favorite
color and change it to Arial,
20, italic, blue.
                 STANDARD TOOLBAR

- Click on the white page button – what happened?
- Click on the percentage list and select 25% - what happened?
- Click on the yellow, semi-open folder – what happened?
- Position your cursor on each icon and wait a few seconds.
What do you see?
                       FORMAT TOOLBAR

- Select the first sentence. Change the Font
to Arial Black, size 20.
-Select your profession. Change it to
-Select the entire text. Change its alignment
to centered.
-Select the entire text. Click on this icon.
What happened?
-Select the entire text. Click on the next
icon. What happened?

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