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					Sleeping Dangers of Excess
Try to sleep enough for 6-8 hours a day.

YouTube - Sleep is one of the therapies to nourish the body. Lack of
sleep makes the body can not recover damages cells and tissues that occur
every day. But remember, excessive sleep is also harmful to health.

As quoted from page Idiva, a study showed that the ideal sleep duration
is eight hours a day. Sleep more than 6-8 hours a day actually accelerate
damage to body cells that have the potential to reduce life expectancy by
17 percent.

A health expert in Mumbai, Dr Prakash Lulla, say, excessive sleep
triggers a number of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, migraine,
and increased risk of cardiovascular disease such as heart attacks and
hormonal disorders.

"One of the adverse effects that often arise from too much sleep is
obesity," Aryan Hospital Medical Director of Mumbai, Dr Sunita Dube,

Here are some tips to feel fresh and do not want to add time to sleep, as
stated Dr. Lulla.

1. Make sure your last dinner at least three hours before bedtime. "Try
to get used to eating fruit or a glass of milk before dinner and avoid
drinking tea or coffee before going to bed."

2. Exercise routine. Not only will make you sleep soundly, but also makes
the body fresh.

3. After exhausting activity throughout the day, showers can make
yourself more relaxed and sleep soundly.

4. Avoid noisy atmosphere during sleep. Try listening to classical music,
reading books

themed mild, relaxing or playing games before bed can improve sleep

5. Try to no more waking up at 6, because it will make the body more
refreshed and ready for a day of activity without fatigue at bedtime

6. Create a bedroom with good air circulation. Intake of sufficient
oxygen will make the mind calm and normalize body functions.

7. Avoid napping too long. Nap about 45 minutes no problem, just do not
until 2-3 hours because it will ruin night's sleep patterns.

8. Avoid bad thoughts before bed. When stress strikes, use some tricks to
calm down as meditation or yoga before bed.
9. Set of alarms with a size of 7-8 hours sleep in the morning. Sleep as
long as it is the best time to do the regeneration of body cells are
damaged. Because sleep is less than that is also harmful to health.

10. If all the tricks are done, but still always feel sleepy even after
sleeping over 12 hours, maybe it's time you visit the doctor. Always
sleepy despite getting enough sleep can be a marker of a number of
serious diseases

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