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    Live Webinar         on
     Provider & Private Practice Group Reducing Risk In Their Practice

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     Tuesday, January 31, 2012          10:00 AM PST | 01:00 PM EST
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     Duration: 60 Minutes               Instructor: Joseph R. Batte

     Location: Online                   Price : $195.00   (for one participant)

                                                                                           Instructor Profile:

                                                                                                       Joseph R. Batte
    This topic will focus on how health care providers can stay out of                           President, Kristall Associates,
    trouble. Too often health care providers concentrate on providing                                         Inc
    services and neglect any effort to avoid penalties for fraud and
    abuse, leaving them exposed to punitive actions.                                       Joseph Batte is president of Kristall
                                                                                           Associates, a compliance, and risk
    State & federal agencies which oversee healthcare programs are                         assessment specialist for the health
    increasing their efforts to eliminate fraud and abuse. Resulting in                    care provider community as well as
                                                                                           the litigation support community. He
    close scrutiny of provider practices.
                                                                                           is a former special agent with the US
                                                                                           Office of Inspector General and
                                                                                           participated in the development of
    Areas Covered in the Session:
                                                                                           that Departments compliance
                                                                                           guidance’s. He is a nationally known
                                                                                           speaker on compliance and has
       l   Have an active compliance plan.
                                                                                           authored the book "Doctors are from
       l   Never bill services you did not provide
                                                                                           Jupiter, Compliance is from a galaxy
       l   Never conduct any business that results in unwarranted                          far away. ...more
       l   Never certify any services unless they are necessary &
           appropriate and in line with the diagnosis and well being of
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       l   Never allow referring providers to extend services not                           Your Necessity is our Priority
       l   Never use codes that do not refer to the actual services
       l   Never change medical records when challenged by a payer or
           add subtract or try to improve documentation.

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    Who Will Benefit:

       l   Health Care Professionals
       l   Health Service Providers
       l   Compliance Officers
       l   CEO's
       l   Corporate Attorneys

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