HIPAA Compliance Audits: How to be Prepared for the New Random Audit Program by mentorhealth


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     HIPAA Compliance Audits: How to be Prepared for the New Random
     Audit Program

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     Thursday, February 02, 2012          10:00 AM PST | 01:00 PM EST
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     Duration: 90 Minutes                 Instructor: Jim Sheldon-Dean

                                          Price : $195.00   (for one
     Location: Online
                                                                                       Instructor Profile:

                                                                                                  Jim Sheldon-Dean
                                                                                                 Director of Compliance
    In this session we will discuss the HIPAA audit and enforcement                              Services, Lewis Creek
    processes and how they apply to covered entities and business                                     Systems, LLC
    associates, and the new random HIPAA compliance audit program in
    particular. We will explain the enforcement regulations and their                  Jim Sheldon-Dean is the founder
    recent changes that increase fines and create new penalty levels,                  and director of compliance services
    including new penalties for willful neglect of compliance that begin at            at Lewis Creek Systems, LLC, a
    $10,000. We will discuss what information and documentation needs                  Vermont-based consulting firm
                                                                                       founded in 1982, providing
    to be prepared in advance so that you can be ready for an audit
                                                                                       information privacy and security
    without notice. Sample information request forms and questions
                                                                                       regulatory compliance services to
    asked at prior audits will be presented.                                           health care firms and businesses
                                                                                       throughout the Northeast and
                                                                                       nationally. Sheldon-Dean’s firm
    Areas Covered in the Session:                                                      provides a variety of advisory,
                                                                                       training, assessment, policy
                                                                                       development, project management
       l   Fines and penalties for violations of the HIPAA regulations                 and mitigation services for a number
           have been significantly increased and now include mandatory                 of health care providers, businesses,
           fines for willful negligence that begin at $10,000 minimum.                 universities, small and large
       l   HIPAA Audits have been few and far between in the past, but                 hospitals, urban and rural mental
           that's now changing - the HHS is now auditing HIPAA covered                 health and social service agencies,
           entities and business associates even if there have been no                 health insurance plans and health
                                                                                       care business associates. He serves
           complaints or problems reported.
                                                                                       on the HIMSS Information Systems
       l   Find out what HHS OCR is likely to ask you if you are selected      
                                                                                       Security Workgroup, the Workgroup
           for an audit, and what you'll have to have prepared already                 for Electronic Data Interchange
           when they do.                                                               Privacy and Security Workgroup,
       l   Find out what the rules are that you need to comply with and                and co-chairs the WEDI HIPAA
           what policies you can adopt that can help you come into                     Updates sub-workgroup. ...more
       l   Learn how the HIPAA rules have changed and how you may
           need to change how you work to keep up with them.                          Suggest a Topic       More Webinars
       l   Learn how having a good compliance process can help you
           stay compliant more easily.                                                  Your Necessity is our Priority
       l   Find out what you'll need to have documented to survive an
           audit and avoid fines.
       l   Find out what you'll need to think about to deal with future
           threats to the security of patient information.
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    Who Will Benefit:

       l   Compliance director
       l   CEO
       l   CFO
       l   Privacy Officer
       l   Security Officer
       l   Information Systems Manager
       l   HIPAA Officer
       l   Chief Information Officer
       l   Health Information Manager
       l   Healthcare Counsel/lawyer
       l   Office Manager

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