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    Lottery Opening Manager

       Using Lottery Opening Manager
           Portland Public Schools
Access to School Choice Admin Tools

• School Choice Admin Tools is accessible through the PPS
• Principals can use Admin Tools to see and modify lottery
  information for their own school and program(s);
• Deputy superintendents have access to lottery information
  for all the schools in their region;
• Call Randy Chambers @ ext 71161 or if you:
   – Would like to extend School Choice Admin Tools access to other
     members of your staff;
   – Are having any difficulties using School Choice Admin Tools.
Lottery Opening Manager

 Lottery Opening Manager provides authorized users the ability to view,
  modify and approve openings and wait list size for the year’s upcoming
  lottery. Users can:
    View proposed lottery openings and wait list size;
    View lottery openings and wait list size for the two previous year’s
    Principals and designees can edit proposed lottery openings and wait list
    Deputy Superintendents and designees can approve proposed lottery
       openings and wait list size;
    Create an excel spreadsheet containing opening and wait list data based on
       school, program and grade.
Begin by selecting Lottery Opening Manager from the School Choice
Admin tool bar.
From the drop-down menu, select the appropriate lottery and Submit;
To view lottery openings from previous lotteries, select the year you wish
to view (from the drop-down menu) and Submit.
Modify Lottery Openings:

 Once you have selected the year and submitted, the data returned will
    School and program name;
    Proposed openings and wait list size;
    Actual lottery openings and wait list size for the previous two
 Data will be sorted by school, program and grade;
 An “Edit Lottery” button will display if you have the authority to edit
  or modify openings (e.g. Principal, Principal’s Secretary);
 An “Approve Lottery Openings” button will display if you have
  authority to approve lottery openings (e.g. Deputy Superintendent,
  Regional Administrator, Executive Assistant);
 A “Download These Lottery Openings” button will create an excel
  spreadsheet containing openings data.
The example below displays Lewis Elementary, with the ability to view and edit
openings and/or download the openings to an excel spreadsheet; To edit or save,
Click on “Edit Lottery Openings”.
If there are no changes to the proposed openings, it is not necessary to
“Save Changes”; they will be considered “accepted” and ready for
“Approval” by the Deputy Superintendent.
If there are modifications, enter the requested change into the “Openings” box and
select the “Save Changes and Approve” button;
Note: Changes to wait list size cannot be made in Admin Tools. E-mail or call your
Deputy Superintendent with any changes to proposed wait list size.
Openings not yet approved by a Deputy Superintendent will display in Orange
in both the “Edit” and “Approve” screens; the screen below is an Approval
screen, for use by Deputy Superintendents (or designees) only.
Approved openings will display in white, along with the “Approved
By” user’s initials and the date on which the openings were approved.
An excel spreadsheet containing program, grade, opening, and wait list data can be
downloaded using the “Download These Lottery Openings” button;

“Approved By” and “On” fields are included in the excel spreadsheet download
when present;

The excel spreadsheet can be used for record keeping or as a hard-copy work sheet
(this functionality is provided with all Admin Tools report components).
Remember to Logout of the Portal and School Choice when you exit the system.
School Choice Admin Tools Contact Information

 For additional information, please contact Randy Chambers via phone
  or email:
        503-916-2000, ext. 71161
 Enrollment and Transfer Center: 503-916-3205

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