IVF Fertilization Understanding that Stage of The Cycle by FaithBuenasflores


									 IVF Fertilization:
Understanding that
 Stage of The Cycle

The egg retrieval stage may be one of the last stages of the cycle for you, but

the real work is only about to begin. IVF fertilization and embryo culture is the

stage where the egg and sperm will be combined in a culture medium to form

an embryo. If you opted to include intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)

with your cycle, the sperm will be injected into the egg with a micro-sized

needle. The resulting embryos will then be left to incubate for several days

before they are graded for their quality. You won’t be at the lab to see all of

this happen, but hopefully this article will help you visualize how your future

child will be formed.

Understanding the fertilization stage

As soon as the eggs have been retrieved, they will be washed in a solution to

get rid of the sticky cumulus cells that surround them. These cumulus cells

are from the follicular fluid, and they make it difficult for the embryologist

to determine the quality or even the presence of an egg. The mature eggs are

moved to an incubator for several hours to prepare them for fertilization.

While all of this is happening, your partner’s sperm is also undergoing certain

preparations. The obtained sperm sample will be washed in a solution and

divided into 100,000 sperm per millimeter.

As soon as both sperm and egg are ready, the two will be combined in a

manmade culture medium designed to simulate the environment of the

fallopian tube. The culture medium will also protect the embryos as they

slowly develop. The petri dish containing the sperm and egg will be returned

to the incubator and left alone for several days so the embryo can develop


Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)

Some fertility clinics recommend a procedure called intracytoplasmic sperm

injection (ICSI) to increase fertilization success among couples suffering

from male factor infertility. ICSI makes use of a microscope and a hollow,

microsized needle to obtain a single, healthy sperm cell from a sample. The

sperm is injected into the cytoplasm or center of the egg using the hollow

needle. Some couples worry that ICSI babies might be at risk for genetic

diseases, delayed development, or health problems because it makes use

of sperm that was incapable of fertilizing naturally. However, the vast

majority of ICSI babies are born healthy and experience normal childhood

development. Research also show that the percentage of ICSI babies with

genetic problems do not exceed that of babies conceived normally.

Embryo culture

 No matter how excellent your eggs are, only 70% of them will become

embryos. This is due to the stringent monitoring system of fertility clinics;

your embryologist will only transfer the healthiest ones into your uterus.

The first examination happens several hours after insemination, to confirm

that each egg got fertilized. Those that did not fertilize will be discarded.

The remaining embryos will be left alone for over 24 hours and inspected

once again to check their cell division. At this point, the embryos should

have divided into two or four cells. You may choose to have your embryos

transferred at this time, but most doctors recommend transfer during the

blastocyst stage, when the embryos have divided into at least 12 cells.

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