10 Things To Ask A Prospective Funeral Director by malikmismail


									10 Things To Ask A Prospective Funeral Director

Death is a part of life and because of this, funeral planning is
something that is inevitable for all of us one day. However, when it
comes to planning your funeral, not everyone is sure of what to do, or
what questions to ask. Since this will be the last memory you will have
of someone you love, you should always be aware of the appropriate
questions to ask your funeral director.

1) What alternatives are there for the disposal of the body? A good
company should mention more than the traditional forms of burial and
cremation. All options should be discussed with the deceased’s family
prior to the funeral taking place.

2) What are your prices? When you are making funeral plans this is
important for you to know what you can afford – a funeral home is
required to provide you with this information by law.

3) What are the basic rates?   This is the time when you need to feel
comfortable negotiating, and   doing some price comparison. Funerals are
very expensive, and when you   can save money, you will be able to provide
your loved one with a better   funeral.

4) What are the funeral home costs? For final arrangements, some funeral
homes have additional fees associated with the process. This would be
items like, receiving the body from another funeral parlour, cremation,
immediate burial, embalming, and other items you will need.

5) Can I get an advance payment? In some cases, you might be charged for
the funeral home to advance you the cash as well. The funeral home is
required to provide you with a “good faith” estimate to help you
understand the costs that will be associated with them fronting the
funds. These fees will include obituary notices, flowers, clergy and
other items as required.

6) Is there any other financial assistance available? With the average
funeral costing £3,000, you should also check to see what form of
financial assistance is available to you.

7) How long have you been doing funerals for? You should verify that not
only have they been open for some time, but that they have a good history
serving the community. It is possible to run a poor funeral home,
especially in areas where options are limited, and be successful.

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