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									                Wall Mounted Pot Racks
Everyone needs more space in the kitchen, whether for food, plates
or dishes, or just for moving around. A cluttered kitchen can be a
frustrating place to be. And nothing adds more to this clutter and
confusion than pots and pans. People simply don't know what to do
with them! Many times they end up getting squeezed haphazardly
into closets or drawers. But is devoting an entire closet to pots and
pans really an effective use of limited kitchen space?

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One easy solution to this problem is to install a pot rack. There are
many different styles of racks, but they all have the same job, to help
you free up space in the kitchen while at the same time organizing
your pots and pans. The two most popular kinds of racks are the
hanging rack or wall mounted rack. Both offer a simple solution to
you kitchen space problem; and both come in eye pleasing,
decorative designs.

Hanging Pot Racks

Hanging pot racks can be suspended from your ceiling on hooks.
They offer users a great deal of space and can give your kitchen a
professional, efficient look, even if that is far from the truth.
However, if you have small children, you might want to think twice
about installing a hanging pot rack. The temptation for a child to
stand on the counter and swing from the pot rack might be too great.

These racks can be dangerous. Because they are suspended from the
ceiling, they can also be difficult to install and they will not support
much weight. You will want to consult your owner's manual for the
appropriate weight limit of the hanging rack, and make certain that
you stay well under that limit.

Wall Mounted Pot Rack

Just as the name implies, the wall mounted pot rack is attached
directly to you kitchen wall. These wall mounted racks are prized not
only for their space saving ability, but also for their convenience and
safety. Most of them will be mounted right over the stove. So, if you
need another pot or pan while you cook, they are always within
arm's reach. The wall mounted rack just looks like a smart little
shelf with many hooks from which you can hang your pots and pans.

Also, because some models are essentially a shelf, it gives you the
option of stacking things on top of it. This might be a perfect place
to keep your cookbooks, favorite spices or lidded pots. Just like the
hanging pot rack, the wall mounted pot rack version comes in a
variety of styles and colors. Some of the most popular racks include
handsome wood or decorative wrought iron racks.

When installing a wall mounted pot rack, make certain that you
mount it to the stud inside the wall. If you simply mount it to the
drywall, there is a good chance that the rack may become unsteady.
The last thing you need is the rack falling off the wall!

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