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									Local and Regional          mesopartner
Economic Development

          Stimulating the
          Tourism Sector
           in Hazyview
What is Participatory Appraisal of                     mesopartner
Competitive Advantage (PACA )?

  Participatory    Involve local stakeholders
                   Motivate local stakeholders to take an
                    active role in an LED initiative
                   Transfer know-how to local stakeholders
                    and businesses

  Appraisal of     Do a quick scan of the local economy
                   Assess and refocus ongoing local
                    economic development activities

  Competitive      Identify strengths, skills, talents and
  Advantage         opportunities
                   Identify business and LED opportunities
What is the objective of PACA?

   Identify, with a rapid appraisal, the main
    strengths and weaknesses of the local economy
    and its main sectors (duration: 1 - 2 weeks)
   Identify options for practical activities to
    strengthen the competitiveness of firms --
     – feasible with local resources
     – quickly implementable (starting next week)
     – quick, visible results (with 3 months)
What have we been doing?                                 mesopartner

(9 June 2003 – 12 June 2003)

  20 interviews with stakeholders and businessmen

  Mini-workshops with
    –   Local Government officials
    –   Accommodation, B&B, Time shares, Self-catering
    –   Wheel Operators, Safari & Adventure
    –   Supply Industries
    –   Hotel & Conferences

  About 150 contacts
  The Kick-off Workshop

          Hy-                                  Results-
ration:                                                   Pre- Way
          po- Kick-        Interviews         Workshop: Presen-         Imple-
* Orga                                                    sen-  for-
          the- off                            Diagnosis tation          mentation
 * Ad-                                                   tation ward
           sis Wks                                +
          Wks                                 Proposals
                                                         Event Wks
  info                   Mini-workshops

                      Fieldwork (1-2 weeks)

                              PACA-Exercise (2-3 weeks)

Structure of this presentation

  1. What is the first diagnosis of the tourism sector
     in Hazyview?
  2. What are the first proposals to promote the
     tourism sector in Hazyview?
Focus-areas considered in the       mesopartner
Hazyview Tourism PACA

 Nature
 Culture
 Adventure & Sports
 Infrastructure (Tourism & Town)
 Cross-cutting Issues

What is the first diagnosis of the
tourism sector in Hazyview?
Nature:                                      mesopartner

Strong points and assets

   Accessibility of natural assets
   Diversity of natural assets
   Widening range of activities based on natural
   Growing importance of ecotourism
Nature:                                      mesopartner

Weak points and shortcomings

     Depletion of natural resources
     Dependency on KNP
     Poor relationships between business and KNP
     Malaria
Culture:                                           mesopartner

Strong points and assets

   Culture: History, crafts, practices, dress, dance,
    art, music, folk lore, relation with nature + more
   Unique, diverse and African cultures
   Foreign visitors drawn to authentic experience
   Shangana village a success, created many jobs
Culture:                                        mesopartner

Weak points and shortcomings

 Underexploited rich cultural heritage
 No reflection of culture in appearance of Hazyview
 Arts and crafts seen by some actors as nuisance, not
  as asset
 Limited evening entertainment given 6000 beds in HV
 Linkage to HTA weak
 Limited involvement by blacks
Adventure & Sports:                               mesopartner

Strong points and assets

   New use of natural environment
   Wide variety of innovative & diverse activities
   Highest density of adventure activities in Africa
   Wide scope for expansion
   Possibility to focus on entire family entertainment
   Addressing local and international sophisticated
   Few competitors
Adventure & Sports:                              mesopartner

Weak points and shortcomings

     Seasonal business
     Fairly high level of investment
     Little collective promotion
     Underutilised black market
     Substandard operators entering the market and
      threatening the image of Hazyview
Infrastructure (Tourism & Town):               mesopartner

Strong points and assets

     Central locality
     Abundance of accommodation
     Booming economy
     Retail outlets
     Major new property investments
     Huge potential for further development
Infrastructure (Tourism & Town)                  mesopartner

Weak points and shortcomings

     Unattractive appearance
     No clear positioning as tourism town
     Fragmented development
     No public land for focussing new development
     Poor infrastructure
     Poor services (power and telecoms)
     Weak enforcement of regulations
Cross-cutting issues:                             mesopartner

Strong points and assets

     Active tourism association
     Desire by blacks and whites to work together
     Government and business wanting to cooperate
     Widespread realisation that joint action needed
     Local enthusiasm about re-focussing town to
      enhance tourism potential for all
Cross-cutting issues:                            mesopartner

Weak points and shortcomings

   High crime levels
   Conflicts over resources – eg land claims, use of
    pavements for vending
   Racial divisions still evident
   Lack of cooperation between business and
   Weak local government presence

What are the first proposals to
stimulate the tourism sector in
Nature                                            mesopartner


   Develop hiking trails and birding
   Differentiate from KNP by offering more fulfilling
    learning experience
   Increase role of guides in developing itineraries
Culture:                                                    mesopartner

   Introduce HTA awards/competition for best
     – Shebeen, Township Tours
     – Folk lore, Stories, Legends
     – Innovation in cultural tourism
   Establish Shebeen tours
   Extend existing newsletter to local newspaper to keep the
    broader tourism community informed
   Link the Cultural service providers, arts& crafts to the HTA
   Mediate between Hawkers & Local Government about
   Teach craft sellers to ask customers, why precisely they
    preferred certain products
   Explore business opportunity to supply goods to hawkers
Adventure & Sports:                              mesopartner


   Repackage adventure activity offers:
     – Introduce adventure dense-full-package (e.g. 9
       adventure activities in 3 days)
     – Family Adventure Activities (esp. for children
       < 10)
Infrastructure (Tourism & Town):                 mesopartner


   Initiate redesign process to make town attractive
   Redesign road signage to promote Hazyview as a
    tourist destination and gateway
   Develop support group to bulk buy supplies
Cross-cutting issues:                           mesopartner


   Widen the HTA to include more black business
   Facilitate joint marketing strategy
   Agree on protecting a Hazyview brand
   Define principles for protecting the brand
   Join the Nelspruit LTO
   Promote focussed interaction between white and
    black business around business opportunities
   Facilitate interaction between local government
    and land owners

Thank your for your attention!
The PACA team in Hazyview

   Shawn Cunningham (GTZ Project Manager)
   Valérie Hindson
   Doug Hindson
   John Lawson
   Dumi Mhlongo
   Nozipho Ngwenya
   Rehana Pilodia
   Christian Schoen (mesopartner)

  With support from the Hazyview Tourism Association (HTA)

 Shawn Cunningham (cunningham@gtzpsdp.co.za) 082 902 4200
 Valérie Hindson (valhindson@intekom.co.za)
 Doug Hindson (doughindson@intekom.co.za )
 John Lawson (jlawson@mweb.co.za) 083 266 8796
 Dumi Mhlongo (madumi@worldonline.co.za)
 Nozipho Ngwenya (xhanti@wol.co.za)
 Rehana Pilodia (ena@cybertrade.co.za) 082 415 8029
 Christian Schoen (cs@mesopartner.com) 072 603 8957

                   PACA® is a registered trademark of mesopartner:

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